Queen Sugar: Season 2/ Episode 13 “Heritage” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Darla’s parents come about and like when Lorna came to Louisiana, we are led to believe everything we were told is not true. Previous Recap: Episode 12 “Live in the All Along”  Director(s) Liesl Tommy Writer(s) Monica Macer & Davita Scarlett Notable Guest Stars Darlene Michael Michele Quincy Roger Guenveur Smith Lupus: Aunt Vi Lupus is…

Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 13 Heritage Darla and Ralph Angel

Darla’s parents come about and like when Lorna came to Louisiana, we are led to believe everything we were told is not true.

Previous Recap: Episode 12 “Live in the All Along” 

Director(s) Liesl Tommy
Writer(s) Monica Macer & Davita Scarlett
Notable Guest Stars
Darlene Michael Michele
Quincy Roger Guenveur Smith

Lupus: Aunt Vi

Queen Sugar Aunt Vi

Lupus is the reason Aunt Vi has been sick. Something which is a bit devastating for her, as you can imagine. Also, it is something she tells no one this episode.

Let’s Take It Slow: Nova, Calvin, Charley, Remy

Calvin returns and is talking sweet nothings to Nova. Yet, if there is one thing she has learned from the people she damn near makes sound like rebounds, it is that what she needs is her freedom right now. Not sleeping with a bunch of random people or boo’d up. She needs to be with her community and falling back in love with that. For be it Robert, Calvin or the girl whose name escapes me, she is just not ready for them and what they want for her to be. In a way, she is just starting to discover who she is and what her place is. A task all of them, sort of desire to help with, but only as long as she ends up who they want her to be for them.

As for Charley? Well, she is experiencing something similar in a way. Remy, being that he has long since lost his wife, has had a few things on his mind. One being marriage and the other children. Two things which make it so Charley realizes they can’t be all cutesy and adorable anymore. Remy is bringing adult conversation. Long-term relationship conversations. Of which, despite saying Remy is important, Charley wasn’t necessarily thinking of.

Queen Sugar Remy
Just when they were about to have sex, some pillow talk about forever from Remy throws in a monkey wrench.

From what it seems, she saw him as a kind of friend with benefits. One who gave her the support of a boyfriend, maybe even husband, but didn’t ask for much besides her respect. But with it now being clear he wants marriage, a family, and that not necessarily being a deal breaker but something he seriously wants her to think about, so comes a crossroad. Will Charley adapt to what Remy wants or stick with the path she is on? After all, Micah is damn near grown and while being married wouldn’t be horrible, she just got out of a marriage.

So, for now, it seems, like Micah and Keke, the two of them are going to take things slow. Now, as for how they mutually define that? Well, only time will tell.

Family Reunion: Darla, Ralph Angel, Darlene, Quincy, Blue, Aunt Vi

Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 13 Heritage

The Suttons come to Ralph Angel’s farm and they seem like nice enough folk. Darlene, Darla’s mom, is warm and welcoming. She even asks for little Blue to hug her – which of course he obliges. As for Quincy, Darla’s dad? Well, he is a bit awkward and cautious. However, as he reveals he did his research on Nova and Charley, it seems he is warming up a bit. Heck, even when Darla asks if they can make amends, he doesn’t give her a hard time.

Then again, it could be because Aunt Vi has been keeping in contact with them. You see, Aunt Vi reveals Darlene, during the time when Aunt Vi had custody of Blue, was sending monthly checks. Of which, you know Darlene wasn’t just sending money and not asking for updates. Heck, her rapport with Aunt Vi is so friendly that I wouldn’t be surprised if all Quincy knew came from Darlene and Aunt Vi’s conversations.

I mean, considering how dirty Darlene implies Darla did her and Quincy, maybe to the point of rocking their marriage, I’d believe Aunt Vi telling them the truth, noting Darla’s progress, might be why they came around. For while Darla claims it has been 6 years of silence, this came after who knows how long of back and forth moments. Calls when she was high and wanting money, was in pain, wanted to come home, or was threatening to hurt herself. The kind of calls which are calls to action but when they showed up, no Darla.

