Something life-changing happens to Jamal (which is saying something considering what he has been through), as Oscar makes a mistake, and Ruby’s world continues to potentially shatter.

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Something life-changing happens to Jamal (which is saying something considering what he has been through), as Oscar makes a mistake, and Ruby’s world continues to potentially shatter.

Directed By Valerie Finkel
Written By Jamie Uyeshiro
Aired (Netflix) 3/11/2020
Introduced This Episode

Plot/ Recap

It Was Like My Life Ending All Over Again: Ruby, Ruben, Jamal, Cuchillos, Geny

As money issues continue to rock Ruby’s family, leading to it appearing Jamal is pawning things, thus furthering his issues with Geny, Ruby is getting desperate. So desperate he has Jamal make sandwiches, before Dwayne’s opens, to sell at the pool and then has Jamal cook, on the street, more chicken when they run out. Thus leading to buyers projectile vomiting.

But, to make things worse, Cuchillos calls to remind Ruby of the task he and his friends have and that she is getting impatient.

I’m A Big Boy Now: Jamal, Kendra

Jamal and Kendra after having sex.

Despite all worried, and Ruby being negative, Jamal has a legit girlfriend. One who says she isn’t a Prophet, is willing to make out with him, even after he vomits, and takes his virginity. Which, as expected, was a quick in and out situation (with a condom), but Kendra is okay with it. In fact, it seems she is able to handle Jamal’s neurosis quite well.

Some People Can’t Handle Their Liquor: Monse, Cesar, Jasmine, Ray, Oscar

Being that Monse blames Oscar, aka Spooky, for all the drama in her life, as well as Cesar’s, she isn’t happy with Cesar extending an invitation to Oscar to hang out. Leading to her saying a whole lot of snide remarks over the day. However, after getting drunk with Jasmine, she goes full-on off on Oscar. But, rather than clapback or remind us of how he was creeping on her when she started developing, he connects with her.

How? Well, with Cesar caught up on his dad and work, Monse has only had Jasmine to talk to about her mom issues. Which works for her, but with Cesar actively knowing how she feels about someone who wants to be a parent by title but not truly put in the work, Oscar ends up saying all the right things. Thus leading her to kiss him and Ray seeing it go down. Meaning, Oscar is about to get told he can’t do or say a damn thing.


  1. Officer Hammel warns Cesar of what Cuchillos does when she doesn’t get what she wants.

Review/ Commentary



On top of that, Kendra is understanding of Jamal! Which really makes you wonder, how long has she liked him and, not to be like hating ass Ruby, why does she like Jamal? For I understand the appeal, since he fits the definition of truly not being like anyone else. However, considering she wanted to make out after he vomited, have sex, and claims to not be a profit… what’s up here?

Then again, considering how she acted before they met up, could she be next level weird too? Are we going to get a bunch of flashbacks of her looking Jamal’s way, or straight-up stalking him? Heck, maybe even pushing the idea that she has helped him solve all these mysteries? If not, for what we know, could be related to Lil’ Ricky, if not Chivo.

Ruby Fantasizing About Jasmine

Jasmine in Ruby's fantasy.

While Ruby refuses to admit it, there is chemistry between him and Jasmine. Now, do they work well as friends? Yes. Also, do we think they must be end game? No. However, there is a part of me which wishes they could see what happens since they mesh so well together. Plus, the more Jasmine is developed, the more you want to see, and I’d love to see how she acts in a relationship.

Ultimately making this far more about Jasmine than Ruby, to be honest.

On The Fence

19th Street Gang

Where has this gang been? Who are they and why they bucking up now? Especially considering the Santos apparently are supposed to be the gang in the area now. So are we to believe Spooky is losing his edge or something? Because none of 19th Street seem like they could afford a gang war.

Monse Confessing To Oscar & Kissing Him

I never got past Oscar, maybe joking, maybe not, talking about tapping Monse in the first season just because she was developing breasts. With that, as cool as he can be, I’ve seen him as a creep ever since. So this grown man getting kissed by this teenaged girl? When I tell you I am SO uncomfortable, it is with goosebumps on my skin.

And add on that kiss, which seemed rather strange, it makes things so much worse. Especially Ray seeing it since you know that is going to cause some BS.

Monse before kissing Oscar.

Ruby’s Family Life

While we enjoy Geny and Ruben, formerly, being the only parents we see that are together[1], I can’t say there has ever been much of an effort to be invested in them. They were always working, or popped up without much to say. Heck, the only reason we even know them is because they were in the background on a fairly consistent basis, and the hangout spot is usually Ruby’s.

So with that said, I hope Ruby’s parents get developed more because, after Ruby being shot, and dealing with that throughout the second season, medical bills doesn’t compare. Even if it is ruining Ruben’s credit and creating tension. Because, with it being tension between two barely known characters, it just comes off as a distraction.

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[1] Dwayne and his wife are rarely seen, and I still have no idea what Jamal’s mother’s name is

Ruby Fantasizing About Jasmine - 85%
Monse Confessing To Oscar & Kissing Him - 71%
19th Street Gang - 70%
Ruby’s Family Life - 75%


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