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Mr. Inbetween: Season 2, Episode 8 “See You In Your Dreams” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Ray finds himself confronted with loss this episode as Kate pushes him, and being confronted with a death he can’t say isn’t personal.

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Director(s)Nash Edgerton
Writer(s)Scott Ryan
Air Date10/31/2019
Introduced This Episode
DirkBen Oxenbould

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How Can You Be So Heartless?: Kate, Ray

Separating a soldier that kills and a hitman that does is a bit difficult for Kate. However, for Ray, being in the military and killing someone and doing it in his home country doesn’t have much of a difference. Yet, being that Kate is a bit judgey, she pokes, prods, and tries to push Ray to see things her way. Making their interaction, as it was before, an annoyance that Ray may only put up with due to Freddy and for the sake of conversation.

It’s Just Business: Vinnie, Ray, Gary

Ray finally gets around to killing Vinnie, and it isn’t dragged out. Along with Gary, they take him to the airport, and while there is a conversation on the way there, dealing with Vinnie thinking he wouldn’t last so long, and asking Ray if he is haunted by those he killed, it doesn’t make things harder. Ray shoots him once to take him out then shoots him a second time to make sure he is dead. Thus leading to Vinnie possibly being added to the people who haunt Ray.

Until It’s Personal: Dirk, Ray, Freddy

Dirk (Ben Oxenbould) sitting in his apartment.
Dirk (Ben Oxenbould)

After Dirk gets too rough with a loyal customer, Freddy tells Ray he has to fire Dirk. This leads to, in what seemed like retaliation, Dirk robbing Freddy. However, in the long run, it seemed like Dirk was looking for someone to off him. But with Ray trying to get him moved to somewhere people couldn’t get him and not give him the result he wanted, Dirk decided just to fall off a cliff to end it.

That leaves Ray, at the top of the cliff, crying over his friend.



The Wear & Tear Of The Hitman Life

In a past recap, there was a comment made about people like Ray, those who likely aren’t going to rise to the upper echelon of the criminal underground, and while it didn’t click then, it does now. I’d even say, after giving Ray’s criminal side an eye-roll for most of the series, it has finally caught up to being on par with his fatherhood side. Why? Well, because it is now meaningful.

Episode kills to me, of people who may haunt Ray but are entirely forgettable, just weren’t impactful. However, Vinnie took nearly a whole season to take out, and while Ray didn’t kill Dirk, being there for his death broke Ray. At least, it broke him in the sense I thought we’d only see him cry over a man if it was Bruce’s death. So to see him cry over Dirk, it makes you wonder, between that and Kate, will Ray start to contemplate his life more?

Granted, he has made it clear he doesn’t have any real intentions of getting out of the game, either because of the money or feeling trapped. However, there is this vibe he may start doing something different in his life now. I can’t say what but, to much joy, this season has more episodes than the last, so we’ll find out.

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