Collected Quotes and .Gifs From The Month Of October 2019

In this post, you’ll find quotes and .gifs collected or made during the month of October 2019.

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In this post, you’ll find quotes and .gifs collected or made during the month of October 2019.

Anne With An E

Sometimes life hides gifts in the darkest of places.
— Anne

Love is not quantifiable, and therefore not finite.
— Muriel Stacy

David Makes Man

Never apologize for asking a favor from those who can help.
—Representative Reed

I’m trying to live and you worry about me being shamed?
— David

Big Mouth

“Men are threatened by women who don’t shy away from conflict.”

“Hey. Hey! Don’t start negotiatin’ against yourself here.”
— Connie

I’m afraid that if I can’t be happy here, then perhaps I’m the problem.
— Luda

You know, I forget, but I don’t forgive.
— Andrew

Red Table Talk

I’m a white male and it doesn’t have to affect me if I don’t want it to affect me.
— Pastor Jonathan Williams

I always say that the highest challenges us in ways to make our hearts more elastic.
— Jada Pinkett-Smith

The Breakfast Club

You can chase your dreams and deal with reality. You got 168 hours in a week.
— Charlamagne tha God

“New levels, new devils.”
— Charlamagne Tha God

Rhythm + Flow

Title Card - Rhythm + Flow Season 1, Episode 10 “Finale” [Season Finale]

Talking loud don’t exude confidence.
— T.I

You know everybody can rap, but not everybody can make a song.
— Cardi B

[…] this ain’t nowhere where I want to be, but it’s bigger than what I’m supposed to been at.
— Ariyon

If you’re a superstar, you keep the light shining where it’s supposed to, you dig?
— T.I.

I’d rather have an imperfect performance with an impact than a perfect performance with no impact.
— Londynn B

[…] you’d be surprised how much you provide for other people around you.
— Troyman


The truth doesn’t always come with a receipt. Sometimes all we have is our word.
— Jenn

Ready To Love

Terrell, Angie, Kimber, and others having a conversation about relationships.

People say men like to chase, but I think what men really like is being with someone that they perceive to have a lot of value, and being with somebody who has great boundaries and isn’t going to be easy for other men to catch once they’re in a relationship.
— Tracy McMillan

Telling someone how you feel is not the same as doing the choosing. In fact, it’s kind of the opposite. That’s what makes it so scary to just be open and saying, “I like you,” and stand there and see if they choose you.
— Tracy McMillan

“You know why y’all [Black Men] don’t cheat? Because y’all never told her y’all was in a relationship in the first place.”
— Angie

Alyson Stoner

Judgement is a wall, curiosity is a door, growth takes vulnerability, and vulnerability requires uncertainty.

The Good Doctor

Not everybody has a god, but everybody has a religion.
— Morgan

Sorry For Your Loss

I can’t stop seeing myself through your eyes.
— Jules


James and Mae cuddled up.

Not every son of a preacher’s anointed. Some are just children.
— Phil

The poor thing can’t resist a chance to be rude. She thinks it makes her interesting. And, I daresay, it nearly does.
— Mae

You do what’s best for your soul. Everything else is noise.
— Mae

Little Monsters

There is a big difference between being with someone and being there for someone.

Deon Cole

Title Card - Deon Cole Cole Hearted

You gonna let you “I ain’t” years run into your “you cain’t” years.
— Deon Cole

You married on a level you should have been passin’ in life.
— Deon Cole

Can we make SLAP (Sound Like A Plan) a thing? Is it already a thing?

You don’t even acknowledge how unique you are. What you do is, you get dressed and go in the world and be like everybody else and that ain’t success. Success is supply and demand. Givin’ people somethin’ they ain’t never had before and applyin’ yourself to whatever you do. That’s what makes you unfireable, goddamn it. They can’t do what you do. You get what I’m sayin’?
— Deon Cole


When we say “protect and serve” we mean the community, not ourselves.
— Athena

Jenny Slate

Title Card - Jenny Slate Stage Fright

[…] the thing that I’m the most scared of about tonight, is that, […] I will deny myself the moment to have fun. And I’m so angry at myself that that might happen, that I’m probably gonna make it happen.
— Jenny Slate

In general, I’ve always been really, really afraid to be alone, and of what that means about me and my worth and I think recently I’ve really understood the difference between solitude and abandonment.
— Jenny Slate

The most annoying thing you have to do, as a woman, is to try to fucking decipher why some asshole made some shitty decision that you’re involved in.
— Jenny Slate

Amanda Seales & Small Doses

Amanda Seales giving the Black power fist.

