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Orange is the New Black: Season 2/ Episode 8 “Appropriately Sized Pots” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


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After “A Whole Other Hole” you may have wanted Rosa’s backstory, well here it is.

Review (with Spoilers)

Because Rosa has always been the sick one in the background during the first season, I never took much note of her. She was just there like an extra. This episode though made her become one of my favorite characters, and I think I will be sad, maybe to the point of tears, if they continue to feature her as they have done and then kill her off.

Topic 1: White Privilege – Piper

As always, Piper finds herself in the rather lucky position. She got away with knocking damn near all of Pennsatucky Dogget’s teeth out, doesn’t really have Brook to deal with anymore, and now gets furlough. Something no one has gotten to see their dying family members, birth of their first grandchild, and etc. So naturally everyone is pissed off, but the way Healy puts it, he thinks she should just take the hate. If just because this is a personal victory for him. As a paper pusher, he finally did something for the inmates and yeah it is for the one he has protected and spoiled since coming in, but at least it happened to someone. Unfortunately for Piper though, she doesn’t get to say her goodbyes as her grandmother dies before the furlough starts.

Topic 2: Crack Down – Caputo, Red and Vee

As Fig discovers contraband coming in, Caputo is forced to really crack down on inmates and correctional officers, something Fischer doesn’t like and because she is adamant in speaking her opinion, she gets fired. Leaving Caputo really having to search every nook and cranny for contraband, meaning he tears up everywhere. Luckily for Red though, Gloria has her covered, and Vee somehow misses scrutiny with her operation. But with Vee not too happy Gloria is doing business with Red and not her, Gloria tells Red to get her stuff out within three days because she wants none of whatever war is likely to come between Red and Vee.

Topic 3: The Smell of Money/ The Black Widow – Rosa

With Rosa’s story, we get perhaps one of the best character backstories in the season, if not series. Adult Rosa has a nice little time with the pipsqueak in chemotherapy, who originally didn’t want to talk with her, and while Rosa doesn’t mention wanting kids or anything like that, you can see she takes to the young man, if just because she finds it sad for someone so young to die. Especially when her life has been so full of people she cared for dying.

You see, back in the day, Rosa was a bank robber, on her first case her boyfriend died from a gunshot wound, and then a 2nd boyfriend died from a heart attack before a job. Leaving one last guy from her group who seemingly didn’t really want to kiss her, and considering everyone she kissed on the lips died, it might have been a good idea. But what got her locked up was being greedy. She loved the smell of money, and when she teaches the young man how to steal, she smells the dollar bills he takes from the nurse. And with the department of corrections not wanting to pay for her surgery, perhaps this last score will be her solace before dying.

Which considering that Pornstache is coming back, she sadly is about to miss quite a bit of drama.

Things To Note

Assuming Piper still will have furlough to go to her grandmother’s funeral, Red asks her to look into her shop to see how it is doing.

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