Queen Sugar: Season 4, Episode 10 “Oh Mamere” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Nova and Charley talking at a retreat.

The night Blue was conceived is talked about, as well as many past trauma that still shakes characters to the core.

The night Blue was conceived is talked about, as well as many past trauma that still shakes characters to the core.

Director(s) Cheryl Dunye
Writer(s) Chloé Hung, Felicia Pride
Air Date 8/21/2019
Introduced This Episode
Jordan Amanda Tavarez

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Charley, Nova, Aunt Vi | Hurt People Hurt People

With it being months since the book was released, Nova is hoping reconciliation can begin. With Aunt Vi, that’s not possible yet. She’ll talk to Nova, not have her escorted out, but it is clear what she stirred up by bringing Jimmy Dale back into her life can’t be quickly or easily forgiven.

Luckily, Charley is a different story, and on top of talking to Nova, they have a little getaway. One which has them go to a retreat and talk about Remy, when Nova visited Charley in 1999, and really hash things out. Maybe not to the point where they are cool, but at least they understand where the miscommunication began and where some of their problems stem from.


Nova noting she felt small around Charley. Always had.

Until it happens, I’m going to wait for Nova to bring up how Aunt Vi dogged Lorna and how that influenced Nova’s take on Charley and relationships. It needs to happen. Charley and Aunt Vi need to have a serious row about that.

That aside, I can only fathom the reason Charley is being so nice to Nova is that feeling of isolation. One that she experienced when she first moved to St. Jo, when she would visit, and which exists once again, to a certain degree, since all Charley has is her family. Each who are going through their own things so they can’t necessarily be all she needs them to be. So with Nova having no one really, maybe also lacking Calvin, they bond over loneliness. Not to downplay Nova’s article and offer to help with the Old World Energy situation, but we know Charley isn’t much for delegating outside of her PI.

But, either way, here is to the sisters healing their relationship from the foundation rather than just putting shellac on the cracks.

Micah, Blue, Prosper, Ralph Angel, Hollywood | Boys & Men

Hollywood seemingly has gotten his wish with hanging around men who can give him real conversations and not just something on the superficial level. Not to say Ralph Angel and Prosper can’t keep things simple, like noting the wonderful women they have in their lives. However, things get more serious after Blue and Micah come in after spending the day together. For with Blue getting lost, and getting a cop involved, Micah nearly has a gun pulled out on him. Which, of course, leaves him a bit shaken and Prosper sees this. Thus, he gives Micah permission to not be okay and to be uncomfortable with what happened to him. Yet, he also pushes him not to let that one incident dictate his life as well.


Prosper giving Micah permission to feel not okay.

What is consistently appreciated about Queen Sugar is the space it gives its male characters to be vulnerable with not just their significant other, but each other. I really don’t think it gets enough praise for that since it isn’t like we only see it after major events. Even small things like Micah being triggered leads to him being raised up and spoken to. Always from a place of love and understanding, which helps you understand why from Prosper to Blue, there is a shift each generation. Maybe not a huge one, but one noticeable enough which gives you hope.

Jordan, Darla, Aunt Vi, Ralph Angel | Darla Talks About The Night She Conceived Blue

Thus far, the details of the night Blue was conceived were laid out that Darla was with some friends, getting turnt up, and most of the night was a blur. Jordan, one of her friends from 8-9 years ago, illuminates us on some additional details. One, Darla was really into partying back in the day. Two, the party where things went down was at Thomas Caine’s house, and Darla hooked up with him. Also, three, she hooked up with a guy named Chase Livestone as well.

Now, mind you, while we use the term “Hooked Up,” as Darla’s memory gets jogged a bit, the word rape comes to mind. Which is something, of all people, Aunt Vi help her come to the conclusion of. You see, after talking with Jordan, Darla gets a drink and ends up stumbling in the park where Vi does her runs. She, to much surprise, shows empathy and care to Darla and takes her home, let’s Darla tell her story and, in return, Aunt Vi reveals on top of the physical abuse, Jimmy Dale raped her repeatedly.

Leading to, since that was likely a bit much for Aunt Vi to talk about, her calling Ralph Angel over so he gets the full story and has a proper understanding of what is going on. Thus giving us, unlike when Darla revealed Blue may not be his son, him sitting down, listening, and supporting Darla. Albeit possibly at the cost of his relationship with Deesha but, Darla needed him.


Jordan (Amanda Tavarez) talking to Darla about their shared past.
Jordan (Amanda Tavarez)

It seems increasingly clear Darla, and Ralph Angel may get back together. Yeah, Micah prepped Blue for the idea his parents won’t and will see other people, but the way Ralph Angel lingered the following morning, and Darla was just touching him, you can see they don’t know what’s going on. All they know is they both got relationships going and aren’t sure if they want to end them and resume what they had.

But, who knows, considering Aunt Vi being kind to Darla seemed like something which would happen when Louisiana experienced a blizzard. Heck, never mind her being nice, but revealing she was raped and getting personal with Darla? Say what you will about Nova’s book but Aunt Vi opening up and being kind to Darla is due to that book. That and I think Nova talking about how she wished she did things differently, asked permission, sought understanding more, hit Aunt Vi. She’s judged Darla all these years based on a situation she had only second-hand information of. A situation, might I add, she could have prevented if she was more involved with Ralph Angel, and especially Darla when Ralph Angel went to jail.

However, instead, from Hollywood’s discovery of her on, she was hot and cold. Warm to Darla when Ralph Angel and her were getting married, then cold when that paternity test came in. Even a little chilly during the pie shop opening.

Yet, things are changing, and it seems that darkness Aunt Vi liked to harbor is having light shone on it. Here is hoping though, between exercise, talking, maybe therapy down the line, she doesn’t retreat back to her old ways once things calm down. This growth was overdue.

Not just for her either. Ralph Angel definitely is in a new chapter of his life and him just sitting there and listening to Darla confirmed it. He didn’t make it about his emotions, how it affected his relationship to Blue, her, or whoever, he dedicated all his energy to his friend. Not the mother of his child, his ex, but the person who I’d like to think is his genuine friend at this point. Which was so sweet that, for a moment, I was on board with him and Darla getting back together. Until I remembered none of them have yet to do a real good apology.

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  1. Honestly, I never know what to add. Between what is said in the recap and your thoughts, it sometimes feels like repeating ourselves.

    I will say though, I’m glad her mother called and we were reminded she is still around. But I do want her dad around more. That and for her to not get back with Ralph Angel.

  2. Hey Amari! Great review! I know its been a couple of weeks since we last talked, but this episode is what we NEEDED for our Darla. We have been seeing Darla on the edge ever since Nova’s book was released, we have always been teased and have wondered if the writers were ever going to have Darla relapse, well we got our answer tonight.

    I always figure that since Darla was able to keep her sobriety despite all of the dirt that was thrown in her face in season 2 that this situation with the book wasn’t going to break her, boy I was wrong.

    Also I love how a bit of our ideas and speculations about what happened to Darla that night in D.C. was somewhat confirmed with this episode as well. Also shout out to Darla going to Georgetown! Jordan is a snake ? and the worst type of friend to have. BL has shown us a complete masterclass of her craft in acting!!!!

    Okay I’m going to let you go now! Thoughts?

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