As you can imagine, that puts a toll on a person, a marriage, and the relationship between a daughter and her parent. Yet, again likely due to Aunt Vi’s secret communications, it seems like a time to heal. Of which, Quincy reveals it isn’t just with them that Darla has to make amends with. She also does with Ralph Angel. Someone she reveals may not be Blue’s father.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Ralph Angel made 20% more on the soybeans than expected.
  • Nova and Calvin mutually say they never got over each other. However, while Calvin makes Nova seem like the first decision he was never pressured into making, Nova thinks of Calvin as a prison. Something which would require constant explanation so she decides against reforming their bond.
  • It seems Darla’s drug problem started in high school – per her talking about seeing some high school friends and doing harder drugs than ever before.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. I speculated a lot but, how much did Aunt Vi tell Darlene? Much less, how did those monthly payments start?
  2. Did Charley really think Remy wouldn’t, at least, want to get married?
  3. Has Nova accepted she needs to be single and perhaps not mingle for a while?
  4. How is this going to affect Blue in learning the people he has known his whole life may not even be blood relatives? Likely he will still see them as family, but with that family tree project, will he have a tantrum and rip it up? Maybe even get mad at Darla? It isn’t clear if he remembers any of the bad times, he likely doesn’t, but may he bring that up?
  5. Where is Darla from because Darlene makes it seem they are not locals.

Collected Quote(s)

I believe in forever and I want you in mine.


Darla’s Parents Threw Me For A Loop

Michael Michele and Roger Guenveur Smith Queen Sugar

Weekly, Sarah and I go back and forth and the topic we usually square in on is Darla and Ralph Angel. One of the things which has been seriously dug into is how Darla’s parents were going to be. One of the ideas which came about is that they’d be the opposite of Lorna. That is, someone who was touted as menacing in a way but ended up being mostly a sweetheart. However, with Darla’s parents, it was figured, at least by me, they would live up to their legend.

Yet, again that wasn’t true. In fact, the way Darlene puts it, and probably knows, Darla has outright lied on them. Not to imply they might not have been strict and had expectations, much less didn’t cut Darla off. But, it seems what Darla has said which has likely made masses of viewers think of her as an angel, while forgiving her past, was mostly a lie. The kind which, I don’t want to say was about garnering sympathy. However, that is what it kind of looks like. Hell, maybe even manipulation to a point.

Though, one could also see it as weakness. She burnt her bridges and poisoned the water with her folks. Seemingly to the point where it could have destroyed their marriage. She manipulated them while high and through their emotions about like some wild carnival ride. All of which was who the old Darla was. But does that mean we can, or should, easily forgive her lying on these people? These people she made seem abandoned her outright, didn’t know who Ralph Angel was, and barely knew Blue?

Queen Sugar Darla and Darlene

It is something which I find hard to say because, as noted in the comment section of a past episode, Darla has been allowed to be angelic on the show. Yes, she had her past but outside of with Kenya, she hasn’t had the same amount of bumps as Charley, Nova, or even Ralph Angel. She has remained this consistently likable and sympathetic character. Which now is brought into question.

Could it be, because of how weak and frail she was, she made it seem she was abandoned because she needed that sympathy to finally get better? Was seeming weak how she dealt with her guilt and as she built up her person, it was a crutch? Heck, could it be, when she hit rock bottom, the tough love of Aunt Vi was what she needed vs. her parents either flying across the country or just leaving her to the wolves? It is all so hard to pin down an exact emotion.

Aunt Vi & Her Secrets

Going all the way back to the Landry family formerly owning her family, Aunt Vi sure knows how to keep secrets doesn’t she? The problem is, damn near all of her secrets she only lets out after the damage is done. That Landry secret only came about because Charley was really seeming to put her foot down about selling her piece of the land. When it came to Lorna, until confronted, she didn’t say anything and that secret messed up Nova royally. So between her having Lupus and whatever deal she made with Darlene, you gotta wonder which will come out first?

The Cool Points Out The Window And You Got Him All Twisted Up In The Game

Queen Sugar Nova
Nova notes she can’t be all of herself when with Calvin. Something which it seems she repeats no matter who she is with.

Excuse me for quoting Bringing Down The House but I couldn’t help it. At this point, it seems Nova, Charley, and Ralph Angel are no longer in any sort of honeymoon period with any of their romantic relationships. For Nova, she keeps hitting these difficult conversations and increasingly seems unwilling to approach the idea of compromise. Before she could blame what happened with her mom but there comes a point you can’t use your parents as an excuse. You got to own up to the issues you allow to remain consistent in your life.

Leading to the question of: Will she finally take real time to heal? Be it sex or jumping into semi-serious relationships, Nova seems to have never really pursued being alone. Finding peace and joy in herself. It always seemed to be about one distraction or another. Anything to keep herself from being alone for more than one or two nights. You ever notice that? I’d even argue her investment in the community partly stems from her trying to avoid being alone when it isn’t on her own terms.

