Marvel’s Runaways Season 1 Episode 7 “Refraction” – Jonah and Young Leslie

It seems we are inching closer and closer as to why this show is named Runaways as each kid’s life as they know it gets threatened. Previous Recap: Episode 6 “Metamorphosis” Network Hulu Director(s) Peter Hoar Writer(s) Quinton Peeples Character(s) Introduced Young Janet Sorel Carradine Young Victor Tim Pocock The Beginning of the Cycle: Janet, Chase,…

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It seems we are inching closer and closer as to why this show is named Runaways as each kid’s life as they know it gets threatened.

Previous Recap: Episode 6 “Metamorphosis”

Director(s) Peter Hoar
Writer(s) Quinton Peeples
Character(s) Introduced
Young Janet Sorel Carradine
Young Victor Tim Pocock

The Beginning of the Cycle: Janet, Chase, Victor

As with the majority of the episodes, thus far, we begin with a flashback. One which goes beyond the start of PRIDE and actually goes 25 years back to when Janet and Victor met at Cornell University. A time when Victor actually was charming and, arguably, a likeable fellow. Then it advances to when Chase was born and then we get to see Victor at his worse. I’m talking hitting Chase in the head and having his head bounce off the passenger side window. Granted, it was for curing and mouthing off, but it is still excessive.

Though, considering how he was acting towards Chase, imagine what Janet went through.

The Open House: Molly, Catherine, Geoffrey, Leslie, Frank, Jonah, Tina, Robert, Janet, Stacey, Dale, Victor, Nico

There is just something about large group gatherings which set everyone off. It’s where the Wilders (Geoffrey and Catherine) confront the Yorks (Stacey and Dale) about their mutual Molly problem. One which Catherine, surprisingly, isn’t trying to propose a solution which hurts the girl. If anything, she is trying to protect her from Jonah and Tina. Which may come off weird, since you’d think they would include Leslie in that dynamic, but apparently everyone is undermining and rolling their eyes at her.

But, what do you expect? Jonah steam rolls her, Frank does, and considering Jonah thought she’d keep things under control in his absence, HA! What a disappointment. Especially since he seemingly has been mentoring her since she was in middle school – making their relationship so creepy! But, despite Tina being the one everyone is afraid of, with her marriage in disarray and Leslie the favorite, she is tasked with bringing PRIDE back together.

Which she handles, sort of. She shames Janet, or at least tries to. Also, she tries to use her… whatever you wanna call it, with Tina to try to push the idea of reconciling with Robert into her head. At least for PRIDE. An idea she is kind of eh about for she was publicly embarrassed after all. Plus, with Nico increasingly loyal to her, it isn’t like she is broke down and lonely. Though with it seeming like Janet might be willing to give this post-Jonah serum Victor another chance, so ends Robert’s daydream. One which includes Nico going between his new place and Tina’s.

The Cycle Continues: Alex, Nico, Molly, Dale, Stacey, Catherine, Geoffrey, Chase, Janet, Victor

Marvel’s Runaways Season 1 Episode 7 “Refraction” – Victor

Remember that whole, “Tina’s password was ‘Password’” thing. Yeah, Nico still calls BS on that. However, Alex isn’t budging for some reason. Probably because he knows the password is something touching and he is already starting to lose the support which turned him to the dark side. Speaking of the dark side, the Yorks seem convinced by the Wilders and so they plan on sending Molly to her parents second cousin somewhere far away. What may just be the trigger for the show living up to its name.

But, that isn’t the only reason. Future Chase warns Victor about not touching his hand weapon and yet, in a fit of rage, after Jonah’s serum wares off, he sees Chase in his workshop, they fight, he grabs the glove, and hits him with a blast from it. One which sends him through a glass wall and alerts Janet. And before Victor could take things further she shoots him. Leaving us to wonder how are they going to explain to not just the cops, but Jonah, they killed the man who is essential to him staying alive?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Software Engineer is Robert’s job.
  • Jonah’s serum seemingly has regenerative properties, but they may not be permanent. If not they simply have the side effect of a lot of endorphins which eventually wear off.
  • The kids address that Frank likely would have to take care of them if all of their parents did get arrested.
  • Janet was studying gravitational fields in college.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Why does Jonah seemingly need Victor when he seems to have such immense knowledge and maybe even powers?
  2. What has made Tina so loyal to Leslie and PRIDE?
  3. Is Jonah about to end Leslie’s religion, or use Frank in order to bring it down in some way?


Nico Not Letting That Password Thing Go

Marvel’s Runaways Season 1 Episode 7 “Refraction” – Nico

With Nico one of the originals calling for the parents arrest, her sort of losing that edge; Chase, for a little bit; and just Alex being the only one keeping the witch hunt going, it really helps push the idea that just as the parents are falling apart, so are the kids. I mean, props to Gert for pointing out how Frank would have to take care of all of them, if something did go down, but we also have to note she has been part of the problem.

In fact, they all have been. For the sole thing bringing them together, and keeping them together, is a secret. Their relationships haven’t fully healed. There is some dependency on one another, but it is mostly in some emotional form. Nico relies on Alex due to her feelings for him. Chase checks on Karolina because he has a crush on her. Yet, at the core, they’re kind of like a dysfunctional family. Only when things get really bad, borderline too late to do anything, are they truly a cohesive unit

And as that big time moment becomes farther and farther in the past, we see them seperate more and more into cliques. Leaving some, like Gert and Molly, to a point, behind.

My Right Hand Gal

As we learn more and more what keeps PRIDE together, despite some unease about what they do, it makes you wonder how have people been reigned back in? Much less, how has Leslie, the unofficial leader, kept these mostly Type A personalities, even if they aren’t the most vocal, at bay? Well, Tina. Someone who, from episode to episode, keeps coming out as the character to watch. Yeah, Jonah is gaining on her, but with it seeming Tina had something to do with the Hernandez’s death, how she kept the Yorkes in line, and just her sacrifices for the continuation of PRIDE, more and more I cannot wait for her, and maybe Robert’s, flashback.

The Yorkes

Short and sweet, I love how comical and corny these two are. They are the only characters who don’t try to push this show to a higher level and just seem to be enjoying themselves.

Additional Information on Jonah

Marvel’s Runaways Season 1 Episode 7 “Refraction” – Frank

While Jonah sort of takes a break and tries to push Leslie to be some form of leader, him giving Frank those magical gloves and the wonders of that serum, it keep him in the forefront of our minds. Primarily in the form of, why does he need PRIDE? Granted, he can’t do everything himself. He maybe able to extend his life, I won’t say immortal, but with the kind of knowledge he has, it almost brings about this Apocalypse, the character, kind of vibe.

Low Point

So What Snapped?

I must admit I was kind of annoyed that we didn’t really get to see the transition from Victor seeming like this loving guy to a douche. We just went from him loving his kid to being indifferent about him winning a championship, getting angry with him and then bouncing the kids head against a window. That gap between those two things, I find it unfortunate that time span wasn’t filled in. Especially after him sort of recovering his image for the last few episodes.

On The Fence

Frank Stepping Up

Let’s be real, Frank is still as interesting as a blank piece of paper or a canvas. Yet, like those two things, all that is needed is an artist. One which isn’t Leslie because she doesn’t bring a single bit of excitement to this show. She is as boring as Janet and Robert. However, Jonah manipulating Frank? Maybe playing some mind games with him and in extension Leslie? Well, these two after thoughts might just make something of themselves.

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