Nova’s book continues to devastate her family and extended family. But, we also learn of someone who was omitted who takes offense to the book.

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Nova’s book continues to devastate her family and extended family. But, we also learn of someone who was omitted who takes offense to the book.

Director(s) Heidi Saman
Writer(s) Lisa Morales
Air Date 7/10/2019
Introduced This Episode
Dr. Octavia Laurent Cree Summer

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The One You Left Out: Dr. Laurent, Nova

As many have said and is becoming more and more evident by the episode, Nova’s book is barely about Nova. This becomes clear as an old flame, a former professor, Dr. Octavia Laurent, questions why a summer they spent together is but one line in a massive story. Mind you, one which goes into everyone’s darkest point in their lives. Also, Nova’s interpretations of her family’s reasons for their decisions.

Yet, we haven’t heard about her ex-cop boyfriend. No one has brought up her inability to maintain a healthy and stable relationship, likely because she is thin-skinned and can’t handle criticism. Much less, it seems as much as people are mad at Nova, she somehow maintains this pedestal. One high enough to look down on them, and while she suffers, she continues this oppressive and arrogant stance that she is doing for them what they needed.

Making Dr. Laurent, someone who publicly calls out Nova, a welcome presence. Especially since she long has been under Nova’s skin, so she isn’t so easily tossed out of Nova’s life at the first sign of being held accountable.

This Weight Is Heavy: Micah, Aunt Vi, Hollywood, Charley, Romero, Davis

Micah dealing with seeing his friend in jail.

Micah decides to visit his friend in prison, and while his storyline has hit the back burner, we’re reminded how heavy it is that his privilege allowed him freedom while his friend sits in a cell. All the while, the young man is aging and now with a mark on him that will make his life harder than it was before. And due to that, Micah drinks. Originally it was just to get a tattoo to show solidarity, but it becomes much more than that.

To which, of course, Charley worries, but there is, but so much she can do and handle. Especially since her clinic got busted, Davis is coming to her asking for PR help, and it is becoming more and more clear to her that if she wants power, if she wants change, she can’t just deal with the Landry family. They are a big fish in a small pond, and there is a lake, if not an ocean feeding into this small pond that Charley is ignoring. So if she wants to be truly done, to move on, she has to hope out this pond and leave the minions alone.

But, sometimes the fight isn’t external but internal. Such is the case with Aunt Vi who is still reeling from what Nova did and just can’t shake seeing Jimmy Dale again. Which, of course, makes Hollywood feel helpless since, lest we forget, his first wife also was wrestling demons. The kind with no physical form that were all in his wife’s heart and mind. Forcing him to sit there and suffer for as much as he would love to help, either he wasn’t asked or it was made clear this was a fight he couldn’t jump in.

You Can’t Always Run, Sometimes You Got To Face What Happened: Darla, Ralph Angel, Blue

While Ralph Angel, day by day, is growing as a man, there remains the decisions and actions of a boy which haunt him. One of them, arguably, being telling Nova about Blue’s paternity. For in his desire to paint Darla as a bad person, gain sympathy, he set in motion these chain of events. Which I hope doesn’t sound like victim-blaming, but let’s not pretend Nova wasn’t good for throwing up people’s past and smashing it into their faces before. Taking note of her using Ralph Angel’s jail time to chastise him, she has shown herself not to be the best confidant or consistent source of support.

Yet, now we’re not talking about adults but a child. One probably not even out of elementary school. A kid who still enjoys the park’s jungle gym. He is forced to face the idea that the man he knows and loves as his father, may not even be his father. Then, on top of that, with the question of if Ralph Angel is his dad, there is a moment he is forced to ask if Darla is his mom.

As adults, we don’t necessarily take to changes in what we know, what we consider our foundation well. Yet, there are often so many other things from work, bills, and other pressing matters to distract us. For Blue, he is a kid. So imagine that being all you can and have to worry about.

Darla, Blue, and Ralph Angel solidifying their bond.

Luckily, while Darla’s struggles make it so that kindness and patience she has often exhibited is depleted, Ralph Angel steps in and handles the situation. He reminds us that as much as family is considered biological, biology doesn’t mean much unless you are chosen. And Ralph Angel chose Blue, Blue chose him, and Darla chose them both. Making the lack of blood association a moot point for time has left a more significant imprint than blood ever could.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Micah is currently 17.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Considering Remy popped back in for a hot second, what are the chances of more of Nova’s exes popping in? We haven’t seen that cop in a long time.
  2. What is and isn’t in Nova’s book? The book has to be over 200, maybe 300 pages. So who, what, and how detailed, are the things in there? Have we covered it all or are we going to get more and more as time goes on and they want to throw another log into the fire?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