Then with Charley, I still can’t fathom how such an intelligent woman who I thought got to know Remy, would really think he wouldn’t want marriage. Also, didn’t he note he tried to have kids with his ex-wife until life got in the way? I mean, if they met now, after she got divorced, I could see her being taken back by what he said. However, these two have been talking for at least a year now. All of which have been flirty conversations. So don’t tell me she never thought of this man in a long-term fashion.

After all, considering how much Remy has done for the family and her, aren’t they damn near like a married couple anyway? If she didn’t see them as long-term, why note how important he is? Why so publicly kiss him in front of the entire community? I hope that wasn’t to get back at Davis over Tamar. Surely she can’t be that petty right? But, connecting Charley with Nova, who is to say Remy wasn’t a rebound like Robert and the other girl was? Just with Remy being someone who was much more of a beneficial partner.

Leaving Ralph Angel. I don’t think anyone could argue that Blue has been the driving force behind his rehabilitation. Raising Blue, seeing that smile, and protecting him has been what kept Ralph Angel either on the straight and narrow or what helped people push him back on that road. So with the possibility he is not the father, so comes the question of if he even cares. He is more than 6 years in and signed the birth certificate. Though Darla’s parents may know, who else really needs or deserves to know really? Why mess something up which works?

But, lest we forget, Ralph Angel is a bit emotional. So while things may not change between him and Blue, the same can’t be said about him and Darla. For one of the reasons Ralph Angel went to jail was to help take care of that kid. So imagine, as you reflect, this kid being a few years old and you are robbing stores, risking yourself getting shot, to raise someone else’s seed. You lost years of your life, got a record now, because your lady relapsed and had some fun in DC with some high school friends.

Usually, when Ralph Angel has his moments it makes me roll my eyes but if he decides to go off, I can’t blame him on this one. Though, at the same time, I do wonder if his pride may lead him to keep this secret to himself like his name is Violet.

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  1. But my heart aches knowing that Blue could be the product of rape ya know? ??He has so much love around him, that is NOT going to change, but people who were born into this world, not really being conceived by choice, tend to grow up with a lot of issues, and it would be so heartbreaking if Blue ever expressed when he got older, that he felt some type of way about how he came into this world, and the things that his mother went onto do after he was born. (Drug and Alcohol addiction) Also, if Darla wanted too, could she press charges, like how would all of that work? I mean he can “say” that he was too intoxicated but we both know that that doesn’t have to be the truth. ??

    1. It depends on the statute of limitations. In the US I know it is around a certain amount of years. But with Darla not reporting it, so we know, her being a addict and former sex worker, that will be a uphill battle for justice. One which seems right up QS’ alley but I can’t foresee happening this season.

      We still got Darla being fired to worry about.

      1. Along with the possibility of Darla relapsing as well. Lots of stuff has gone down, and a lot of stuff will continue to unfold with these next three episodes, so with Darla’s emotional state already being fragile and the “drama bomb” that the writes dropped on us already, who knows if they will take it a bit further and have Darla relapse. I read that her sponsor is going to be the last episode. So, who knows what that means.

        1. Probably that the temptation is there. After all, Blue, RA, and her job gave her consistency and stability. Something that, from movies and shows I’ve seen, are necessary for addicts to recover. They need something to fill in the void that their addiction used to fill, if not keep them from having time to pursue and use it.

          So with that gone, and RA’s family likely starting to pull away, who else to go to but her sponsor? Why disappoint her parents again but calling them as she is going downhill?

        2. Found some additional spoilers per TV Guide for the season finale: http://www.tvguide.com/tvshows/queen-sugar/episodes/895828/
          Charley’s shocking plan to save her business puts her relationship with Remy in jeopardy; Hollywood proposes to Violet; Nova and Remy share an unexpected moment; and Ralph Angel decides if he can forgive Darla.

          Hollywood proposing is BIG! But, there comes the question of what in the hell is Nova and Remy’s unexpected moment?

          1. Nova and Davis KISS!!!! I’m calling it right now! Charley will be in attack mode in dealing with the mill and the Landry’s. In doing that, Charley will probably dismiss, or unjustly go off on Remy, Remy will than get in his feelings. Nova has BEEN A MESS, the two will cross paths, they will talk, and have a moment, and than BOOM! They kiss.

