Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation returns in a glorious fashion as if it took a week off and not several months.

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Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation returns in a glorious fashion as if it took a week off and not several months.

Aired 10/3/2021
Network Hulu
Directed By Fumiaki Kataoka
Written By Kôhei Urushibara

Newly Noted


Kishirika (Iguchi Yuka)

Kishirika Kishirisu is the reincarnation of the Great Emperor of the Demon World, who has been alive for over 300 years since their resurrection – and is currently homeless and starving. However, despite falling on hard times, they still maintain some level of power. For example, they still have the power of 12 demon eyes in their body.

Gallus Cleaner (TBD)

Gallus Cleaner introducing himself

Not much is known about Gallus upon introduction, but he seems to be one of the few humans around.


We Just Keep Missing Each Other – Roxy, Rudeus

At least 3 times, Roxy and Rudeus just miss each other. Now, whether or not this is on purpose? Well, that’s hard to say. For with Roxy spying on Ruijerd and Eris practicing, this is a possibility.

Stronger By The Day – Rudeus, Eris, Kishirika, Man-God, Ruijerd

It has only been a year since Eris, Rudeus, and Ruijerd started traveling together, and in that time, Eris has grown immensely. Not necessarily in the way Rudeus would like, but with Eris being 13, you can tell that little perv is all excited about her potential. But, the real growth that matters is Eris is becoming quite accomplished in swordplay and even lands a hit on Ruijerd! Granted, when he was distracted, but still, hitting a Superd is a MAJOR accomplishment.

One that gets undermined by Rudeus getting the best of Eris, multiple times. How? Well, Man-God comes to Rudeus in a dream and notes how entertained they were by his accomplishments in the last year. Following that, they advise Rudeus to buy food and go down an alley, where Rudeus meets Kishirika.

Kishirika (Iguchi Yuka) introducing herself
Kishirika (Iguchi Yuka)

Now, for who knows how long Kishirika has been starving in the alley, so she proposes one wish for giving her food. Sadly, money, land, even Kishirika’s body, isn’t on the table. So, instead, she gives one of her 12 demon eyes, and the one she provides offers foresight. With this, in only a week (!), Rudeus has a good enough grasp on it to defeat Eris. He can’t beat Ruijerd, but he can at least handle Eris. This leaves her angry but with knowing she won’t get a hit on Rudeus, she just stows in her fury.

The Possible Answer To All Of Our Problems – Gallus, Rudeus, Ruijerd

While Eris is questioning how Rudeus (let’s go back to calling him Rudy) surpassed her, Rudy is trying to figure how to get their group across the sea, considering the price to get Ruijerd on a boat is astronomical. The first idea is selling the staff Eris got for him, but Ruijerd talks him out of that. This leads to the sudden appearance of Gallus, who Rudy encountered earlier, and it seems he might provide the answer to Dead End’s problems. At least, with Ruijerd now allowing them to illegally cross the sea by being stowaways or other less preferred methods, Gallus could solve their problems.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What are the powers of the 11 other eyes Kishirika has?

What Could Happen Next

  1. I fully hope Kishirika comes back into play due to how zany she is.
  2. Gallus definitely not being Ruijerd’s kind of people and him feeling uneasy around him
  3. Roxy and Rudeus reuniting!



One Of The Best Season Premieres I’ve Seen In FOREVER!

Most shows take a bit of warming up to get back into the swing of things, but not Jobless Reincarnation! It comes back swinging and keeps the same energy we got in the finale, Rudy being a perv in all. Plus, it doesn’t try to recap outright. It gives you an idea of what has been happening and the basics and keeps things moving.

Now, would it be nice to understand where in the demon world the group is? Yes. However, this episode seemed focused on making sure you knew there wasn’t going to be a sophomore slump, and it accomplished that goal. Everything else? I fully expect to have answers in the upcoming episodes.

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Ruijerd noting him and Rudy had a good moment
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Jobless Reincarnation reminds you why it is one of the top ongoing animes there are, even if Rudy is a creep in ways that could easily bring it down.
One Of The Best Season Premieres I've Seen In FOREVER!

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