Charles's burning boat, a pill Roy gives Rachel, meat from the deer Jonah killed and the dead deer Jonah killed.
Charles's burning boat, a pill Roy gives Rachel, meat from the deer Jonah killed and the dead deer Jonah killed.

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When it rains it pours for the Byrdes. For just as it seems everything will run smoothly, nearly everything gets shut down.

Director(s) Andrew Bernstein
Writer(s) Alyson Feltes
Air Date 8/31/2018

Do Better: Ruth, Wyatt, Roy, Cade, Marty

While Ruth knows she has a place in Marty’s organization, she still needs to prove herself. After all, compared to her father, there is so much Marty can teach her and also a lot to prove she has mastered. Take, for instance, her finding good properties to launder money through. One of the boat refilling and repairing stations she approaches, in her court clothes, to convince the owner to let Marty invest – no go. So, taking a page out of her biological daddy’s book, she causes a problem that only Marty’s money can solve.

This is one win for Ruth, amongst many moments in the episode that takes away from her high. Mostly in the form of Cade really kicking the hell out of her – not physically but mentally. For it is the idea she will not get or know better which Ruth has been fighting a long time. Hence why, when Wyatt and her were seeing eye to eye, it made it feel like they were going to change the so-called destiny of the Langmore Family.

That is, until he turns in an essay that sounds like a borderline suicide note, and Cade gets in her head. Ruth’s response to that is no longer looking at a house for the family, and then Marty? Just when she is looking for Marty to pat her on the back, she gets told she can no longer be seen as the gambling commission is supposed to inspect them.

While that happens, Petty has Marty’s world shut down and is ready to send out Rachel, who probably needs to go to rehab rather than be a snitch on anybody. But, you know, he desperately needs to save face and his options are few.

Figure Out How, Never Tell Me No: Charles, Wendy, Darlene, Jacob

With everything shut down, naturally, it is assumed Charles did it since Wendy has firsthand seen his influence. Yet, despite it seeming like retribution for failing to get the Snell family to sell, it wasn’t him. It makes perfect sense why she would think that, but nope. But in the process of trying to win back his favor, she does handle a pending lawsuit that could have dragged his name through the mud—something he is thankful for but cost him $500,000 in the process.

That is on top of Jacob and Darlene setting his favorite boat on fire. You know, to send a message. Which got them so hot and bothered they had some good sex. Jacob can’t speak hardly a word, kind of sex, with Darlene pushing her baby idea in there.


Considering they are partners, I wonder if Wendy has the authority to give half of the 3% Marty is making? Never mind the audacity to say Charles would give half a million of his money to a woman who was ready to blame him for her husband’s death. But, like Ruth, maybe beyond when I think about it, Wendy has adapted to Marty’s needs, wants, and vision and has surpassed needing him to say something needs to be done.

However, there remains the need to wonder, as Wendy gets a firm grip on how things run, will there ever come a time when she’ll separate from Marty? I say this because Marty’s comment in the last episode made her sound like a commodity to be traded more than a person. Since it is clear that Charles is ready when she is, and while they did have sex an episode before, this relationship and the family staying together sometimes seem purely about survival vs. love.

There Is Only So Much You Can Do: Roy, Rachel, Marty

It is pretty much do or go to jail for Rachel, and she blows it when trying to get Marty to say something on a wire. But what do you expect? Marty’s main focus is just using her to get things up and running within a week for when production slows down, it causes a direct hit, leading to everyone’s favorite middleman taking the hit.


Between Rachel and the reporter who seemingly wants to make her career by investigating Charles’ associates, one might take down Marty.

Oh, who are we kidding? Neither can do so. The only one who can truly take down Marty is Wendy or Jonah—someone who puts $5000 into a bank account because he is an idiot. However, let’s not discount Charlotte co-signing the situation.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Wasn’t it amazing how Ruth used all the proper terminology when speaking with Taylor?
  • Wyatt and Charlotte haven’t kissed or anything, despite being together for five months, because he fears becoming just a story she tells after she has long left him behind.
  • Wendy has a manic-depressive brother, and ten years ago, she lost a child and had a bout of depression.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What got Darlene into reading palms?
  2. What kind of drugs was Rachel smoking to blow through $200,000 in a matter of a few months?
  3. Why didn’t Jacob and Darlene have kids, and where are the rest of the Snell family? Are they truly the last ones?


  1. Ruth really putting into action what she learned from both Marty and Cade.

Low Points

  1. Wendy and Marty’s kids remain such liabilities.

On The Fence

  1. Taking note of the praise I just gave for showing how complicated it is to keep things going, I have to admit that sudden issues throwing Marty’s plan off are starting to make me feel his frustrations deeply.

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  1. Why is your grammar so appalling? Do you actually bother to have anyone proofread? Not to mention typos.
    Your writing seriously reads like a 15 year old at best.

  2. I don’t think Cade is the one who had everything shut down. He isn’t that smart and doesn’t know about all the businesses. I think it was Petty– that is how he insures that Marty will need Rachel to come back. I think he said something about it to her when he was wiring her up. I am wondering if/how the little video made by Tuck (?) will surface.

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