As someone learns what Dan did, Lucifer shows signs things are getting worse for him. Also, Maze begins to fall hard, and Dan finally goes to therapy.

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As someone learns what Dan did, Lucifer shows signs things are getting worse for him. Also, Maze begins to fall hard, and Dan finally goes to therapy.

Director(s) Lisa Demaine
Writer(s) Joe Henderson
Air Date 5/8/2019

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Admittance of Guilt: Dan, Ella

Ella puts the pieces together and realizes what Dan did and pretty much erases any and all evidence that someone could track. Making it so, if someone was actually interested, both could go down and lose their jobs. Which, considering Dan’s issues in season 1, or season 2, when it comes to messing with evidence, paired with Ella’s past, would mean serious ramifications. Yet, with the lack of investment in both, surely they’ll be fine, right?

And I’m Telling You, I’m Not Going: Maze, Eve, Lucifer, Father Kinley

Eve refuses to leave Lucifer. This becomes a serious issue for him, and eventually Maze who seems to be on the brink of falling in love. However, with kidnapping Father Kinley and Eve trying to get him to change his story, Maze taps out. Unfortunately, this leads to Eve getting really desperate and pushing Father Kinley, who she unshackles, leading to them trying to kill one another. But, with her getting the upper hand, she uses him to get demons to help their king. Since, at this point, Eve figures the only way to get her Lucifer back is by getting his minions involved.

Something she’ll come to regret, as will the cast, very soon.

Fear & Self Loathing In LA: Chloe, Lucifer

What starts as a rash turns Lucifer completely into his demon form and the reason for this? Self-loathing. Yeah, Lucifer hating himself is the reason he goes full Satan, and it takes Chloe talking him off the ledge to get him to turn back. Yet, while she may help him turn scarred, leather flesh back to pale skin, it’s clear there are issues a single conversation can’t heal.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Why Lucifer stop demon possession?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Linda gives birth this episode to a son, Charlie, and Amenadiel seems like he’s going to take them to the Silver City.


Dan Finally Getting Help

I think my dislike of Dan stems not from him harping on Lucifer, or mourning Charlotte, at this point, but because that is all he has done. And while, for a hot minute, it seemed like he was going to go rogue a bit with Maze, become an anti-hero cop, that got shut down almost as quickly as it began. So while his therapy session ended with Linda’s water breaking, one can only hope this means a possible turning point with the character.

On The Fence


Honestly, I am at the point of believing Eve would have been better for a season 5 rather than this season. Mainly due to her, like most of the characters, I’m realizing, not being used to her fullest potential. For between introducing Adam, who maybe wanted revenge for his son, Lilith, and even this Maze love interest plot, a lot of things which could have built up this character wasn’t done so this show could remain firmly rooted in being a comedy.

And, don’t get me wrong, I do think Lucifer is comical, but it increasingly seems like this needs to be a dark comedy to really take advantage of both its darker element and Lucifer’s personality. Because, as it is now, it teeter-totters too much to take the dark bits seriously and the comedy side is so camp that it requires a certain humor to consistently get the jokes. Which could explain why it got cancelled when on network TV.

Lucifer’s Self Hatred

Not to be a broken record but I feel like this season kind of jumbled things when it comes to Lucifer. Yes, I recognize Chloe’s rejection, and her trying to damn him to hell, was devastating. Yet, I feel that with Eve being brought on, it took away from how that storyline could have developed. For while we are getting a bit of a Lucifer who is a bit more reflective, could more have been done?

Though maybe it is just I don’t get the show. If not the light-hearted drama just doesn’t click for me. Making all of Lucifer’s brooding, tantrums, and episodes of manic-depression just not hitting as I think they should considering the guilt he is dealing with. Something that Tom Ellis’ yelling may convey verbally but emotionally, it is just hard to get into what he is trying to deliver.

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The fourth season of Lucifer seems like a season filled with missed opportunities and wasted potential. Yet, who is to say the season finale may not turn things around as it appears demons are going to be coming to the surface?

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