Our Kind of People: Season 1/ Episode 12 “Kiss It Up To God” [Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Leah before being shot

In the finale of Our Kind of People, we are given the reveals we have waited for since the season started, with a new mystery to set up season 2.

In the finale of Our Kind of People, we are given the reveals we have waited for since the season started, with a new mystery to set up season 2.

Aired 1/25/2022
Network FOX
Directed By Jeff Byrd
Written By Karin Gist, Gretchen J. Berg, Aaron Harberts


Some Choices Are Easier Than Others – Lauren, Taylor, Sloane, Quincy, Miss Jackie, Nate, Angela, Tyrique, Miss Jackie

With the summer coming to an end and boarding school right around the corner, Taylor tried to let Nikki down easy and have her think they were just a summer fling that ran its course. However, Lauren accusing Sloane of stealing from her and going to Miss Jackie leads to Quincy, in retaliation, at the Grand Illumination Ball, revealing Taylor and Lauren’s affair in earshot of Nikki, who is distraught.

But, she isn’t the only one with love trouble and who might be feeling betrayed. Nate decides to propose to Angela to pick up where they left off 17 years ago and following suit, Tyrique also proposes within 24 hours. Ultimately, Nate is not chosen; Tyrique is, which leaves us to wonder if Nate will go to Boston by himself or if Nikki may join him to get away from all the drama of Oak Bluffs.

Sloane revealing she is pregnant

Either way, one person who may stick around is Sloane since she is pregnant.

Where That Gun Came From – Teddy, Angela, Leah, Patricia

Almost everything goes down at the Grand Illumination Ball. Taylor’s cheating gets revealed, and we learn where that gun Patricia was given came from. The answer? Well, after presenting the gun to Teddy at the beginning of the formal part of the ball, he is cornered by his whole family and forced to tell the truth.

So, what is it? On his way to meeting with Eve, Louis beat Eve to the punch, and Rose was close behind. Louis and Teddy argued about Teddy undervaluing the homes of Edgartown, which he allowed to devolve into crack houses, before selling them to make money, and then Rose showed up. She knew what was going down, in terms of Teddy leaving her for Eve, so the gun we saw, she went to shoot Teddy and ended up shooting Louis in the head by accident. Thus explaining how Teddy was truly protecting Rose when trying to shut down Angela’s investigation.

Patricia being nice to Teddy

But, with this reveal and growing tired of being his second, Angela goes right back to the mindset she was in during the pilot and ousts her father, who, this time, seemingly may step aside quietly. But, before he does, Patricia strangely gives him a pep talk, which isn’t sarcastic, that features thanking him for making her sober and noting he has nine lives and will bounce back.

Who Screwed Over Mama Eve, And The Next Mystery – Olivia, Angela, Leah, Raymond

So, from what Teddy says, he wasn’t involved in Mama Eve going down for drugs, so who was it? Olivia. She confesses to it like it is nothing and as if recording devices don’t exist. As for why? Well, she told us a long time ago. Eve ruined her first and only chance to run a business, so Olivia destroyed the business Eve put her life into.

Olivia confessing to planting drugs on Eve

But, here is the kicker, rather than turn Olivia in, or try to get some kind of retribution, all Angela does is coerce Olivia to invest in Eve’s Crown and endorse her getting into the Graceties, which she does. Thus, with her vendetta over and Leah stepping out on her own, the two are now Graceties sisters and sisters in general.

Though, it doesn’t end there. Leah decides to hand over Franklin Holdings, which she has just become the head of, to Raymond, and she decides she will use her talents to work with Angela. This is a big deal for both, but no sooner than Raymond steps out of the room, prepping to have sex on his father-in-law’s former desk, Leah turns around, facing the window, and gets shot. It’s not clear by who, since it is a dark, possibly male figure, but she is shot somewhere she’ll likely survive the gun wound from.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. If we get a second season, is Nikki still going to boarding school, or will she stay behind?
  2. Does Sloane getting pregnant mean Quincy may actually have a storyline?
  3. Did Olivia really get away with all she did to Eve by vouching for Angela and giving her hush money? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
  4. So, what happens to Nate, considering Angela picked Tyrique?
  5. Did Sloane really steal from Lauren, or was it Taylor?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Olivia going to war with Angela and her killing Jack getting brought up
  2. Nate becoming a reoccurring character who, whenever Nikki isn’t around, the excuse is she is visiting her dad
  3. More digging into why Tyrique’s dad died, since It doesn’t seem like we got the truth on that
  4. I bet Olivia shot Teddy since he didn’t get the job done with Angela



All Mysteries Were Resolved Like This Was An Anthology Series or Mini-Series

Was the gun resolution so quick it made you wanna call BS? Yes. However, I can’t say I recall Teddy being a liar. Will he duck questions and skirt around the truth? Yes. But bald-faced lies haven’t really been his thing. After all, lying to someone means they have power over you, and I don’t think his pride would allow anyone to feel they have something over him.

Now, as for Olivia? That was just dumb. Also, I don’t understand why Angela leaving made her think it would be okay to just confess – especially with Angela having a phone in her hand and going live on Instagram on a regular basis. For someone who looked down on Angela’s ways and how uncouth she is, did she not think Angela was probably on her phone during the event and could have an app to record her? I’m not saying Olivia was dumb, but her confession was James Bond villain level stupid.

Yet, at the same time, with low ratings and it not being clear if we may get a second season, at least the two big mysteries were resolved.

On The Fence

Who Would Shoot Teddy?

Leah before being shot

Which is why Leah being shot bothers me. Yes, it sets up the second season we all hope for but at the same time, who would shoot Teddy? Or, better question, who besides Tyrique has a reason to shoot Teddy? Because Raymond got his company back, Nate has no reason to do it since he’s on his way out, so who else but Tyrique for setting up his father?

Though, even with Tyrique, a part of me feels like he’d have an emotional dialog and want to see the life leave Teddy’s eyes. So, who else could it be? Yes, we said it could be Olivia, for the weakest of motives imaginable, but it’s hard to really fathom anyone with enough gall unless that person would get built up over the second season.

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