“The dismissal of research and theory is the telltale sign of an amateur.”
—          Dr. Octavia Laurent



We’re Starting To See Why Nova Wrote Her Book

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still heated about what Nova did, but I do think the healing she was hoping for we saw between Darla, Ra, and Blue. The problem is, those two are willing to face their past, speak on it, and heal from it. Aunt Vi either doesn’t have the words or refuses to let them come out of her mouth. On top of that, she has been subject to the men in her life handling the situation. Ernest handled things in the past, and that was that. When Jimmy Dale appeared again, Hollywood beat the hell out of him. So, while still cruel, it is like Nova is now pushing Aunt Vi to speak for herself, defend herself, and go on the offense for herself.

Remy Getting A Proper Send-Off

I know people love Remy, but the problem with characters like Remy is that they too often stick around past their usefulness. Remy’s job was to help Charley get past Davis, get on stable ground, and that’s it. All of this hot spell with Nova nonsense or trying to ease him back into just being a family friend was unnecessary and honestly a waste of screen time. So I hope the writers truly did the unpopular thing and wrote off a character who has been around since season one than made him someone reoccurring to stir up old feelings that need to remain dead and buried.

Remy saying goodbye.

Dr. Laurent

Honestly, what do we really know about Nova? As this book has shown, usually her role on this show is adding fuel to the fire, talking about or judging other people, but rarely being the star of her own story. So with Dr. Laurent being an ex, an influential figure, Nova can’t just shake off when she got her kicks or when Dr, Laurent criticizes her. Making me hope Dr. Laurent, long term, helps us see more of who Nova is as a person and not just as a sister, a part-time lover, mistress, or a niece who probably has as many secrets as her aunt.

On The Fence

Where Charley’s Storyline Might Be Going

The thing about Charley’s storyline is that it is stuck in this need to escalate every season. Pretty much, since the beginning with Davis’ scandal, Charley has had one foot in how Queen Sugar general is, as a rooted drama, and having something which could come off a bit sensational or like a soap opera. And for the most part, there has been a balance but, as noted, the Landry fight has grown tired. So with her learning there are people larger than them who want to shut her down, it leads to the question of when does the fight end? Is there any possibility of winning and peace? In some ways, Romero represents that, and I don’t think anyone could accuse him of not being a constant healthy and reliable person in her life. Yet, so comes the question if something may come out of left field with that as well? After all, have we heard his opinion on the book? Especially in regards to the early days of the farm when some workers were found dead? Assuming Nova aired that out.

Hoping Darla May Love Ralph Angel, But Isn’t Back In Love With Him

I’m not someone who is fond of love triangles. Ever since watching and reading Twilight back in the day, I maintained the opinion love triangles are lazy and are made to string along an actor who is likable on set but whose character has no long term purpose. So here is hoping Leo and Deesha aren’t just place holders to lengthen out the time needed for Ralph Angel to grow up and Darla to deal with the fallout of Blue’s paternity.

What To Do About Micah & Davis?

With Keke who knows where, and the Black Lives Matter/ protest thing put on the back burner, it leads you to wonder what is next for Micah? He clearly feels helpless and is filled with rage, but that rage is burning him out. And due to his passion, it seems he is always on the tight rope of doing something stupid or productive. Leaving you to wonder which side will he eventually fall on?

Davis begging for Charley's help.
Davis: I need this

Then with Davis, honestly, I wish he would be like Remy and just gracefully exit. However, with him it isn’t so easy since he has a son with Charley. So one can only hope his drama is shown minimally unless they plan to really do something with the character. Because this whole secret family thing, clearly ain’t much is going to be done with that.

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Remy Getting A Proper Send-Off - 85%
We’re Starting To See Why Nova Wrote Her Book - 91%


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  1. That’s if we ever actually see him again. Trust I’ve been trying to look up and see if he, and the woman who played D’s mother were doing anything that would conflict with them shooting for QS. I haven’t found anything so I don’t know if we will see either of Darla’s parents. Now if I’m wrong then great, but it would be a huge blow if we didn’t see at least one of Darla’s parent this season, especially if this is the season where Darla finally comes to grips with the thought of who Blue’s bio dad could be, and how his whole conception came to be in the first place, i.e. rape, at a party in D.C. what maybe 7-8 years ago.

  2. I think the main, and perhaps only, way Charley and Darla may connect is if Charley’s political career leads to her interacting with Darla’s dad. Especially since he seems to have some kind of federal job or connections which could help Charley. Assuming he isn’t one of the people who is trying to threaten or steamroll her.

