On My Block Season 2, Episode 4 Chapter Fourteen - Title Card

With Jasmine’s help, Ruby tries to pursue normalcy as Oscar gives Monse an ultimatum.

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With Jasmine’s help, Ruby tries to pursue normalcy as Oscar gives Monse an ultimatum.

Director(s) Ryan Shiraki
Writer(s) Christopher Encell
Air Date 3/29/2019

You’ve Got Options: Ruby, Jasmine, Monse, Monty, Julia

Despite all the chasing that Jasmine did in season 1, Ruby walks into school and learns she has 10 girls she wants to try to set him up with. All of them are pretty, probably the kind Ruby had wet dreams about. Yet, he picks Jasmine.

Now, before you can get giddy about that, he notes it is to win the dance but baby steps. As Ruby said to Olivia, they have their whole lives ahead of them.

But while Ruby’s choice was easy, Monse has a much more difficult decision. One in which she is given the option to live with her mom in the suburbs, with her two younger siblings, or stay in Freeridge. A difficult decision for with her dad having no one but her, it would mean he has nothing to come home to. However, going to Brentwood means getting to know Julia, her siblings, and maybe going to a better school. Thus setting her up life to really be on the right path.

An Ultimatum: Cesar, Monse, Jamal

Cesar giving Monse the ultimatum of either staying and being with him or leaving and breaking up.

However, one major issue, besides Monty, is also Cesar. He has become a bit dependent on Monse, and it makes her wanting to leave feel like abandonment. For even though he is learning to deal with Jamal’s eccentricities, seeing Monse, talking to her face to face, that is keeping him engaged and balanced. So, playing his hand, he gives her an ultimatum in which if she leaves, they are done. Leading her to decide to end their relationship and this leaves Cesar crying on Jamal’s shoulder.

You’ve Got A Friend In Me: Ruby, Jasmine

Cesar isn’t the only one left crying that night. While Ruby and Jasmine have a good time, with “Caution” playing, it triggers Ruby and sends him into a panic. Thus leading to him needing to get outside and while his friends try to help, Jasmine tags them out and consoles Ruby. Once again aiding him in trying to craft a new normal but not necessarily forcing him to accept he has to craft that yet.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

You need to lean out of the frustration and into the gratitude.
— Monse


Ruby Choosing Jasmine

Jasmine consoling Ruby.

You know how sometimes characters seem to have a change of heart but then backtrack the next episode? I’m glad that didn’t happen with Ruby. Call it truly making Jasmine his friend or slowly falling in love with her, either way, I think he is taking notice that she is willing to do for him as he has done for others. I mean, over the course of a month, she found 10 girls who want Ruby, including sexually, paid for his tickets, and pretty much he’d just have to show up.

But here is the kicker: despite that, and the girls fitting what he likes on Instagram and what we’ve seen him ogle at, he wanted Jasmine. Supposedly for the dance contest but let’s note that he kissed her on the lips after they won. Then, when she kissed him back for a longer period, he didn’t push away, wipe his lips off, nothing. He truly chose her.

Which is important for a handful of reasons, but the main one that needs to be brought up is Ruby chose her because they were a good match. Yeah, the other girls were in line with what he has previously liked physically and probably was geared to want, but they don’t match the love and drive Jasmine has to give. Pushing the idea that you should seek out who you have chemistry with, who is good to you, and you know you can be good to as well rather than chase the girl who looks like what most of us are programmed to like and be shallow.

Monse Likely Going To Live With Her Mom

Let me say, I don’t want the crew to break up, but it’s clear that they are evolving to the point that they aren’t going to be as interconnected as they once were. Which, all things considered, is good for the crew. Monse wishes to be a writer and after being separated from her mom for a decade, and her dad away all the time, what better place to be than with her mom? After all, with Cesar no longer affiliated, that means Monse doesn’t get protection by proxy. So with her dad not around, who is to say a Santo aware of the situation, or a Prophet even, wouldn’t try something?

Add in she broke up with Cesar and puts her on the market and that could be dangerous for her. So better leave now than deal with thirsty guys or predators like Oscar who think age ain’t nothing but a number and a short jail sentence.

On The Fence

Jamal and Cesar

Dwayne offering Cesar a job.

I gotta admit, I’m worried about what Cesar can do without being attached to Monse. As noted in a previous recap, only certain characters have been made to click with others, and neither Jamal nor Cesar are versatile characters. Unlike Monse and Ruby, they can’t have multiple characters they interact with and have good scenes. Either they seem lopsided or awkward for whatever reason. So here is hoping if Jamal and Cesar are becoming like brothers, due to a shared living space, will cause their relationship to grow stronger.

If not, taking things another way, we see Cesar enjoy that two-parent household situation and him tapping into that shows a different side to him. Since, clearly, Monse triggered his abandonment issues.

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