Rachel standing over Sarah after Sarah gets knocked out.

As the new season’s tagline says, it’s the final trip and then it’ll be the end of our journey. But as for what awaits at our final destination? Well, that’s hard to say. Especially as those we considered villains take on a new mindset.

A Pain in the Belly: Helena, Art, Donnie, Alison, Felix, Ferdinand, Siobhan, Kira

It seems Neolution is tired of the cat and mouse game and the hunting. What they want is a truce. However, it isn’t going to be something done over the phone or anything like that. This truce highly favors them so they are going to push for the peace they are looking for.

Their first move is kidnapping Kira and Siobhan, by using Ferdinand, and then they move onto the Hendrix family. Of which they get half for while Helena and Donny have learned how to use bird calls to warn one another, Alison got left out of that class. Thus leading to her getting kidnapped as Donnie runs away. But, he almost gets caught too but then Helena saves him. Unfortunately, though, she uses her usual choking maneuver and while rolling on her back trying to choke a Neolution rep out, a twig punctures her stomach.

Cosima, after saving Donnie, with a stick jammed right into her abdomen.
Question: How would rolling back and forth on the ground lead a twig to pierce her like that? At that location?

Though, to show how thorough they are being, even Art is one of their focuses. Not in terms of being brought in, but they give him a monitor. One Matty Enger (Elyse Levesque), who, while in the pursuit of finding out where Helena is from Alison, uses Art as bait. Well, more so as a means to force her to talk by putting a gun to his head. For while there are orders not to hurt the clones, their friends, and relatives? Well, they’re expendable.

But, Matty, in all her benevolence, doesn’t shoot Art when Alison repeatedly tells her she doesn’t know where Helena is. Yet, it becomes clear, it may be only a matter of time. Especially if he decides to work against the goals of his newest partner.


Art and newcomer to the show Matty (Elyse Levesque)

What I got from this whole scenario was that Neolution was going to re-implement monitors or else bring everyone to Revival. Possibly, as a kind gesture, with their family members in tow. But why the sudden 180, especially with Rachel at the helm, doesn’t make a lot of sense. Granted, all signs point toward P.T. Westmorland being the reason, but what does this mean to all those factions who once were hunting Sarah and her extended family?

Well, through a gentleman Felix met, Mr. Frontenac (Andrew Moddie), it seems they consolidated under one goal. Now, whether said goal will be accomplished as Sara and the others likely combat it? Who knows. But considering this offer of peace, which seemingly is what was wanted in the first place, maybe this whole ordeal can come to a peaceful end? Though with Sara involved, and there talks of getting M.K.’s assistance, likely peace won’t come with a deal but with a stab wound or a bullet. If not a bomb.

The Heart of Neolution: Rachel, Sara, Cosima, Charlotte, Delphine

While Allison and Helena deal with being hunted and captured, Sara is trying to find the village known as Revival. A place which Delphine calls the heart of Neolution for there is where P.T. Westmorland is. Also, it is where the select few of his “Children” are. Those who seemingly he plans to give the gift of life. Either through cures or longevity. But it isn’t clear if many members of his little cult, or any really, have seen him or if he truly exists.

Yet, when Rachel talks as his representative, they listen and believe. There is no shouting to see the man, there is just his continuous belief he lives up on the hill watching over them. Just as he has for over 170 years. Plus, with Rachel being the daughter of Susan, who formerly seemed to be his spokesperson, it only seems like a rightful succession.

But while many are enamored by one of the biggest announcement in who knows how long, neither Sara nor Cosima are comfortable with the place. Cosima because she is trapped, being watched by a girl named Mud (Jenessa Grant) and because Delphine leaves Revival before they can reconnect. As for Sara? Well, she has spent how many years now fighting the various factions of Neolution? You think some cult which is a bit more friendly is going to ease her anxiety? Please.

Never mind that this is still very much a Rachel operation, but there is something in the woods. What exactly, that isn’t known. The security team says it is a bear but what we see looks human. But considering Sara gets captured and Cosima has made peace with Rachel, that won’t be a problem either for now. That alongside Cosima and Charlotte’s disease. For what Delphine leaves, before seemingly being reassigned, is a cure. Just enough for her and Charlotte. Which Cosima was hoping Sara could give her when she snuck into the clinic [note]What a coincidence they ended up there at the same time[/note]. However, Sara is all “I’m getting you out of here” and with The Messenger (Geza Kovacs) catching Mud asleep at the job, he has security do a sweep as he learns Cosima isn’t in her hut.

Thus leading to Sara trying to escape, being captured, and of all people, Rachel administering the cure to Cosima.


Rachel, whose hand you see, telling Cosima there is no need to be afraid anymore. Something she does before injecting Cosima with "The Cure."
Rachel, whose hand you see, telling Cosima there is no need to be afraid anymore. Something she does before injecting Cosima with “The Cure.”

Strangely, for me anyway, there wasn’t that usual, “Oh my god, what happened last season again?” feeling this time around. Something which usually plagues these 10 – 13 episode shows which pop up for only 3 months out of the year. Especially those like Orphan Black which don’t necessarily require you to watch past seasons, but will need you to at least skim their Wikipedia page.

But, focusing on the topic at hand, I need to know what PT Westmorland said to Rachel. For with her last few years being so against Sara and her crew, this act of kindness toward Cosima is strange. Especially after the whole Susan situation [note]Which includes betrayal, disownment, and speaking of Cosima and Sara as better clones. [/note] which seemingly broke a piece of Rachel’s remaining sanity off.

On top of that, her not killing Sara on sight, after their scuffle, was another odd moment. For while it has been shown that Rachel is very much for being corporate, she has also shown that she does take things personally. Much less will use company resources in the pursuit of revenge. So as for what is the end game here? It is hard to say. But, based on previews, it seems while no one can physically harm the clones, even Rachel, there will be other methods used to reach their goals. Maybe even without Donnie, Siobhan, or even Art getting a bullet to the head.

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