  3. True. It’s what we like about the show though right, all of that realism lol But I feel like at some point Charley and Darla should have a scene together at some point. I know I was bit against it, or hesitant on Darla opening herself up again towards the B family, especially towards Charley considering they connected, just for that friendship to be ripped apart. But now I feel like they could maybe restart again, they both know what it is like to have their personal business written in a book and all of that.

    I also feel like if not her parents, sponsor, or Leo, Darla may open up to Charley about what happened to her that night in D.C. I don’t know lol Do you think if Charley were ever to read Darla’s chapter that Charley would have a negative view on Darla? Also, if Darla were to open up to Charley, how do you think Charley would help Darla in dealing with the rape she endured, and how that concerns to Blue, when she finds out?

  4. I can definitely see the correlation and in lieu of the show giving Darla a flashback, we could see Micah as a means of understanding how Darla ended up on the path she went on. Though I disagree about Darla and Micah sharing a scene. Heck, as much as I’d love to see Charley and Darla reconcile, since they connected, Queen Sugar leans more towards, with Darla anyway, being rooted in realism, to the point of almost seeming cruel, compared to doing much, if any, fan service.

  5. I honestly don’t know lol But speaking of Micah, as annoying and disrespectful he has been over these last couple of episodes, I honestly feel like there could be a small correlation between him and Darla. Just like with Charley and Darla. Here me out, we know that Micah still hasn’t truly dealt with the trauma that the cop inflected on him in season 2, he went mute for a bit, and he started to pull away, and he was very jumpy around other people as well, even his own family (i.e. Blue), now in season 3 we started to see the awaking of a woke Micah, him speaking at rally’s, and going to protests with Nova.

    Now in season 4, we see an even more somewhat hostile, and angrier Micah, I honestly never thought that we would see a drunk or tattooed up Micah before, especially looking at him in season 1 lol. The attitude towards Charley however, has been something that we have seen since season 1 honestly. Micah is 17, so we all know that he is going to make mistakes, and honestly over these past four seasons Micah has gone through a lot, hell even if we take out the cop story line dealing with the bs that his father caused towards his mother, and literally having his family torn apart, and his father being labeled as a “rapist” would make, turn any teenager’s, world upside.

    Although, as of now we see that Micah and Davis are somewhat starting to reconnect, along with Micah being accepting of Tia as well, which doesn’t surprise me, he’s been an only child his whole life, even with money, and good schooling being an only child can be pretty lonely.

    And I say all of this, because the whole scene with drunk Micah really made me think of Darla for some reason. Like Micah says that he didn’t mean to get drunk, and it was only a one time thing, and a way to numb the pain of the tattoo, but a part of me thinks that he may have been trying to numb the pain and trauma that the cop caused him. So, who’s to say the writes may put into the show story lines about teen drinking, and alcoholism.

    Micah and Darla, are somewhat cut from the same cloth as well. They had parents who pretty much had high expectations of them, they were well off, and they went to prestigious, expensive schools., along with being only children (although as we know Micah sin;t a only child anymore, but he was raised as one). They both had parents that were married and in love, although as we later find out that wasn’t the case for Micah’s parents, at least on his fathers side. While Darla’s parents are still married, however, we know are slowly starting to find out that things aren’t as picture perfect as we are lend to believe, although all of what we heard came from Darla seeing things one way, through her drug addiction, and the other half is, these sense that the dad, may have been very hard on Darla, and there was a lot of pressure put on her, along with her father being all about appearances, and Darla’s own mother at some point having an addiction of her own. Having to live with parent’s who have issues, but refuse to divorce can be a very toxic and dysfunctional way for a child to grow up. Sometimes divorce and separation truly is the best when it comes to the child growing up in a safe and happy environment. Charley essentially did the best for Micah and for herself. She got her son out of that situation and they learned how to live and move together as a unit. Slowing letting the quote on quote head of the household back into their lives. Micah possibly going to leave with Davis, and Tia because Charley just can’t get through to him, and he won’t listen too, may also not be the best outcome or turn around for Micah.

    If you get what I’m saying great, cause I know that I am a bit all over the place, but I just feel like some sort of scene should happen between Micah and Darla, especially if that drunk Micah scene isn’t the last that we see of him drinking, even though Darla may not be in the right head space right now either. Along with a scene between Charley and Darla as well. Makes me wonder if Charley read the whole book, how she feel’s about Darla now, cause it’s like you said way back in season 2, Charley was the only one who never had a real negative view of Darla, and they had a real friendship at one point in time, till Charley fired her, along with Charley possibly being the one that Darla opens up to about her rape, and how it pertains to Blue, and his bio father.

    Again this is a lot, even for me lol I hope that you understand what I am trying to say because this was a thought that literally just popped into my head when I saw Micah’s name lol. Thoughts?