            1. I just can’t picture that happening and if it does, I’ll be glad it takes so damn long between seasons cause I’ll be pissed. That is a move I can’t fathom being about anything but causing drama. Some network TV kind of messiness.

  2. Yeah I feel wha your saying. Remy lost points with me when he tried call Charley caculating, and trying to switch up what Earnest told him. Like that scene really made me dislike him. But in terms of what we saw of hime when it came to Charley and thier relationship, it was always clear that once hey got together, Remy probab;y was going to talk about marrige, even not right then, than more so down the line. Also the timimgn of that conversation could have been better lol Like really the two of them damn near naked isn’t really the greatest time to be talking about that stuff.

    So despite the baby Blue stuff you would still keep Charley at # 2 and Darla at # 1 of fave characters? I mean I would think that one situation would be worse than the other.

    1. Darla just has more potential for storylines which is what keeps her the most interesting for me. Nova pretty much is in a endless cycle of relationships which are going to end with her advocacy playing her b-line.

      Charley honestly doesn’t have much going on besides the mill and her kind of boring fight against the Landrys. As for her relationship with Remy, it basically took a nose dive with her “You know we ain’t that serious, despite all you’ve done for me.”

      Then with RA, being that he is nearly set, work wise, pretty much the only thing interesting about him is Darla.

      And while Aunt Vi always got some secret in her pocket, it is never secrets which boost her character. It is usually something which that tells us what is next for a character. What will they be healing from or what was going on behind the scenes while someone else was struggling.

      1. True! Also do you think that (IF) RA isn’t Blue’s father, that the writers may bring the bio dad in for season 3? Have him stroll on down to St. Jo’s? Or maybe Darla goes back to D.C. to visit her parents again, and they run into each other?

        Cause again biological or not, the man pretty much committed a crime and an act of rape towards Darla, when he decided to sleep with her knowing full well that she was not even conscious to consent, let alone fight him off. (Again if this is where the writers are going). It is just with the way BL talked in her interview, she pretty much says that Darla was taken advantage off.

        1. Knowing QS, I think we’ll not only meet him, but the excuse will be he was too messed up too to know what happened. Thus bringing up the topic of consent, if his excuse is valid, and I bet you the dude in question is doing good too. I say this if only because, with how Ava spoke about the Harvey Weinstein rapes, and how she already imposed on Darla her personal views, I’d say she may repeat the idea with another topic. Plus, I think we eventually have to get out of St. Jo and I can imagine her taking Blue to DC so he can see where his mommy comes from. For there is still that family tree project that I don’t think got turned in yet.

          1. But my heart aches knowing that Blue could be the product of rape ya know? ??He has so much love around him, that is NOT going to change, but people who were born into this world, not really being conceived by choice, tend to grow up with a lot of issues, and it would be so heartbreaking if Blue ever expressed when he older, that he felt some type of way about how he came into this world, and the things that his mother went onto do after he was born. Also, if Darla wanted too, could she press charges, like how would all of that work? I mean he can “say” that he was too intoxicated but we both know that that doesn’t have to be the truth. Look at 13 reasons why rapist Bryce was fully aware of what he was doing when he raped Jessica. ??

            Side note: It is EXTREMELY TERRIFYING to realize that Bryce raped both Jessica and Hannah while he was sober. That shows just how evil he was. To voluntarily do that to someone, because he felt like he could is just sick!. ?

  3. I see what your saying Amari. But at the cost of destroying a character though? One who already had the stigma, and cloud that many people have when it comes to addiction.

    I still don’t like what how Ava put this story line in, and her commenting on why she did it, doesn’t make me like or agree with the story line even more. Also, the fact that Ava and writers knew beforehand like what 3 years ago and all of this stuff was planned out ahead of time yet, the day before BL is given the script for this episode Ava calls her up tells her what is going to happen, doesn’t really sit right with me. I don’t like it for BL or for Kofi. Like I feel like this is something that you would keep from the audience of course, but not from the actress, and actor who are playing these characters, and who have bonded and connected with the story that had been written for them, just for all of it to go to shit in the last 4 episodes of the SECOND season! Like when it came to Charley’s mamma being white, Dawn knew I want to say either during the beginning of the show and the first season ahead of time, that she was going to have a white mom. So, if the writers can tell Dawn ahead of time what her character’s parental background was going to be, why couldn’t they do the same for BL and Kofi?

