Ruijerd, Eris, and Rudy figures

Three months in the Doldia village’s rain season leads to new connections and the reveal that a few familiar faces have been in the village before.

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Three months in the Doldia village’s rain season leads to new connections and the reveal that a few familiar faces have been in the village before.

Aired 10/24/2021
Network Hulu
Directed By Katsuya Shigehara
Written By Hirohisa Saitō, Kōhei Urushibara, Manabu Okamoto

Newly Noted


Minitona (Izawa Shiori)

Gyes’ daughter

Tersena (Itou Miku)

Tersena (Itou Miku) excited to watch her cousin and Eris
Tersena (Itou Miku)

Assumingly, Gyes’ niece.

Locations & Items

  • Holy country of Millis: A country founded by Saint Millis
  • The Seven Great Powers Monument: These represent the seven great warriors which include Technique God, Dragon God, Battle God, Demon God, Death God, Sword God, and North God


You Know Them Too!? – Eris, Minitona, Gyes, Rudy

To much surprise, Ghislaine is known amongst the Doldia village! In fact, that is Gyes’ little sister, but not in a warm and fuzzy way. In actuality, it seems Ghislaine’s name is sort of toxic.

Why? Well, the Ghislaine we know is a far more refined version than the one the village knew. The Ghislaine of yore was feral, untrainable, and seemed to have very little interest in bettering herself. So hearing that she has learned to use a sword and can read, write, and do math? Never mind Ghislaine can do some magic? This is a shock! Hence, Gyes can’t believe it and seems to want his daughter, Minitona, less involved with Rudy and Eris.

However, after hearing so many negative things said about her master, Eris sticks up for her, and Rudy co-signs, which leads to Gyes backing down, but still shocked that, after a swordsman, likely Paul, took her with him, that she became anything beyond dead.

Never Can Say Goodbye – Minitona, Eris, Rudy, Gyes, Teresena

With invoking her aunt’s name, this draws Minitona’s interest in who her aunt was and swordplay. This is quite a shock to Gyes since he could never convince his daughter to train. However, Eris inspires her to learn, and throughout the three months that Eris, Rudy, and Ruijerd are in the village, Eris trains with Minitona daily.

Because of this, Eris leaving, once the rainy season ends and the flooding that comes with it, is devastating to hear. It even leads Minitona and Eris to fight, with Teresena, Minitona’s cousin, feeling the need to get adults involved because of how severe the fight was getting.

Minitona (Izawa Shiori) learning swordplay from Eris
Minitona (Izawa Shiori)

But in the end, Minitona apologizes because she doesn’t want the same rift between her and Eris like her father and aunt. She eventually wants her to return, and while it may be a long time before that happens, it is promised to happen.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Things To Note

  • Character Guide Update (Gyes): Is Ghislaine’s older brother
  • Geese ends up hitching a ride to Millis.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What was Ruijerd doing over the course of three months in the village?

What Could Happen Next

  1. It’s hard to say. There are still quite a few familiar faces from part one who haven’t reappeared, such as Lord Perugius, as well as Almanfi. Also, considering Lord Sauros was killed, there is a need to question what happened to the rest of Eris’ side of the family.



Eris’ Social Skills Developing As Much As Her Combat Skills

Though it seems like a long time ago, there was a period when Eris seemingly was highly selective of who she interacted with and didn’t have much, if any, social skills. So to see her now bonding with beings who speak another language, even teaching them how to speak and do swordplay? That is a huge leap! One that doesn’t go unnoticed and really speaks to the leaps and bounds she has made under Rudy and Ruijerd’s guidance.

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Ruijerd, Eris, and Rudy figures
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Eris' Social Skills Developing As Much As Her Combat Skills

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