Lucifer: Season 4, Episode 4 “All About Eve” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Lucifer raising a sign which has 69 on it.

Eve reveals what has brought her out of heaven as Linda has a slew of scares due to the baby and it’s committed godparents.

Eve reveals what has brought her out of heaven as Linda has a slew of scares due to the baby and it’s committed godparents.

Director(s) Sherwin Shilati
Writer(s) Chris Rafferty
Air Date 5/8/2019
Introduced This Episode
Eve Inbar Lavi

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It Takes A Village: Linda, Amenadiel, Maze

With Amenadiel coming to an ultrasound, as well as Maze, Linda comes to realize how intense not just raising this baby, but possibly having it will be. For one, Maze is overly protective, and nearly breaks the technician’s arm just when they are putting gel on. However, Amenadiel might be slightly worse since he pushes the idea the baby may have wings and Linda will be the first human to give birth to an angel/human hybrid.

You Knew?: Maze, Linda, Chloe

Linda talking to Chloe.

But while Linda is freaking out, that doesn’t compare to Chloe who has a bit of a confrontation with Maze over how she reacted to learning the truth. Leading to Maze moving out and revealing Linda did better. Thus causing Chloe to rush over to Linda’s since, with her not being alone in this, she wants to create a bit of a support group.

However, Linda is going a little off the rails when it comes to what she is dealing with. So as much as she acts as Chloe’s therapist for a little bit, eventually she flips things and has a minor meltdown. Nothing too crazy, certainly understandable, but the conclusion is, when it comes to Maze, Amenadiel, and Lucifer, you have to accept them as a whole and not in part. Which means, you have to decide if you want them in your life for, and this is me talking, even though they are immortal, it doesn’t mean they don’t get attached.

The Banana Of My Eye: Eve, Chloe, Lucifer

Eve somehow finds Lucifer and transports herself likely from somewhere in the middle east to Los Angeles. Don’t ask me how she happened to find a human who just so happen to be on their way to LA. Also, let’s not ask whether, since she isn’t an angel, will Eve age while on Earth. All that matters is Eve is reunited with her first love – Lucifer.

Which isn’t the easiest of reunions. Eve is in trouble, but perhaps the bigger issue is Eve wants to be in trouble. Heaven was getting boring, and Adam is well, nice, but she isn’t in love with him. So she sacrificed paradise and safety for excitement. The kind which pushes you to wonder if she’ll be a liability or an asset.

However, with Chloe still keeping her distance, even refusing to help Lucifer when he needs a favor, those two don’t reconcile. Instead, Eve moves in on Chloe’s turf and even embraces, kisses Lucifer, when he shows his devil’s face. Making it so Father Kinley’s prophecy may just come true. Depending on what else is needed.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is the dent in Lucifer’s demon appearance from his fall from heaven?



Beyond being an alternative to Chloe, and an odd twist on the biblical figure, what Eve also brings is new energy to the show. For while Linda is evolving, Dan heading towards the dark side, and Lucifer, even in mourning his relationship with Chloe, is still Lucifer, things were feeling a bit routine. However, Eve with her bubbly, yet mischievous, personality brings about the same adrenaline shot Ella did when she first came around in season 2.

How Linda, Amenadiel, and Maze Are Handling This Baby Thing

What you have to love about how Maze is responding to Linda being pregnant, and Amenadiel, is that, even with them being immortal beings, all-powerful to a point, you’re reminded they aren’t all-knowing. Like children in a way, there is this curiosity and excitement about experiencing new things. Add in they have been alive for centuries and I’m sure the concept of raising a human may not scare them as much as it does Linda, but does bring a bit of worry.

But, most of all, especially for Maze, it pushes you to realize how emotionally connected she is to Linda. Taking note of what she said to Chloe, Linda has become Maze’s go to for when her emotions are bubbling up or getting complicated. Plus, with Linda, even with the whole demon thing, she gave Maze a clean slate. Unlike with Lucifer, she doesn’t have that weird boss/employee, master/ subordinate, or even father and daughter relationship with. Never mind the situation Maze has with Amenadiel where it went from him looking down on her to a relationship, and now where they are only cool since Amenadiel got humbled.

Amenadiel and Maze during Linda's ultrasound.

When it comes to Linda and Maze, while she did show fear at first, now she is so comfortable that it seems almost humorous to Maze. Yet, taking note of Linda, and perhaps Trixie, it seems clear that Maze recognizes how vulnerable her human friends. Thus pushing that connection even further for she knows when it comes to Lucifer and Amenadiel, they have all the time in the world to heal physically or emotionally. With the humans, however, they live for a century at most and time likely goes by quicker for them and healing isn’t as easy of a task.

Which is all to say, the beauty of this baby thing is how it pushes the soft side of Maze further and for Amenadiel, likely it will allow him to understand his father better, or differently, as he watches over a human he created.

On The Fence

Chloe Without Lucifer

Chloe, like Dan, aren’t the most interesting characters. Chloe, I’m coming to realize, is a good straight man to Lucifer’s antics, but on her own is just a blonde who gets a lot of attention. So you have to wonder, if she is more so paired with Dan than Lucifer, will they bring something out of character to compensate for Lucifer not being there or is she going to continue to be there physically but sort of dead behind the eyes?

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