    1. I wouldn’t say Darla is destroyed. Also, when it comes to not telling BL or Kofi, I think it was about making sure an authentic connection was established before dropping this bombshell. That way, it isn’t the actors being in on it and the audience being left stunned – everyone is stunned and it pushes their performances further. Which could have very well been Ava wanting to see what works between the two paths – this is her first show after all.

      But, back to the original thought, Darla isn’t destroyed. Has she been sent back further than perhaps most of the characters when they messed up? Absolutely, without a doubt. But if Charley could make a comeback after viciously going after that woman who slept with Davis, if Davis can gain sympathy after all he has done, if folks can feel for RA after all he has said and done to Darla, why can’t Darla make a comeback? It won’t happen in one episode, probably not a season with Charley firing her on the horizon, but there is a chance BL’s time on QS hasn’t been ruined.

      1. Deep breaths, deep breaths…… ? You’re right Amari, saying that Darla was destroyed maybe was a bit dramatic on my part. ? I guess everything that transpired with the episode, I guess it all just finally hit me as I was typing that comment out lol. Before, I was pretty calm about what went down,confused, but I wasn’t like freaking out, reading Ava’s interview over the matter really just irked me EVEN more about the story line. But I get what your saying. It may take a while for Darla to come back from this, but I don’t think that she is irredeemable. And granted we don’t know how the season is going to end either, but like you said, with Charley firing Darla and all of that it seems like there is still going to be a lot more hurt to come. ?

        What are your thoughts on Nova and Calvin? Back to back episodes now of Nova dismissing various men who have feelings for her because she and I quote “Can’t be my whole self when I am with you” So, she can’t be her whole self with Dr. D, she get be her whole self with Calvin than who can she be herself with?????? #SingleLife ?

        1. I think Nova is in a place where she has to rediscover herself. To me, she didn’t really get to fully process the truth Lorna laid out and Aunt Vi verified. Before that, it seemed between random lovers and her community, that was a distraction from her facing her problems. So with this whole “I can’t be my whole self” spiel, it is because she doesn’t fully know who she is anymore since the pain and hurt she has, it belonged more to Aunt Vi than her. So this space has to be filled and Dr. D tried to fill it for her with something which felt foreign. So, hopefully, she remains single for a while. Maybe even, as Charley was doing for a hot minute, go to therapy.

            1. I think it has been pretty clear, when it comes to Remy, he is old school. He wants love, marriage, and kids. They may have never had that conversation but based off his actions, how he waited so long for her and tried to be understanding, do you think he wouldn’t be thinking about forever?

              I mean, I want to understand Charley’s point of view, in terms of her just getting out of a marriage and Micah nearly being grown, but what about Remy makes him seem like a friends with benefits type? Or anything that isn’t serious. The man basically is the reason her family farm, hell her business, is running.

              Which I won’t say because he was expecting a reward but their flirtationship turned occasional kiss never seemed to be taken lightly. So for her to put the brakes on now seemed weird to me. Like she just wanted some new D, all his time and effort, but doesn’t want to fully commit.

  4. Aamari here is Ava’s interview about the baby Blue bombshell. ? ?


    If you read the comments a lot of people are calling BS on Ava’s whole melanin comment. With Kofi being so dark skinned, and Bianca being so fair, and light skinned there is no way that the two of them could have produced a child like Blue. I also call BS. Like as pro black as Ava is, and all that she has done for the Black community, and all of these Black actors in Hollywood I would think that she would have an understanding that Black people come in all different shades. Genetics can be a weird thing, but that doesn’t mean people who look like B and K couldn’t produce a child like Blue. Hell, Bianca and Ethan (Blue) debunk those claims themselves. Bianca has a light skin mother, and dark skinned dad, she just came out taking after her mother, but her dad is still her dad. Ethan and his little sister are the same way. Ethan’s mother is a dark skin woman, and his dad is light skin man, Ethan just took after his father, his mom is still is mom. So, again I don’t agree with her comment on Bianca, and Kofi’s skin color not being able to produce a child like Blue. Also I’m mixed myself. A dark skin mother, and a very light skin, damn near white mexican father, with hazel eyes and everything. Me and my siblings all came out various shades, down the line from light to dark, yet our parents are still are parents. Sorry for the rant, as much as I love Ava, and all that she has done (her documentaries are kick ass) I can’t get behind that whole complexion comment.

    PS: You need to check out my other comments as well.