It’s not, “I don’t give a fuck,” it’s what to give a fuck about.
— Amanda Seales

We’re not in a information age, we’re in an opinion age. Everybody just forming shit based on their own perception and their own feelings.
— Amanda Seales

[…] the internet will trick you into thinking that the work you’re doing isn’t good enough [and] if you’re not careful, you will let the people that know the least about you convince you that you don’t know you.
— Amanda Seales

[…] with privilege often comes the entitlement of not ever having to consider that there is a place that you don’t have access to.
— “Race Realities – Page 59”

Discrimination comes in many forms and indifference is one of them.
— “Race Realities – Page 59”

Black women’s hair is a varied assortment of curls and kinks, sometimes four different types of which are on one head. We have edges, and kitchens, and baby hairs, all of which need to be properly tended to with a skilled hand and a keen eye. Handling our hair is an art.
— “Race Realities – Page 59”

[…] being a white woman in a room of white men is not an example of diversity. […] being a white gay man in a room of white straight men is not an example of diversity. The gag is, so many people are so accustomed to the rigid roles of representation that they’ve seen for so long that simply meeting the terms of inclusion of any “others” feels like an arduous stretch of comfort that looks like diversity. Keep stretching. Change does not stop at simple including other white people who are not straight white men.
— “Race Realities – Page 55”

[…] the Hoe Phase isn’t really about sex. It’s really about the exploration of self without the limitations of being anchored to one person. It’s where you have the freedom to find out, essentially through trial, error, and an orgasm or two, what works for you, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.
— “Ladies First – Page 43”

The common mistake many of us make is thinking that just because you slept with someone, you all have an emotional connection.
— “Ladies First – Page 40”

Some of ya’ll are getting periods you don’t deserve.
— “Ladies First – Page 38”

Suffering and struggle are circumstantial and not to be accepted as a bottom line upon which to define your strength as a sista.
— “Ladies First – Page 27”

Respect each other’s intentions and passions. Not everything is personal.
— “Ladies First – Page 26”

Hair, for Black women worldwide, can represent so many things: magic, confidence, style, your mother’s strength, history, identity, and art.
— “Ladies First – Page 25”

[…] although we are each on our own path, we are of a shared community, in that our existence alone is resistance. So when you’re moving and thriving and riding or dying, Respect that, Honor that, Consider that we are an US.
— “Ladies First – Page 25”

It’s no wonder so many men feel disarmed at the revelation of what sexual harassment involves and how present it is in their daily interactions. Once aware, it forces them to have to consider new modes of approach and levels of respect that previously had not been expected of them. Get over it and get into it.
— “Ladies First – Page 17”

Think of yourself as the canvas. Create art with your clothes.
— “Ladies First – Page 11 (Attributed to: Sharufa Rashied-Walker)”

Even though I always know how to identify and articulate my point of view about seemingly everything, when it came to fashion, I could never find my own words. I didn’t have them because in my constant quest to define myself, and my work, and my brand, and yada yada yada, I become more concerned about how my look spoke to others than how it spoke to me.
— “Ladies First – Page 11”

[…] so much about knowing your style is knowing yourself, and that is an ever-changing process.
— “Ladies First – Page 10”

Style is personal and speaks for you without you having to say a word.
— “Ladies First – Page 10”

There is no such thing as good hair, only bad weaves.
— “Ladies First – Page 26”

There have been many advancements in the world, but there is still a long way to go before “stranger danger” ain’t a thing.
— “Ladies First – Page 18”

Makeup serves many purposes. None of them are to fool men. That’s all I have to say about that.
— “Ladies First – Page 7”

Someone said, “Your career is based on likability, not the truth. So is it worth standing on the truth, if it is challenging your career?”
— Amanda Seales

I want to be wanted, not needed.
— Amanda Seales (Amanda Seales Details Her New Self-Help Book, “Small Doses”)

A lot of us who feel the most broken, are because we had so much and people took it from us.
— Amanda Seales

Some behavior does not deserve the luxury of anonymity.
— Amanda Seales


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