Queen Sugar: Season 1/ Episode 6 "As Promised" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview Perception is everything. It is what allows a person to trust another and it determines how we are going to handle another person. Especially when it comes to our secrets, as well as our time. Yet looks can be deceiving so even at our best mistakes can be made. As seen in this episode….

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Perception is everything. It is what allows a person to trust another and it determines how we are going to handle another person. Especially when it comes to our secrets, as well as our time. Yet looks can be deceiving so even at our best mistakes can be made. As seen in this episode.

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Topic 1: New Friends and Rekindled Issues (Nova)

With Nova’s article blowing up, she is invited onto a radio station. One which starts with talking about Too Sweet and the issues the young man is facing, but it quickly devolves into both the radio hosts and the callers to the show asking about Davis. Add on, Nova calling Too Sweet, post interview, and learning he seems to be losing faith he may get out alive, this crushes Nova. To the point, she decides to take some money from the farm loan to try to do something.

But, there may be a silver lining. Beside her during that interview is a young lady named Chantel (Reagan Gomez). Someone who seems to fight the same fight Nova does and it seems she desires to be close. Be it just as friends, as a fellow social justice warrior, or maybe even something more.


As noted in the previous episode, Too Sweet’s predicament is because of Nova. So it is of no surprise she is working hard to try to atone for this. Even to the point of using $2000 to try to help Too Sweet with a layer to ease her guilt. Which, considering how her relationship has become with Charley, maybe her adding fuel to the flames.

Leading to another thought, is Chantel going to be a love interest? With Aunt Vi, I believe in the last episode, noting how Nova used to experiment in college, was that foreshadowing as to her being with a woman again? This show, to me, could go there. If only because I feel like with the show’s creators have the confidence and security to explore that. Meaning, while ratings, of course, are perhaps a considered factor, the real thing in question is “Does this make for good storytelling?” That is as opposed to straight shock value or shallow scenes, dialog, and action which may catch your attention but won’t start conversation.

Topic 2: I Ain’t Quit and I Ain’t Fired. I’m Laid Off! (Ralph Angel)

With Ralph Angel accepting that gift from Melvin (Anthony Michael Frederick), so begins Melvin thinking Ralph Angel is down. Which he isn’t, but with him taking something it gives Melvin leverage. Leverage Ralph Angel originally gives into by letting Melvin store contraband at the farm, but then Ralph Angel fights back. Thus leading to his behind getting whooped. Though the problems don’t end there. He tries to get the boss to work with him, separate the two, but the boss just wants the work done or Ralph Angel gone. So, using his wits and showing he shouldn’t be considered the dumb sibling, he decides to remind the boss of how he skims off his check so that he gets laid off. Thus avoiding the issues of what would happen if he was fired or quit.

But, be it Melvin, the boss trying to get Ralph Angel back, or just procedure, cops show up at the farm to check for stolen merchandise. Luckily, though, when Ralph Angel was being secretive about what was in the shack Melvin was hiding things, she snooped around and got rid of the evidence. Thus preventing Ralph Angel from going back to jail.


Just to rehash: Ralph Angel thus far has accepted and resold stolen property, he robbed a store without a mask, he pointed a gun at someone, and yet he hasn’t broken parole. Either the show is holding off until we, honest to god, think his troubles are over, or straight up someone is going to cover for him or calm him down each and every time. But if you ask me, each time is a setup to hype the moment when Nova or Charley can’t talk him down, Blue won’t be there to remind him of what he’ll lose, and Aunt Vi won’t be able to cover his tracks.

Topic 3: Backstabbers & Liars (Charley)

Nova speaks of Melina, in Charley’s mind, as a possible victim when she is on the radio. Then, when in the process of trying to get Melina paid off, Melina reveals she and Davis been messing around for 3 years. All because he wanted someone to do what his wife wouldn’t and while it is cleared up that he didn’t rape her, based on her phone recording, it makes it sound like he set her up. Thus being the final straw for Charley or at least you hope it is. Especially now that Prosper is back to being the farm manager and surely, while he may understand she got personal matters to tend to, he straight up says if she isn’t serious about the work it will take, why should he?


Setting aside the Prosper situation, you have to wonder if this is it for Charley and Davis? Will she now, knowing the truth, divorce him? Will it be a clean cut or will it be messy? Either way, since perhaps the beginning, I think I am not the only one ready for her to move on. Be it to focus on the farm or even Remy. For while Davis may not be a rapist, he sure as hell isn’t a saint either.

Things To Note

Remy is providing Charley, for free, experimental sugar cane seeds. Of which he has been concocting for months and just needed someone’s land to test the results.


Charley’s pending divorce, Nova maybe having a love interest, and Blue making an appearance.

On The Fence

This endless cycle of wondering if Ralph Angel may ever get his ish together.

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