Queen Sugar: Season 3/ Episode 1 “A Rock, A River, A Tree” [Season Premiere] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Nova smiling as she learns she got a six figure book deal.

Queen Sugar returns with Charley laying out her plan, Blue’s paternity results in, Nova making major moves, and Blue starting to act up a little bit. Network OWN Director(s) DeMane Davis Writer(s) Kat Candler Air Date 5/29/2018 Actors Introduced Officer Orson Don Yesso Tamika Meyon Mordechai The Next Move: Nova, Aunt Vi, Hollywood It has…

Queen Sugar returns with Charley laying out her plan, Blue’s paternity results in, Nova making major moves, and Blue starting to act up a little bit.

Director(s) DeMane Davis
Writer(s) Kat Candler
Air Date 5/29/2018
Actors Introduced
Officer Orson Don Yesso
Tamika Meyon Mordechai

The Next Move: Nova, Aunt Vi, Hollywood

It has been a few months since we’ve been in St. Joseph and since then Aunt Vi and Hollywood went to Italy, Nova has a six-figure book deal on the table, and things look good. Well, on paper. For one thing, Nova is coming to terms with is that with this book deal, she is pretty much walking along the path Dr. DuBois talked about. Not the exact one he laid out, but something similar enough to realize that maybe it wasn’t just him who saw what Nova could do and foresaw all these great things her platform could achieve and be. These white women, who barely know Nova’s story at all, see the same things in her future.

Which of course makes Nova uncomfortable. Though she has been leading movements since she was a child, even did so in high school, and speaks with some high school kids who do it at a basketball game, there is some kind of anxiety of being a real leader. Having her voice be a representative of the movement rather than just one of.

As for Aunt Vi and Hollywood? Well, their problems are mostly Hollywood treating Vi like she is fragile like Prosper. Yes, she got Lupus, but she is still spry and while the care and attention is noted and appreciated, it also is a bit much.


Charley reassuring Nova of her leadership abilities.
“Hey, don’t lead with the fear of what might be.”

With the recap at the beginning of the episode featuring Dr. DuBois, so comes the question if he and Nova may cross paths and a “I told you so” will get delivered. That and the need to question if the teens she met with, who protested at the game, if she may mentor them a bit. Because we saw the wonders that did for Micah in terms of him finding direction and a identity and with us not having seen her really take someone on since Too Sweet, it would be nice if that was how she balanced herself out. You know, in terms of having a national profile but maintaining a local one.

As for Vi and Hollywood? With them not married yet and Vi seeming a little agitated, you better believe a mountain going to come out of that ant hill. The issue of her being older than Hollywood has been there since the beginning and him treating her like his momma in public ain’t going to help a thing. HA! Especially if someone says that out loud?! Oh, you already know there is a fight brewing there.

Raising Blue: Blue, Darla, Ralph Angel

To cut to the chase, it seems Ralph Angel isn’t Blue’s father and while that may not change anything when it comes to him being Blue’s dad, for now, that may change. For one, Blue is starting to get a bit out of pocket and is talking back. I’m talking about, that attitude Darla tried to check back in season 2 that Ralph Angel let go free, it’s starting to bite him in the behind a bit. Though at the same time, Blue is growing up and while he selectively likes to be babied, he is growing out of it.

What he hasn’t grown out of though is keeping in constant contact with Darla and with him talking about her getting him and Darla talking about coming up with a plan? Well, put that with the paternity results and that leads to Ralph Angel getting stressed out. Hence why, like the last time Darla and he were on the outs, he starts a ho phase with this local girl Tamika. Who likely will be the first of many who don’t even get to step into the house.


Charley and Nova consoling Ralph Angel as he learns, officially, he isn't Blue's biological father.
“Don’t change nothing”

I fully expect a paternity battle. Both sides got money and Blue is a well-loved child. The question is though if the judge asks him to decide, who will Blue choose? Also, how nasty could the battle get?

But, even setting aside the paternity battle between Ralph Angel and Darla, there is also the question of who is Blue’s biological father and if he may come out the woodworks. For with Blue being born out of rape, that makes things very complicated in more ways than one. Especially if the father meets and wants to get to know Blue and has a different version of events than Darla.

Making for another situation where you have to wonder, how will Blue react? Clearly, with him getting an attitude, cute little Blue with the slight lisp isn’t who he once was. He’s still in there but he is becoming a big boy and is smelling himself a bit. So it should be interesting to see Blue’s growth over the season – for better or worse.

Putting The Plan In Motion: Charley, Micah, Jacob, Sam

So, Charley is fighting two fronts. With the Landry family, she got 1% of their land or ownership of their company, which gives her access to their documents. Making it so she plans to sift through everything and take them down from the inside while trying to keep face and protect the local black farmers. A plan that, for now, she seems to have a handle on. Jacob is still being a bit of a creep, and Sam is rubbing Charley’s face in the situation, but Charley is biding her time for the glory to come.

