Rudy (Yumi Uchiyama) doing something perverted
"Rudy (Yumi Uchiyama) doing something perverted," Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, " The Fiancé of Despair," directed by Yasuhiko Akiyama, 2023, (Crunchyroll)

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General Information

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Release Date (Crunchyroll) August 27, 2023
Director(s) Yasuhiko Akiyama
Writer(s) Kōhei Urushibara
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Badigadi Kusunoki Taiten
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Cliff Oosaka Ryouta
Rudy Yumi Uchiyama
Elinalise Tanaka Rie
Pursena Minami Tanaka
Linia Fairouz Ai
Sylphie Ai Kayano

Plot Recap

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[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”NaQZYTbf” upload-date=”2023-08-28T01:45:32.000Z” name=”Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation Season 2 Episode 8 “The Fiancé of Despair” – Recap Review.mp4″ description=”For those who might have been uncomfortable with the last two episodes, rejoice! While Rudy does have perverted moments, this episode is more dedicated to his strength as he takes on multiple duels.” player-type=”static”]

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places – Cliff, Rudy, Elinalise, Sylphie

Cliff, the often alone, introverted, and rude young man who seemingly hates Rudy’s guts, opens up to him after Rudy saves him from a beatdown. In fact, he confesses his feelings for Elinalise.

Now, as you can imagine, Rudy is worried about enabling Cliff’s feelings because he knows Elinalise’s curse, but after talking to Sylphie about it, who reveals she has her own crush, Rudy decides to make an introduction. At first, Elinalise is confused and wonders why would Rudy be so cruel to this boy. However, when left alone, with Rudy assuming Elinalise would let him down easy, she does anything but that. She decides to date him, and he vows to lift her curse, and now Rudy just has to hope her past doesn’t make things awkward for the new couple.

Matrimonial Duels – Rudy, Pursena, Linia

Unfortunately for Rudy, as the problem of Cliff liking Elinalise gets put on his plate, this is followed by it being mating season for beasts and Pursena and Linia pushing the idea Rudy has to be defeated if anyone wants to get with them. This means so many decide to fight Rudy, and luckily for the girls, all of the beasts who face him are no match.

Linia (Fairouz Ai) being fondled by Rudy
“Linia (Fairouz Ai) being fondled by Rudy,” Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, ” The Fiancé of Despair,” directed by Yasuhiko Akiyama, 2023, (Crunchyroll)

His reward? Pursena, as before, offers up Linia’s breasts to be fondled – and Rudy is happy to claim his reward without Linia agreeing to this.

Don’t Be So Humble – Rudy, Badigadi

But, it isn’t just those who wish to mate and lead Pursena and Linia who want to fight Rudy, the Demon King, fiancé of the Demon Empress Kishirika Kishirisu, also wishes to fight Rudy. At least, he originally does until Rudy offers him the type of banter where he just wants to see if Kishirika’s praise is worthy of the man before him.

The answer? It is. Rudy’s strongest attack that he is willing to execute takes off at least two of Badigadi’s arms. With this, Rudy is considered the winner of the duel, but Badigadi, who wishes to be called Badi, in return, shows his strength, which causes Rudy’s face to swell.

Though, to make matters worse, Badi goes from a random fellow who challenges Rudy in front of everyone to joining his homeroom, seemingly by force.

New Character Description(s)


Badigadi (Kusunoki Taiten) in a school uniform
“Badigadi (Kusunoki Taiten) in a school uniform,” Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, ” The Fiancé of Despair,” directed by Yasuhiko Akiyama, 2023, (Crunchyroll)

Badigadi, who prefers to be called Badi by their friends, is the Demon King, engaged to Kishirika, the Demon Empress. He is a fellow who enjoys a belly laugh, has six arms, and it seems if any of the arms are somehow removed, it de-ages him.



Balancing The Perverted & Likable

Rudy is a complex and enjoyable character because he isn’t perfect. He is a man playing catch up in all aspects of his life, and like many of us, his default isn’t being a good person but rather trying to be. This means him doing stuff we may disagree with, yet, at the same time, he won’t complain about keeping Linia and Pursena from having to entertain the many men who wish to be with them.

Elinalise (Tanaka Rie) and Cliff (Ossaka Ryouta) before they kiss
“Elinalise (Tanaka Rie) and Cliff (Ossaka Ryouta) before they kiss,” Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, ” The Fiancé of Despair,” directed by Yasuhiko Akiyama, 2023, (Crunchyroll)

There is a balance. I mean, even take Cliff as another example. Rudy could have easily let him get his ass whipped by six people and considered that karma for all the nasty looks and attitude, but instead, he rescued him, and when he confessed to liking Elinalise, he didn’t take away Elinalise’s ability to control her narrative. Rudy did, as subtly as he could, warn Cliff, but he gave Elinalise the ability to make her own decision and seemingly will let whatever they have play out.

This balance is what makes it so, even when Rudy is going a little off the deep end, you can still find yourself being brought back to enjoying his journey.

On The Fence

Wondering What’s Happening Back In Asura, With Ariel’s Brother Grabell and Darius

Recognizing Ariel is in exile, I do wonder what became of the Kingdom of Asura in her absence with her brother and his right hand, Darius, ruling? It’s been quite some time since she left, and taking note of the unaddressed events, including the death of the patriarch of the Boreas-Greyrat family, Lord Sauros, I feel like there are some political matters a bit overdue to be addressed.

Episode Directory

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Answers to some questions you may have regarding this episode:

How much time has passed since Orsted almost killed Rudeus (Rudy) in season 1, Episode 21?

Two years per Rudy before their fight with Badigadi.

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Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation: Season 2/ Episode 8 “The Fiancé of Despair” – Overview


The latest episode of “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation” takes us away from the extremes of what the show can offer and Rudy is capable of and brings us back to what feels like a good balance between his worst qualities and his best.

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  • Wondering What’s Happening Back In Asura, With Ariel’s Brother Grabell and Darius - 78%
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  • Balancing The Perverted & Likable


  • Wondering What’s Happening Back In Asura, With Ariel’s Brother Grabell and Darius

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