    1. While I adore Ava and GOD does she look beautiful in person, and so regal, I am always weary of when folks like her speak about their creative process. Especially since when the idea is conveying a message vs. doing right by the characters. Which I think was the issue here.

      I get she knows her platform and that she is a rare voice when it comes to Black creators, Black women creators on top of that, but her push to have a family like hers on screen was just… urgh.

      Also, like you said, her whole complexion thing I don’t think she realizes how backwards and weird that is. It makes me think she is playing into some form of colorism as if one dark skin parent means medium and dark toned babies.

      I mean, like you said, one hell of a writer, director, and definitely does a lot for the community. But until she starts studying genetics, she may want to keep away from topics like this. She is starting to seem a bit ignorant and maybe even a tad arrogant too. As if her situation, what she knows of life, fits all of Blackness.

      1. Conveying a message vs. doing right by the character!!!!! Yes Amari!

        I feel so bad for BL cause you can tell her interviews that she was completely blindsided by this whole bombshell, and she has every right to feel some type of way about it, because it seems like it came totally out of left field. I mean even looking at the first season, and the first 8 episodes of season 2, there was nothing that would suggest that Blue wasn’t RA’s. Ava says it’s not a plot twist used for drama, but it is. When you drop something like that into an episode like that but, there is nothing leading up to the revelation, and the step up is basically nonexistent, it is going to feel like another cheesy soap opera move to create drama. Like God forbid, they bring in Darla’s parents, have them make amends, and move on, but NO lets just throw all of that out the window, and make Darla look like an even more selfish person than people thought she was. Like B, said when she read the script, she said that she was actually GRIEVING for her character and Blue and RA, because it is like how do you write something like that, when the last 2 seasons the show hasn’t given us any reason to even doubt Blue’s paternity. Like just throwing Darla under the bus. People who hated her since the first season, are going to STILL hate her. People who hated her, than came to liking and supporting her this season are going to hate her again. And the people like us who have defended and capped for her these to past two seasons are going to be completely DEVASTATED and CONFUSED. Like I…..

        1. Leading me to wonder, you think Ava did this to maybe put a spotlight on BL? Because, as we said previously, she wasn’t really out there too much before QS. Now Yahoo News and others are seeking her to comment.

          You think Ava is playing the machine to benefit BL at the cost of Darla?

          1. To put a POSITIVE spin on this whole situation I would say yes. But again, she couldn’t have thought of another way to do prop her up and get her name out there? Because this isn’t the first interview that BL has done for QS. She has gotten a lot of good press and praise for her performance as Darla, and for how Ava and the writers have switched up the same stereotypical representation of the addicted black woman. That in itself was propping BL up. Like you said before Amari, between the two of us, we theorized and thought of at least five more interesting and captivating story lines for Darla and the whole secret thing, than what we were given with the whole “RA you aren’t the father” cop out. So, again to put a positive spin on it, I would have to believe that that is what Ava is doing. But like you pointed out, it definitely seems more personal for Ava more than anything, not for the benefit for the characters.

            1. I think, low-key, it could be ego too. QS didn’t get a single nomination and there might be a, “If you can’t beat them, join them” idea here. One which will bring mainstream nonsense in hopes of mainstream press. The kind who will make it so these actors, like the many in DuVerney’s film career, don’t get this small pop because of their association with her and then kind of trail off. She wants them to survive and thrive, beyond just getting roles but recognition, when she isn’t involved. (No shade to the people she worked with but most of them are like the people who Tyler Perry works with. If she isn’t involved, they are noted as “Who?”)

  5. Bianca Lawson’s second interview kind of touches on what I said before, that she may not have consented with the man that she slept with. Like she said, Darla was blacked out, and she even had to get her stomach PUMPED! That is a BIG thing and says so much about her situation and where she was at when she was back in D.C.

    1. See, now things are sounding QS like. Darla was likely raped and so badly wanted RA to be the father, she willed it into being. Leading to the question of whether RA is going to guilt her for leaving herself vulnerable like that, not telling her all this time, and how may this effect his relationship with Blue? I mean, though I know they are but actors, I always saw a little Charley in Blue and never took into account it could be because, like her, he is bi-racial perhaps. But with this show not doing flashbacks, it really makes me hope the night in question gets dug into more. Heck, I low key wanna see Darla’s friends and learn who the alternate daddy is.

