Outer Banks: Season 1 Episode 2 “The Lucky Compass” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

As the mystery develops, John B learns that many may get killed for his father’s compass – him being one of them.

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Title Card - Outer Banks Season 1 Episode 2 “The Lucky Compass”

As the mystery develops, John B learns that many may get killed for his father’s compass – him being one of them.

Directed By Jonas Pate
Written By Shannon Burke
Aired (Netflix) 4/15/2020
Introduced This Episode
Wheezie Julia Antonelli
Topper Austin North
Ward Charles Esten
Sheriff Peterkin Adina Porter
Ranger Hayes Jason Kirkpatrick

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

The Younger They Are, The More Of A Liability – Wheezie, Topper, Sarah, Ward, John B

As John B returns the scuba gear used in the first episode, he discovers Sarah, for reasons unknown, not sleeping in the house but her family’s boat. This is odd, but she finds it stranger John B is returning scuba gear he didn’t have permission to use. However, with Sarah wanting peace between everyone and the strife between Kooks and Pouges to be over, she lets it go.

But, unbeknownst to them both, Wheezie, Sarah’s little sister, hears about the whole exchange and reveals to Topper what happened. Though, to really show what a little s*** she is, Wheezie decides to add that Sarah is a habitual cheater into the mix and name drops John B. This leads to Topper speaking to Ward, Sarah’s father, John B’s boss about everything, and John B getting fired. Said act causes him to flip out on Sarah and so the two who could broker some form of peace now are operating from opposite ends.

The More You Seek, The More Danger You’ll Be In – Sheriff Peterkin, John B, Kiara, Ranger Hayes

The obsession which is what happened to his father begins to consume John B. For with this compass, he has some idea that his father might be alive, and this makes him invest in what his father was doing. However, everything left by his father only creates more questions and doesn’t present any real answers. So, in trying to piece together what he can, he heads to the lighthouse to learn more about the Royal Merchant, a boat that held $400 million within it.

However, in the process of gathering information from one Ranger Hayes, the compass is shown, and with that, the cops are called. Now, luckily for John B, between Kiara’s father and Sheriff Peterkin taking a liking to John B, he gets through the situation relatively unscathed. But, with her father getting involved, it makes things difficult for Kiara. Though when you add in John B taking note of this chemistry he thinks he has with Kiara, and kissing her, it further complicates things.

What Are Friends For? – Kiara, John B

Which for Kiara, isn’t something she wants. There has always been a thing within their group of not dating from within, so while it is unclear whether the feelings are reciprocated, it is agreed they should just be friends. Mind you, JJ at least supports it, but it isn’t clear if Pope would support Kiara and John B together.

That aside, with John B forced to give up his compass, because of all the trouble it brings, he starts destroying all that was in his father’s office for a cathartic release. Leading to him looking at his family tree and seeing the name of an ancestor named “Olivia,” he gets the crew, and they go to the family mausoleum. One that has a snake exit, and that scares many a bit, but with just enough room for Kiara to fit in, she heads in and discovers something.


How Big This Mystery Seems

Considering we got people ready to hunt and possibly kill a kid, corrupt cops, and so many involved in what happened to John B’s dad, it does make you wonder what will be discovered in the end? Also, will this show live up to all the build it is creating?

On The Fence

The Kooks vs. Pogue Element

With Topper being so basic, it makes this whole Kooks vs. Pogue thing seem like a liability than an asset. Granted, between him and JJ, there will be a lot of drama. The thing is, neither one are crafted in such a way to support being focused on. Topper is disgustingly basic as a rich kid who hates the poor, and JJ, as his opposite, is that downtrodden kid from a criminal family who, if I recall right, John B makes seem will likely end up in jail. Both exist in tropes, and it isn’t clear if these tropes are strictly to create familiarity or are who these two people are.

The Possible Love Triangle

It seems clear Sarah and Kiara like John B, and we’re heading for a love triangle. One which won’t only be complicated by their mutual feelings for John B, but also whatever issues Kiara and Sarah have. Making it so, any hopes these two might be more than cute girls who like the cute guy, may not come to past.

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The Possible Love Triangle - 73%
The Kooks vs. Pogue Element - 70%
How Big This Mystery Seems - 83%


Outer Banks second episode is slightly better than the first, but surely doesn’t make this seem like must see television.

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