Malcolm exerts his authority, which triggers Viv to see the real face of the man she lives with, and Glen to see who pulls the strings of the Sex Pistols.

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Malcolm exerts his authority, which triggers Viv to see the real face of the man she lives with, and Glen to see who pulls the strings of the Sex Pistols.

Aired (Hulu) 5/31/2022
Director(s) Danny Boyle
Writer(s) Craig Pearce

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Both for and because of Malcolm, there are a lot of issues to sort out. He and Viv are fighting more than ever because of the Sex Pistols. They curse on live television, which riles up the nation, and while Malcolm speaks of change and revolution, he seemingly wasn’t prepped for the violence which comes with it, and neither was Viv.

Steve cursing on television

However, another issue is money. Yes, the boys are popular, but they’re infamous. So while record labels have an interest, and are ready to advance tens to thousands, even over one hundred thousand pounds, the first company, EMI, back away once they fully understood what they were getting into. A second one comes on, but it isn’t clear, with how the band is, whether they may stay.

But, beyond the anarchy the boys preach and the chaos they create, the business side is also an issue. Specifically, the issue for Malcolm is Glen asks too many questions. He wants to know about the contracts beyond where to sign, and this bugs Malcolm to the point of getting rid of Glen as he did another original member of the Sex Pistols. His claim is that they don’t fit in with the look and vibe, and though Steve and Glen didn’t see eye to eye before, the two have grown close after a tour of the northern UK. However, with Steve feeling like he owes everything to Malcolm, he listens to him and kicks Glen out of the group, thus allowing Sid Vicious to join at Johnny Rotten’s behest.

Things To Note

  • Viv and Jordan help some northern girls entranced by the Sex Pistols to understand the movement beyond the style and teenage rebellion. Also, they keep them from Steve, who is pretty much bedding whoever he can, including Chrissie again.

What Could Happen Next

  1. Considering the next episode’s title, prepare to welcome Nancy to the show.



Malcolm – The Tosser

Malcolm noting he matters now

Every show needs a villain, and what is any musical biopic without a villainous manager? Malcolm fits the bill, from how he treats Viv’s first child, kicking out members who don’t fit the image he sees for the Sex Pistols or questions him. But the real kicker here is that he has the kind of charisma that charms you to be like Steve and move on quicker than you should from his actions.

Glen and Steve Having A Moment

In bits and pieces, we learn about members of the Sex Pistols. When it comes to Glen, he was just the square a cut above the rest since he has asked questions and was trained professionally. However, with it being pushed he was as poor as everyone else, just with a better education, and he was stuck between being too poor for the posh people and too educated for his social class, you got to feel for him a bit.

Especially considering he just seemed to find a sense of belonging with the Sex Pistols, and that’s when Malcolm decides he is more trouble than he is worth.

Malcolm’s Decision To Send the Boys Up North

No matter how you slice it, the Sex Pistols were green. They have just moved beyond being at each other’s throat and doing covers, and that is why Malcolm sent the band up north. He needed them to cut their teeth, gain experience somewhere that would allow them to make mistakes, catch a vibe, and learn how to handle an audience. For, when it comes to London, that is the epicenter of punk where the audience was huge, and after Steve soiled the name of the Sex Pistols, if they were going to really have an impact, they had to be at the top of their game.

Which, as shown, between playing empty shows and bonding, the boys eventually found themselves becoming a unit.

Punk Empowering Women – Part 2

With Chrissie being Steve’s love interest, you could submit that Viv and Jordan have been downplayed. Viv has the shop, but with her being Malcolm’s partner and not often having scenes without him, she exists in his orbit. Then with Jordan, yes she made a notable introduction, but it has mostly been a look since then.

Jordan telling two girls to own their destiny

I would say things are steered in this episode to remind you the two ladies are more than the physical or who they have their eyes on. They are trying to craft a voice for women in punk culture and make it so neither the male gaze nor opinions have an influence or a say in their liberation. This isn’t to say this wasn’t made clear before. However, with the boys becoming established in who they are and what they’re about, the show is shifting focus to catch the women up.

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“Pistol” is doing all it is meant to do. It gets you into the band, makes you want to stream their music, and look deeper into those featured and who play supporting roles.
Glen and Steve Having A Moment
Malcolm’s Decision To Send the Boys Up North
Malcolm – The Tosser
Punk Empowering Women – Part 2
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Punk Empowering Women – Part 2
Malcolm – The Tosser
Malcolm’s Decision To Send the Boys Up North
Glen and Steve Having A Moment

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