      1. Yeah, but than that would make baby Blue a product of rape and Amari my heart would not be able to take that. ? ? Although, it would make sense why Darla would lie and all of that about RA being the father, the guilt and shame and all of that. It takes a long time for people who are raped to fully come to terms with what happened to them, but it is especially hard for someone like Darla, who was out drinking, and smoking and getting high, more or less putting herself in that situation. The guilt and regret that Darla feels for even going with those “friends” of hers in the first place, ways HUGELY on her.

        That would also explain why Darla continued with her drug use after, she had Blue. The thought of Blue not being RA’s would be soul crushing to not only herself but to RA too. Knowing that she went back to D.C., relapsed, was raped, became pregnant by that same man, then having her parents find out. Darla more than likely after Blue was born, had a breakdown, and just went down the rabbit hole, into a full blown addiction. ?

        1. OOOO so you are saying she was self medicating then. See, now that would make a whole lot of sense vs. her just picking up a drug habit because of fun and games. She was trying to forget and numb herself, that is definitely some QS type of stuff.

  6. That was one of my theories too. That it could be that RA just doesn’t care about finding out if Blue is his or not, he is Blue’s father regardless. But I don’t want that because it then leaves the door open, come season 3. Season 3, the writers could then just decide to bring in Blue’s bio dad. They have him stroll in St. Jo’s wanting contact, and that is the LAST thing that I want for Blue. Also, having RA not be Blue’s father would just be another physical reminder to Darla’s about her past addict ways, and I feel like that would be WAY too much. To get forgiveness from both sides of the family, only for RA to not be genetically connected to Blue would be something that would be unforgivable, and something Darla may not be able to get past. Seeing that she lied, and was so deep in her addiction that she didn’t know who she was sleeping with, and who her son’s father was. She would be in an even bigger cage of guilt and regret than she already is, and THAT may make her relapse. So, I get the whole it doesn’t matter scenario that they could go with, but it just makes me nervous that the writers could easily make that another “drama bomb” to have Blue’s real dad come to town, and if that happens yo I just……let’s move on. ??

  7. Granted a lot of the things and story lines that we theorized on was just speculation. Nothing was set in stone, when it came to Darla and Darla and her parents. But the reasons why we came up with those theories in the first place, is because we built up different things that the show and that the WRITERS GAVE us. So, when they do 180, it can be a bit disappointing, cause then it is like well ok what is the truth? RA out here with a record, like you said, because he felt like he ain’t have no money, yet all this time Aunt Vi was stashing checks!?!?!? I’m sorry but if that is the case, then Aunt Vi is just to blame for RA getting himself locked up that Darla is. IJS!

    1. Now I wouldn’t drag Aunt Vi into this just yet. She didn’t get Blue until after RA was in jail and Darla was turning tricks. My question is though, who began contact, how did money get involved, and how much did Darlene slide Aunt Vi’s way? Also, how much has Aunt Vi been reporting back to Darla’s folks and for how long?

      1. That’s thing Amari the fact is that Aunt Vi knew regardless! Yes, we don’t know how much Aunt Vi was getting, nor do we know who began contact, but the fact that Aunt Vi saw how broken and weighed down Darla felt about her parents, and throughout all of that time, and Aunt Vi giving all of these pep talks to Darla, she never said anything. Aunt Vi had some form of contact with Darla’s mom is what is making me give Aunt Vi the side eye. Also, she was getting a set amount of money for who knows how long, that begs the question did Earnest know? If he didn’t why didn’t Aunt Vi try and help Earnest with the farm, or give him some of that money so he wasn’t working as a janitor you know? Again, I just think that it is a bit suspect that Aunt Vi had contact with Darla’s mother, for a certain amount of time, yet she never disclosed anything to Darla herself.

  8. I’m sorry but I think that this story line is some (excuse my language) BULLSHIT! The execution and set up like you said is TRASH! Aunt Vi acting like she ain’t never meet Darla’s parents before, yet her and Darla’s mom was mighty comfortable as they talked, talking about thanks for the checks!!!!! WHAT! This writing is so confusing! I’m more confused than shocked compared to how other people are with this episode. I definitely have more questions than answers, and I DON’T think that that is a good thing at all. Some Young and the Restless type of bullshit! QS is known for doing the complete opposite when it comes to those things. Like this is really Tyler Perryish (No disrespect lol ) QS makes you think one thing, and then does the complete opposite. When we think their going to go right, they go left. But as for this truth bomb, they seem to be playing right into the stereotypical drama filled tv game. And I don’t like it! Not because it involves are # 1 character, your right Amari rewatching the scene, Charley was definitely on some fboy stuff lol So, our girl is back at # 1. If anything I’m more mad at how the episode unfolded. It is like you said, the execution and the set up, for this episode minus Darla and parents was TRASH! Please Amari tell me I’m not alone in how I feel with this!?!?!