However, while she has a firm handle on that situation? When it comes to Micah it is a different story. For while Micah is focused on college, Keke, and this new camera Davis got him, Charley has someone named Vicky looking into Officer Orson – the one who assaulted Micah. She even comes face to face with him and if it wasn’t for this kid he was with? Oh, she might have gone off. But, instead, Vicky finds a tape with Officer Orson beating another kid and she asks Vicky to leak it. Thus setting off a new chain of events which may blow up in Charley’s face if she isn’t careful.


Charley reassuring Prosper about her plans.
“I am going to take care of this community.”

Something you always have to admire about Charley is her ambition. While her personal life may not have always been easy or steady but when it comes to her business as an owner or mom? She is a formidable opponent. Like with this Landry situation? As long as she maintains a control on Jacob’s school shooter persona, she may just reach her goal. I don’t know if she may accomplish it this season, but I can see some major strides until Nova catches wind.

But then there is this Officer Orson thing. Being that we see Black Lives Matter protest are going to be a focus this season, for both youth and adults, and also we saw the reaction during the game, things are going to get interesting. Especially if Charley ever gets addressed in the form of not just getting revenge for her son but the larger issue.

Because, as seen in the past, and this episode, there isn’t much of a difference between Nova and Charley when it comes to organizing and planning. It’s just Charley chose the commercial route. So considering she is dipping her foot more and more into local issues, beyond what benefit her in the long run, it should be interesting to see how the community reacts. Especially, again, once Nova catches wind of the Landry partnership because, taking note how she goes off on Ralph Angel without mercy, Charley may not know what hit her.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Nova graduated high school in 1996 and Aunt Vi in 1975.
  • Remy is in the episode, but it seems he still wants some distance between him and Charley for now.
  • Prosper needs back surgery so he isn’t going to be able to help Ralph Angel on the farm much. However, Charley seems to have more faith in her brother, more than ever, to think he could handle it.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is something going to come of this repeated note of keeping the windows closed and secure in Charley’s house?
  2. Did we ever properly meet Vicky? Charley’s investigator?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Don’t lead with the fear of what might be, lead with the strength of who you are.


  1. We got an answer about whether Blue is Ralph Angel’s son, biologically.
  2. Charley’s plan was laid out and is understandable.
  3. Nova is finally accepting that while her commitment to local issues is admirable, she belongs on a national, maybe international, stage.
  4. All the storylines which can come out of Blue’s situation since Darla may send for him, Ralph Angel may fight for custody, and there is a third parent out there who might get involved.
  5. Black lives matter movement in full force on the show.

On The Fence

  1. Micah hopefully not looking at mini-Nova in such a way which could mess things up with Keke and bring some colorism conversation to the show.
  2. Blue’s attitude.

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  1. I can imagine another second half push once all the “leads” are established. Not that she isn’t but you know.

  2. Right. I was just going to bring her up. She looked nice during that video chat lol I believe she does have a job. Like I said before. I don’t think her parents would leave her high and dry after returning home. Especially when they find out how she was treated by the B family. It wouldn’t surprise me if Darla got a bit of help from her parents on getting herself together. Whether we actually see all of that is anyone’s guess. We may have jumped the gun a bit to quickly in thinking we’d see a whole lot of Darla in terms of her going back to D.C. the writers clearly like to write for her but maybe see the whole idea of focusing on Darla on D.C. a bit much lol They probaly want to refocus the show back to the main characters. Even though I believe the split locations could work lol

  3. Speaking of Darla, I wonder what she is doing with herself now? Clearly she got her hair done and seemingly is better than she was. However, does she have a job, is she living with her parents? Maybe going back to school? I was hoping episode 2 would have given some hints but I guess Darla is going to just pop in and out as needed until needed for some drama.

  4. It sucks that their relationship was destroyed because of this need for shock value. Like I know for the show drama needs to happen life needs to happen, but I won’t ever stop saying that this storyline was a huge setback and misstep for the show.
    Even though BL continues to pull all sorts of emotions out of me when to comes to Darla and all that she has been through lol Great acting.

  5. Low-key, I believe Charley was willing to screw over Darla solely so that she could get closer to her family. You know, for once not be the outsider and instead be the one pushing someone out.

  6. Of course AV and N would object to having Blue. I would question Charley because of how much they bonded last season but considering how abruptly Charley fired Darla in the first place over this situation I don’t think Charley would be so quick to jump in Darla’s circle. Especially since RA and her are now ya know bondjng. Also both families do have money now. But your right this show never does simple or easy, so of course there will be some sort of court issue is going to happen.

  7. I’ve seen a lot of people online saying how they hope Darla doesnt try and take Blue. And my whole thing is why couldn’t she. She still has her rights and she has a stable job and she has remained clean. Also if Blue shows that he wants to go with Darla then can they really say no. Like I hate how people are dismissing Darla like she isnt Blues mom. She made a mistake but she has shown for the last two seasons that she is a good mother to blue. I’m just for the two of them to co parent and split time between weekends.

