Mr. Inbetween: Season 2, Episode 5 “Can’t Save You” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Ray with his head pointed down.
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At Christmas, Ray suffers two loses. One minor, one greater, and it makes the upcoming new year all the more difficult.

Director(s) Nash Edgerton
Writer(s) Scott Ryan
Air Date 10/10/2019
Introduced This Episode
Trent Nash Edgerton
Jacinta Natalie Tran

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We Need To Talk: Jacinta, Ray, Britt

Jacinta (Natalie Tran) talking to Ray about him having a sex talk with Britt.
Jacinta (Natalie Tran)

It gets to Jacinta, after who knows how long, that Ray had the sex talk with Britt, and she isn’t happy. Mind you, she isn’t so mad she is going to start flipping out, but not getting a heads up makes her feel a certain type of way. But, with it being the kind of situation where Ray felt the need to address what Britt saw then and there, what could he do?

It’s like her catching him smoking. He can’t really lie to her, she isn’t young enough to fall for that anymore. So when coerced to say he’ll try to quit, he takes it on the chin and tries to do what he said he would.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. Isn’t Jacinta with someone? What was there feelings on Britt hearing the sex talk?

Today Seemed Like A Good Day: Ray, Britt, Trent, Bruce, Ally

Ray tries hard to make Britt’s childhood better than his, and also to keep Bruce’s spirits up. They have Christmas together, he sets her up to see a unicorn and even takes her to Ally’s family’s Christmas so she can see her father provide that holiday vibe like her mom does.

However, Ally’s brother Trent messes up the day. You see, Britt is really into unicorns, and he decides, during secret Santa, to snatch her present, and when Ray asks him to swap back, even offers to pay him, he gets indignant. So, he pushes him into glass and makes a scene. One that he covers up with Britt, but Ally knows the truth.

Trent (Nash Edgerton) making it clear he isn't giving Ray the unicorn candle he took from Britt.
Trent (Nash Edgerton)

Your Actions Have Consequences: Ray, Ally

Leading to her breaking up with him. You see, her ex of three years was abusive, and while she is attracted to that darkness, she also recognizes that darkness isn’t good to her. Ally saw it go from lashing out on others to her being the one hit, apologized to, and repeat. So while Ray says he wouldn’t hurt her, and seems like a good guy, Ally rather not take her chances.

After all, if Ray could hurt her brother, with her around, Britt, and her family, who is she? Especially if he gets angry while they are alone?




A Day With Britt

I will forever maintain the best part of the show is when Ray is with Britt. His criminal life, be it because the characters in that element don’t pop, are annoying, or come and go so often you can’t latch onto who is who, it just seems like a hollow reminder that Ray isn’t a good guy. He can play one with his kid, but the killer side is there to remind you he affords to take care of his daughter through murder, beating people up who owe Freddie money, or other assignments.

So when things hone in just on him being a father, strangely, things just click without issue.

Ally Breaking Up With Ray

The fan in me hates Ally breaking up with Ray, yet I also recognize that if a man can beat up your brother like that, over a unicorn candle, and do so in front of your family, what does that say about him? Hell, what does that say about your safety? For, yeah, it could mean he is a fiercely protective father, and as a boyfriend, you may not have to worry if something goes down.

However, there is also the thought that he could murder someone with you around or hurt them to the point you have to bail him out. Then there is the thought of when you inevitably argue, what will he do to you? Also, considering Ally has experience being in an abusive relationship, what are her chances to make it out of this one alive like the last one?

Ally's face as she breaks up with Ray.

With so many factors in play, while it is sad to see Ally leave, you get it.

On The Fence

Bruce Isn’t About To Kill Himself Is He?

Anyone else get the vibe that Ally breaking up with Ray was just the beginning? That the worse is to come and without her acting as some sort of leash on his anger, he may go off? I don’t know if on Britt, Bruce, or someone else, but I can see it leading to Bruce not getting a sarcastic or even kind, Ray anymore but being told something horrible. Leading to him offing himself since Ray and Britt are the only reasons he seems to be hanging in there. So one good fight, that might be all it takes.


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Season/ EpisodeSynopsisEpisode InformationTopics & Focused Characters
Season 2, Episode 4 “Monsters”As Mr. Inbetween improves capturing your interest on the hitman side, it almost seems they have found a way to make both sides to Ray compelling.
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Writer(s) Scott Ryan
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Introduced This Episode
Dennis Miller Paul Caesar
Kim Tiriel Mora
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  • Little Jenny: Ray, Dennis, Kim
Season 2, Episode 5 “Can’t Save You”At Christmas, Ray suffers two loses. One minor, one greater, and it makes the upcoming new year all the more difficult.
Director(s) Nash Edgerton
Writer(s) Scott Ryan
Air Date 10/10/2019
Introduced This Episode
Trent Nash Edgerton
Jacinta Natalie Tran
  • We Need To Talk: Jacinta, Ray, Britt
  • Today Seemed Like A Good Day: Ray, Britt, Trent, Bruce, Ally
  • Your Actions Have Consequences: Ray, Ally
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Writer(s) Scott Ryan
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Nasir Fayssal Bazzi
Vinnie Kieran Darcy-Smith
Jason Hugo Johnston-Burt
  • The Brother Of A Ghost: Nasir, Freddy, Ray
  • It’s Best To Keep Your Work & Personal Life Separate: Ray, Vinnie
  • What Keeps Me Going: Bruce, Brit, Ray, Ally
Season 2, Episode 2 “Don’t Be a Dickhead”Mr. Inbetween doesn’t feature a murder this week, but Bruce triggers something which makes Ray willing to open up to Ally about a dark time in his life.
Director(s) Nash Edgerton
Writer(s) Scott Ryan
Air Date 09/19/2019
Introduced This Episode
Samantha Elle Murray
Petra Maha Wilson
Taylor Jayanna Assaf
  • Another Day, Another Assignment: Ray, Freddy
  • You Shouldn’t Have Messed With My Kid: Petra, Taylor, Samantha, Ray, Brit
  • It’s All Fun & Games Until A Few Beers Open You Up: Ray, Gary, Tatiana, Ally
Season 2, Episode 1 “Shoulda Tapped” [Season Premiere]Mr. Inbetween returns and between an issue Britt has at school and one of Ray’s employers trying to be cheap, it’s same ole, same ole.
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