  6. Yes lol Freddie from a Different World lol I guess that is something that I have to keep in mind that, this is book is making for a great season, and the outcome and consequences of Nova’s book will definitely hold on and go into future seasons!

    But how upset, Dr. L got towards Nova for only writing a line about her in a book, it really makes me wonder when the two of them go on tour together if something else happens how will Dr. L react to that, and how will it affect Nova.

    As for Charley and the Ice raid, I knew that that wasn’t going to end well. Is it wrong for me to say that, Charley was pretty dumb for even going along with the idea. It’s like you said she has so many different “mini” one woman wars going on right now, there isn’t a whole lot of people that she can trust, yet she turns around and does something as risky as this? Charley should be focused on the situations that she has going on now, especially since certain farms and houses being shut down in St. Jo could possibly be RA’s own home, and farm because of those possible highways. It’s not that I don’t think that Charley shouldn’t care, but a part of me kind of feels like Charley said yes, just help her boyfriend out. Am I wrong for thinking that? Thoughts?

    1. A part of me wonders if between Micah and Charley are they going to jump from social topic to social topic? Since the BLM and prison stuff has died down and now it seems Micah is in limbo for his next storyline.

  7. You really think that Freddie has good intentions when it comes to Nova? Something is up with that woman, I don’t want issues or bad things for Nova, but as far as I can tell, its all on her. I think that we will continue to agree and disagree on the topic of the book, these issues still could have been dealt with, with out a book being published for possibly the whole world to read, especially since the people that the stories were written about didn’t have consent or know that they were going to be in that book. Especially with Nova’s dumb ass actually contacting her Aunt’s whole ass abuser, to get his side of the story, she’s disgusting. Questioning RA’s manhood, putting her sister in the mix of the MeToo and rape culture topic, along with putting Darla, and the truth about Blue’s paternity in the book as well.

    Along with the fact that Nova didn’t put even HALF of her own ish into the book either. It’s like you said the book is at least 200 to 300 pages, yet none of the book is about Nova herself.

    1. … I’m mad you calling the woman Freddie.

      In my mind, Nova has been so shielded throughout the series, outside of being spat on, that I can imagine her not being hit by Dr. Laurent with anything. Which isn’t to say Dr. Laurent may not come at Nova again publicly, but I can’t see her hitting Nova, mentally or emotionally, in a karmic sense.

      We’ll definitely have to agree to disagree since I still find Nova’s actions necessary for the show’s current season and its future. In real life, I’d disagree with her actions, but with this being a work of fiction, I’m all for what is going down.

  8. That it proved why Nova’s book was necessary and I’m happy Nova has found her match and isn’t running once she realizes she found someone who can match or surpass her.

  9. Yeah, I guess it all just comes down to that particularly person and that particular family. The B family as we can assume aren’t all that religious people. BL brought that scene! She was looking pretty rough it had me nervous!

    When little Blue had to hear that stuff from that one boy on the playground….my heart! Blue running home and crying his little eyes out, damn, RA was angry, Darla was looking like if Nova didn’t skip town she would have knuckled up on her, man. I’m just glad that RA and Darla talked to Blue, but sadly I don’t think that this is the end of it. Damn Nova is a fool. Getting laid down by that professor like she ain’t just cause a shit storm towards her family back home.

    What were your thoughts on that last scene? Darla and RA have calmed Blue for now, but like I said this is only the beginning.

  10. A bit busy tis all. I must admit I am surprised, considering this show takes place in the south, there isn’t that much, if any, church element. Especially considering how active Aunt Vi is in the community.

  11. Hey Amari, It’s been a couple of days and I was wondering if everything is alright. If you can and if you have the time, check out my comment, Also I have some cool news in regards to BL, a tweet, and my twitter!!!!

  12. Great Review Amari!

    I can breath, we got through this episode. I was so worried for Darla, Blue, and RA. Thankfully, I can say my new appreciation for RA and his growth and maturity this season is continuing my likeness of him.

    Darla and that prayer…Prayer can be such a help, I can’t tell you how many times, I (like Darla) have sat up in bed and just prayed, for myself, for my family, and for whatever situation I was dealing with at that moment. That prayer was very powerful, and it definitely had me saying amen. Funny how we speculated a lot in season 2 and 3 about Darla and her background, and we brought up religion and whether or not Darla had a church background. This may not necessarily prove that she is a Christina or even a regular church goer, but I do like that Darla didn’t relapse (at least in this episode), she turned to prayer. The second time we were left wondering whether or not Darla would slip up , she has proved us wrong. Season 2 RA found her at the pool, and now season 4 we are seeing her turning to prayer.

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