Queen Sugar: Season 4, Episode 2 “I No Longer Imagine” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Darla and Ralph Angel talking on a stoop.
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As more people read Nova’s book, we learn it comes just on the cusp of the storm ending for some and one colossal storm on its way.

Director(s) Carmen Marron
Writer(s) Chloé Hung
Air Date 6/19/2019
Introduced This Episode
Leo (Darla’s Boyfriend) Bryan Terrell Clark
Deesha Erica Tazel
Jimmy Dale David Alan Grier

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The Calm Before The Storm: Darla, Leo, Deesha, Ralph Angel

Both of Blue’s parents go on dates! Ralph Angel with Deesha, the woman we met in the last episode who has a tomboy for a daughter, and is a public defender. As for Darla? She is dating a man named Leo, a man 5 years sober, who she met in group. Both dates go well, and while a little awkward, they are in a cute, romantic comedy kind of way.

In fact, Ralph Angel happens to come across Darla and Leo having a moment while he drops off Blue. Leading to a conversation neither seems ready for yet. Not because they still want one another, but feelings still do linger, and while they can co-parent, they aren’t necessarily at that place where they can be friends. Though, with that said, they are able to be happy for one another.

The First Sign Of Drizzle: Nova, Micah, Ralph Angel, Charley, Nova

Ralph Angel is the first one to step to Nova, and it is all about mentioning how Ralph Angel isn’t Blue’d dad and making him damn near seem like a sucker for not realizing it. This, as you can imagine, doesn’t sit right with Ralph Angel – even though Nova has said so much worse about him before this book. But, what makes this time different is what Nova has said, written, will be public. Meaning Blue can discover the truth without Ralph Angel, or even Darla, being involved. Which perhaps hurts the most for him, and maybe on behalf of Darla, since things are just getting good and stable for them.

So Nova taking their agency, stealing their ability to prep themselves and Blue was worse than a stab in the back or smack in the face. It’s like poison. For she has had this in her thoughts, on paper, for months and didn’t say a word. But now has decided to share this with the world without a single real disclaimer.

Which, don’t get me wrong, as Nova realizes what she has done, it makes her want to retool things. However, her publisher rep says they are two weeks away, and the book is being printed and pressed – it is too late to turn back. That really pushes Nova to try to talk to Charley since the vitriol that Nova wrote makes it sound like between what happened with Remy, or something else, Nova was in her feelings when writing about her little sister.

Nova's pictures in her home.

I mean, not word for word, but the way she describes Charley is as a privileged light skin woman who used her privilege to enable rape culture and take advantage of people. Words which shocked Charley for while her business is public, after all, Queen Sugar is in our universe, she wasn’t expecting to be hit from within the family like this.

But perhaps the biggest thing for Charley is, like Ralph Angel and Darla, is how this book could affect her child. Micah, who grows more and more radical by the day, is clearly under Nova’s influence. So much that Charley fears he’ll turn on her when he reads the book. And honestly, considering the way he is now, punching kids when offended, though for justifiable reasons so that they don’t get comfortable, she could be right. It isn’t like Micah hasn’t turned his back on Charley before and, like most of the family, there is a very delicate bond which always seems on the verge of breaking.

When The Wind Kicked In: Jimmy Dale, Aunt Vi, Hollywood

Though all of that might be child’s play compared to Aunt Vi’s situation. For on top of Hollywood lying to her about the book, having and reading it, Jimmy Dale is coming to town to visit Vi. Why? Who the hell knows? To our knowledge, Ernest kicked him to the curb and Vi divorced him. So as for why he is showing up now is anyone’s guest. But, considering how charming he is to many, one can only assume it is to stir up some trouble because he is bored wherever he has been hiding.

Jimmy Dale (David Alan Grier) charming a local business owner.
Jimmy Dale (David Alan Grier)

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. After Ernest ran off Jimmy Dale, where did he go all these years?
  2. Surely, Too Sweet can’t be the only, or worst, thing Nova put about herself in that book, right? How about that affair, what about how Aunt Vi’s prejudice poisoning her relationship with Charley and her dad? Not to mention her situation with Remy, Dr. Dubois, she could talk about causing minor hysteria in the community, and so much more.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

“If you ain’t being used, you useless.”
— Jimmy Dale


Ralph Angel With A Medium Toned Woman – ON A DATE!

Up till now, there has been an unfortunate pattern. One which had Ralph Angel more than willing to have sex with medium and chocolate tone sisters, but he wouldn’t date any. From Darla to Trinh, it seemed, perhaps like Ernest, he may have feelings for women of a darker hue, but what he lusted for, tried to make things work with, were those of a lighter complexion.

So him taking time up with Deesha, having what looks like a date and, even if it wasn’t, asking her if she’d see him again for a proper one? SCORE! Especially since their kids are becoming friends and that could open up quite a few storylines for Blue.

The Build To The Fallout

Ralph Angel reminding Blue he loves him.
Ralph Angel: No matter what nobody tell you, you know I love you, right?

Such as him learning Ralph Angel isn’t his biological father. Which, to me, might be the most heartbreaking consequences of Nova’s book. For everyone else is grown, and Nova’s commentary is about stuff they have buried or are dealing with. Blue, on the other hand, he knows nothing. Leading to the fear that, beyond learning RA isn’t his dad, he may also learn how he came to be as well and what happened with his mom when Hollywood discovered them.

Lest we forget, Ralph Angel is just reaching the point of telling him about his time in prison, so can you imagine Darla talking about his conception coming from rape? A topic she barely has dealt with herself? Man, Nova fixing to get more than her siblings and aunt on her case.

Kiki & Micah Still Together

Minor thing, I’m glad, through all these seasons, Kiki and Micah are still together. Not that Kiki has really had much of a storyline and as if we’ve seen much of her family since the beginning, but beggars can’t be choosy I guess.

Darla Is Happy – For Now

Darla was allowed a reprieve from her trauma, and while it is sad it is short-lived, let’s appreciate she was given a moment. Though, who knows, maybe Leo won’t read Nova’s book or be understanding? At this point, shouldn’t Darla have people in her life who don’t write her off as promptly as Ralph Angel did in the past? Surely she has come to a point in her life when people seek to get the full story and not just take in a snippet and run with what little they know.

Darla smiling, biting her lower lip, on her date.

On The Fence

The Return of Jimmy Dale

There are two sides to every story, and I’m sure Jimmy is dying to tell his. However, I’m not sure if I really want to hear it. True, it could lead to the ever private Vi having her 20s revealed to us in ways not done before, but we already got Nova’s book coming out. Can/Should this be seen as overkill?

This New Micah

I get Micah is coming into himself and is embracing his heritage but is it wrong to think he is taking it to the extreme a bit? His statement on why he punched the kid I get, since culture is the first wall of defense for dismantling any ethnicity or race of people. However, even taking note of his police brutality storyline, something about his storyline feels more about a reaction than character development.

Something that, I’d submit, could be said about a few things on this show – for better or worse.

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