  8. I think her story, is going to mirror Charley’s. Professionally, she is going to pretty much have it together but when it comes to her personal life? A mess. And with what happens in episode 2, I don’t feel like Ralph Angel may put up a huge fight. He’ll definitely want visitation rights, but unless Vi or someone else gets involved, I think he’d be cool with Darla having primary custody.

  9. So I guess we were a little dumb in thinking that Darla would be all happy go lucky this season. What with a potential custody battle going down I don’t see how we would get a smiling happy Darla. Considering the circumstances in which Blue was conceived as well, it doesnt seem like things will be going smoothly for Darla too much this season. Thoughts?

  10. Well, considering how Blue and Darla face time, at the very least it isn’t an abrupt, where did mommy go, kind of distance. She still seems to have a routine with him, just not a physical presence.

    And, you know, for now I want to assume that while the B family is petty, they wouldn’t keep a boy from his momma. May let Darla know not to do anything funny, but would probably smile in her face when he is around and grimace when he isn’t.

  11. I don’t think you are being harsh but it does make me wonder how corporal punishment will be handled in this show. They are Black southerners so I’m sure spankings are part of the culture. It is just the question of whether RA believes in them or not. Much less, is he afraid to hit Blue?

  12. I’m glad that Blue hasn’t been to hard on Darla and that he is still actively asking about her. We talked about if Blue would become angry and dismissive of Darla. Because she left again. At least for this episode we see that he still wants to see her and is waiting for her. Although, sadly, that can still change if Blue learns more information or if the B family ends up putting up more of fight in not letting Darla see Blue or see his grandparents. That’s where the whole custody thing may come into play. They seem to forget that Darla is his mother. To me is seems like they tend to use Blue as like bargaining chip or like some form of punishment towards Darla. Not letting her see him. Idk maybe I’m going a bit too into but that’s how I feel sometimes.

    P.S. check out my last comment about Blue and his discipline.

  13. But the sad thing is Blue isn’t just acting out because Darla is gone. The boy hasn’t had any real discipline for the past two seasons. Remember in season 2 when Darla was telling Blue to go to sleep and he says no. Darla looks at RA for some support and he just looks at her. Doesn’t have her back or anything. Didn’t do anything when Blue was tearing up the house cause of Kenya. When Blue was messing around at the restaurant. Darla handled that, only for RA to run and comfort Blue. Like come on, Darla putting a little bass in her voice ain’t gonna kill the boy. Even with this episode, Blue talking back not listening getting in trouble at school. Missing his mom is one thing. But RA has got to stop letting the boy act up. Like I get it Blue acting up because he misses Darla is one thing, but again it can easily turn in to baby Blue just being disrespectful. Again if I’m being a little to harsh thab let me know lol. I just feel like there has to be a line.

  14. I guess they figured, between Vi and Hollywood, that is more than enough couple drama there. Why have multiple couples on the same show go through different relationship issues when you can have just one?

  15. No I get it. But it just upsets me that with Blue finally starting to come into his own and us seeing him get bigger it has to be on back of the fact that RA isnt Blue’s biological father. Like would it have been so bad to actually have RA and Darla marry and still give them drama. Couldn’t Blue still act out and all of that? Did we have to bring into question his whole biological conception? Like again, still not over it lol

    But yes, Blue rightfully so has questions and wants to know where his mom is at whether or not RA is mature enough and can man up to talk to Blue is a whole kother story.

  16. Is it wrong the acting out doesn’t worry me as much as it excites me. Blue evolving past this innocent thing, who sort of lightens the mood, to having his own issues should be interesting. Granted, he is only 7 or 8 in the show but, with that being old enough to hear the truth, I do wonder if he’ll find out from overhearing or will he be told directly?

  17. Yeah. Of course the writers have RA go straight to the bottle and a piece of ass lol Not like the brother ever talks to anyone about his problems. I hope they don’t saddle this boy with another pregnacy I HOPE not. But yeah baby Blue is going to act out sadly. B family was so quick to cast Darla out and make her feel so low that she didn’tt even feel worthy to stay in St. Jo’s now they all wanna act shocked when the son of that same woman starts to act out.

  18. I felt a certain type of way she got face timed into the episode. It’s Emmy voting season and one of the top performers from season 1 you got doing a video chat?

    Also, you wanna take bets how long RA’s ho phase lasts because? Something tells me the first half is just going to be him sleeping through St. Jo to get over Darla and probably him getting someone pregnant by the end of the season.

  19. I dug the episode and this review. Is it wrong that I kind of missed Darla lol Also we called it lol Not shocked that RA ain’t the father if not than all of last season would have been for nothing. Also I called it again, Darla was going to come back refreshed and determined to do right by her boy lol she was looking mighty nice during that FaceTime chat with Blue lol Thoughts?

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