On My Block: Season 3 Episode 1 “Chapter Twenty-One” [Season Premiere] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Title Card - On My Block Season 3 Episode 1 “Chapter Twenty-One” [Season Premiere]

The bag is lifted, and the mystery of the season is set, but can the Black and Brown Mystery Inc., minus Scooby-Doo, handle the case they’re coerced to solve?

The bag is lifted, and the mystery of the season is set, but can the Black and Brown Mystery Inc., minus Scooby-Doo, handle the case they’re coerced to solve?

Directed By Lauren Iungerich
Written By Lauren Iungerich
Aired (Netflix) 3/11/2020
Introduced This Episode
Cuchillos Ada Luz Pla-williams
Oscar and Cesar’s Dad Ian Casselberry

 Plot/ Recap

Money Is A Major Issue: Gena, Grandma, Ruby

With Ruby’s household underwater, it is making things quite contentious. His dad is sleeping in his room, his grandmother arguing with his mother, and Gena staying up all night trying to figure out a way to fix things.

The Big Payback: Jamal, Dwayne

But his family isn’t the only one thinking about money. After digging up the football field, Dwayne is ready for Jamal to pay him back for the check he had to write. Which, for Jamal, means working long hours at Dwayne’s shop and not arguing one bit about it.

Your Mission Is, And You Have No Choice But To Take It: Cuchillos, Monse, Ruby, Jamal, Cesar

Cuchillos (Ada Luz Pla) in her home, talking to the kids.
Cuchillos (Ada Luz Pla)

Cuchillos, meaning knives, is the head of the Santos, with no male above or beside her – something she wants perfectly clear. And the reason she kidnapped the kids in the season 2 finale was that she wanted to meet the kids who not only found the Rollerworld money but effectively took out the Prophets. After all, despite being the mastermind behind robbing Rollerworld, she never got the money. So, since they have the time and are so smart, she tasks them with finding Lil’ Ricky who, based on her women’s intuition, she is sure is alive.

Thus leading to a bit of a problem. Well, one major one which is Monse planning to leave, but then we learn she deferred until the fall. Also, with Cuchillos figuring she would run, she threatens Monse’s dad to give her an incentive to not only stay but get the job done. This leads Monse to call Cesar for some comfort and them having sex.

HOLD UP! But before you think they got back together, as Cesar clearly thinks, let it be known Monse sees him as a warm body. Nothing more, nothing less.

Oh, and one tidbit we need to mention: On top of Monse being incentivized to stick around so her father isn’t hurt, Cuchillos also notes she’ll return the money lost in taking down the Prophets for the kids finding Lil’ Ricky. Which for Ruby’s family, and Jamal’s situation, would be a HUGE help.

Bury A Friend: Chivo, Oscar, Jamal

While most are trying to get a grip on what Cuchillos has tasked them to do, and the threat which comes along with it, Jamal gets to work. He and Oscar, aka Spooky, dig up Lil’ Ricky’s grave, but Oscar refuses to open the casket. Why? Well, despite his name, Oscar is apparently afraid of ghosts. So, Jamal is tasked to do so, and he ends up finding one of Chivo’s gnomes. Thus creating a hunt for Chivo.

Unknown (Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson) mimicking Jamal.
Unknown (Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson)

However, we would be remiss not to add, it seems a girl in green, either a prophet or just someone who likes the color, is stalking Jamal.

Crooked Explorer: Jasmine, Jamal,  Cesar, Monse, Ruby

With Jamal freaking out, and Monse eh about the idea of truly participating, Jamal is ready to have Jasmine join the fray. However, with her knowing way too much, without being told, it puts everyone on edge. Add in her connection to the cops, and it makes working with her ever the more a mixed idea. But, with her revealing she has filmed Cesar and Monse having sex many times, Ruby has her on child pornography charges which will not only keep her from snitching but also bring her into the fold.

And in one of her first acts in showing she can be useful, she reveals Lil’ Ricky doesn’t have a death certificate.

Review/ Commentary


May Jamal Get A Girlfriend?

While the girl could very well be a prophet left behind, since the idea is pushed no one accounts for the women in criminal organizations, what if that isn’t the case? What if the girl, who admittedly is a bit creepy, has a crush on Jamal and is just as weird as he is? Would that be so bad considering how Jasmine has grown on us?

More Of The Same, But The Stakes Escalated

From a new mystery dealing with Chivo, another woman introduced who will have a strong influence over the season, Cesar and Monse having a back and forth, as will Ruby and Jasmine, nothing has really changed. Yet, the benefit of this is that not a whole lot needs to. “On My Block” is probably one of the few shows which can just up the stakes and keep it moving.

Lil Ricky (Ian Casselberry) getting off a bus.
Oscar and Cesar’s Dad (Ian Casselberry)

At this point, nearly every cast member has a backstory and development, we know their aspirations and, for the most part, everyone has an arc that deals with their individual journey alongside who they are in the group, if not a love interest.

What If Jasmine Was Right?

Hypothetically, imagine Jasmine was right about Monty. That, instead of some crazy conspiracy theory, she was right, and Monty did move drugs across the country. Lest we forget, her was a prophet, and while trucking is a lucrative career, him maybe doing a favor or getting a favor so that Monty stayed safe wouldn’t be ridiculous. I mean, it would even make things good for him the prophets went down and could bring him into the mix with his life being threatened by two gangs.

For while adults aren’t really the focus of “On My Block,” there are times where you want to see more than just Ruby’s parental figures, and grandmother, on a regular basis.


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