    1. I agree completely, which is why I was a bit worried. The only thing that Darla has really been setup for all this time was a relapse. I mean, between you and I, we fathomed better ideas than “Ralph Angel, you may not be the father!”

      Add on that her dad and mom seem very peaceful, no drama, and it really makes me fear what reason Charley may fire Darla now. Bad enough we got Maury type of drama but what is going to be the reason Darla gets fired? Did she come onto Remy or something? Will she be the reason the Landrys start pulling leases?

      I gotta say, QS has been cruising on a smooth road and this bump in it has me a bit shook.

      1. Yeah, now I can understand her parents a bit more. Like I can understand Darla’s viewpoint in how she saw her parents. To her it did feel like her parents abandoned her, when your lost in drugs you only see things one way, it wasn’t until her mom talked to her, that she realized their point of view as well. So, in those terms it makes sense,other than that the writers lost me with the Blue and may or may not be yours bs. Also, we don’t even know if Darla sleeping with that other man was consensual or not. Everyone knows when your high, stung out and drunk things can happen to you that you are not aware of. So, Darla may not even know who the guy was that she slept with, and if she even consented. She may remember the event yes, but it could very well be that she was raped. Also, how does her dad know about the whole Blue situation? Did Darla tell him? Did Darla feel like she may have been taken advantage of, and told her dad because she was now (Possibly) pregnant by that man, and the dad like decided to take care of it? Just so many questions.

        1. Well, here is what we do know: Darla was doing drugs with high school friends, and she did some of the hardest stuff during the night in question – so we have witnesses.

          As for whether her dad knew or not, I think, at the very least, her mom knew – hence the checks to Aunt Vi. Checks I’m not entirely sure the dad knew was being sent.

          The only positive thing about this whole ordeal though is that we may see who Darla used to roll with back and the day. Which, with this show not doing flashbacks, would mean seeing what Darla could have been possibly if she didn’t get clean.

          But here comes the next question, so with the big reveal done, what is left for Darla’s parents to do? I don’t want to see them just kick rocks, there is still so much to discover about them and their relationship with Darla. However, with the big to do her father pushed, there doesn’t seem to be much else to make them be a big deal.

          Though I know it is wrong to compare, I kind of feel like Lorna should have been introduced before the mid-season finale right now.

          1. That is the thing Amari, not to disrepectt the show or anything like that, but the reason why I think we tend to have these small continuity errors, or why we tend to different interpretations about the characters is because the show has different directors, and different writers for EACH episode. So, how one director and writer may see a character one episode, another director and writer may see them another way the next episode. So, one week we get that Aunt Vi never knew Darla’s parents, the next week Aunt Vi and Darlene are friendly, along with Darlene sending Aunti Vi checks. Aunt Vi having more contact with Darla’s parents than Darla does.

            As for her parents, I feel like there is still a lot there. Will they come back for more seasons, it yet to be seen. Cause we still have season 3. If Darla and her parents are able to at least try and make things work, we may, as you said, get to see how Darla’s like was before she fell into addiction. Her hometown, and her house. So, there is a possibility that they can do more with her parents. But even the build up to her parents was a bit of let down as well. That’s three for three of the parents on this show switching up on us.

            1. Where is that Oprah “What’s The Truth?” .gif when you need it?

              I don’t know if we can blame the writer/ director situation since the job of the showrunner, which has changed each season, is to help keep things consistent. More so, I think the issue is that they wanna keep the show fresh but have to keep the drama going. But, you never know, maybe they could salvage this whole situation with some, “A father isn’t always someone who is your blood but who takes care of you.” You know OWN shows sometimes like to try to get a little deep. On some “Fix My Life” type of stuff.

  9. So I’m guessing Darla got bumped down to # 2 for you? Cause she did for me. As for these next three episodes I’m holding off on completely riding Darla off until we see how the season ends, but she did go down to # 2 for me tonight, and it KILLS me lol DAMN YOU WRITERS ?

    1. I just kind of hate I guessed what happened, if I was to be honest. Plus, the way it was setup, I thought it was going to be something more juicy.

      As for becoming number 2? Nah. If only because Charley was on some f-boi nonsense with how she was talking with Remy.

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