Title Card - On My Block Season 3 Episode 4 “Chapter Twenty-Four”

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Just as the kids each seek a new beginning, something hits them which sends them flying back to where they were.

Directed By Jeremy Haft
Written By Christopher Encell
Aired (Netflix) 3/11/2020
Introduced This Episode

Plot/ Recap

Tax Day: Dwayne, Ray, Oscar

For 15 years, Dwayne didn’t pay the Santos, Prophets, no one for protection. However, between Oscar and Ray and their beef with the 19th street gang over former Prophet territory, Dwayne ends up in the middle. Thus leading to his shop being busted up, him having to fight them kids, and Dwayne coming to Oscar for protection.

The Search for Lil’ Ricky: Jasmine, Jamal, Monse, Cesar, Ruby

With Chivo’s DNA in, and Jasmine using the police database to find multiple people, it seems the job is done. However, no one finds the real Lil’ Ricky. They get a guy who is close, but not the one they need. Leading to yet another threat from Cuchillos over how long the investigation is taking.

Dreamin’ Of You: Ruby, Jasmine

Ruby in a delivery guy sex fantasy.

Despite how much he’d like to forget about seeing Jasmine in something scantly clad, Ruby gets triggered by anything resembling innuendo over and over. Thus seeing Jasmine tease and flirt, and if someone else says something, like Jamal, they end up joining the fantasy. And while Ruby tries to talk it out, it isn’t with the person who stars in this fantasy with him so it isn’t likely to end no time soon.

If It Isn’t Love: Kendra, Jamal

While Ruby is contemplating and wrestling with what could be or happen, Jamal is trying to figure out what does he have with Kendra? The answer? Well, she is homeschooled, and for her lessons and classes, she likes things being hands-on. She learned anatomy and biology by helping to get her dog fixed, and in terms of sex education, Jamal is how she is learning about the male anatomy.

Now, could something more come of this? Maybe. Despite her confession, Kendra does like how Jamal is different like her, and seems able to deal with him being a narcissist. But with Jamal realizing that who Jasmine and Ruby think is Lil’ Ricky isn’t, he decides to put whatever could happen, long term, with Kendra on ice.

The Past Comes To Haunt You: Cesar, Monse

Cesar being a ho, a thug, putting out there he had sex with Monse, and giving her an ultimatum makes it so the two have baggage. Yet, it is because of that baggage that they keep coming back together. They know what the other person offers, their shortcomings, and why they are one of their best friends. So there is this pursuit of starting over, and while Monse hems and haws, Cesar really pushes it and gets his wish.

Monse noting her mom is dead.

But, just before they can rewrite their story, Monse learns her mother died.

Review/ Commentary


Selena is Dead?

Here is my thing, yes Selena, Julia, whichever name you prefer, made it clear colorism played a role in why she dropped Monse and her father. However, Monse now has half-siblings she knows about and who likely grew attached to her. What about them? Also, didn’t she make friends? Why have we not heard from them or about them all this time?

Dwayne Trying To Fight Off 19th Street

For the most part, Dwayne and his family have lived removed from the Santos and gang drama. Yes, Jamal has looked into their secrets and is part of the teen task force to find their founder. However, the issues Ruby, Cesar, and Monse have dealt with didn’t touch Jamal. So it should be interesting to see his father act as a surrogate and us see what happens when Santos integrates into what has allowed Jamal to have a privileged life and see Jamal’s reaction.

On The Fence

So, It Was All a Homeschool Experiment?

Kendra and Jamal talking  about their relationship.

While we shouldn’t lose hope just yet, it does seem it might be time to lower expectations. For as much as there is this desire to see who Jamal is in a relationship, since we’ve gotten a taste of that with everyone else, I’d like to see the real, full deal, thing, you know?

Reason being, Jamal is the only family structure that is, assumingly, stable. His mom and dad raised him together, are supportive, don’t have the same struggles as Ruby’s parents, so how that would reflect on how he is in a relationship was of interest. Yet, it seems Jamal may not be ready for a relationship, or at least the kind I’d like for him and am imagining.

But, with Kendra and Jamal reciprocating a realm of acceptance for how weird the other person is, at the very least Jamal may have his own Jasmine. Making it so everyone has their match.

Ruby’s Fantasies

I need them to just let us see if Ruby and Jasmine could work as a couple or not. This game of, “Should we or shouldn’t we” is getting frustrating. And since Ruby is getting fantasies and boners, I’m sure he is far more frustrated than I am.

19th Street Gang

All I need is a name and something beyond some new age thug mentality. I can appreciate the power vacuum and these kids trying to be on a come up. My problem is they have no story, no names, and so they seem like placeholder villains since the main villain makes herself known strictly through threats than presence.

The Search For Lil’ Ricky

Adding onto that, while the mystery isn’t just a Jamal thing, but an everybody thing, being that Jamal is the only one passionate about it, and wholly focuses, it takes away from the need to care. And as much as the knife threats may remind you Cuchillos exists, you can’t replace a living breathing person with voice overs. They need to be seen and, honestly, I need to know if Lil’ Ricky and her reunion is even worth getting excited about.

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The Search For Lil’ Ricky - 70%
19th Street Gang - 71%
Ruby’s Fantasies - 75%
So, It Was All a Homeschool Experiment? - 74%
Dwayne Trying To Fight Off 19th Street - 80%
Selena is Dead? - 81%


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