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Lucifer: Season 4, Episode 10 “Who’s Da New King of Hell” [Season Finale] – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

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Season 4 of Lucifer ends on a rather strange note. If only because it seems more like a possible series finale than a season finale.

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Director(s)Eagle Egilsson
Writer(s)Ildy Modrovich
Air Date5/8/2019

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Abdicating The Throne: Lucifer, Father Kinley

Father Kinley returns, though it is actually a demon named Dromos, and he is psyched to see Lucifer until Lucifer makes it clear he isn’t returning. Unlike past vacations, this one is permanent and with him abdicating the throne, this forces Dromos to realize he must do something. Since, while named king by Lucifer, being that only celestial beings can take that role, he decides to seek a new king.

There Will Be A King: Lucifer, Linda, Amenadiel, Father Kinley

The king proposed ends up being Amenadiel and Linda’s son Charlie. A baby now, yes, but with Father Kinley’s mentorship, he plans to make him into a great king. One who hasn’t the same mercy as Lucifer and may let demons run wild. Which, of course, Lucifer can’t allow which leads to a grand battle. One which subdues the demons but leaves a leadership hole in hell.

Accepting What Is & What Must Be: Lucifer, Chloe, Eve, Maze, Amenadiel, Linda

With Charlie being taken once, this pushes Linda to fear another attempt and wishing for Amenadiel to take Charlie to the Silver City. However, taking note of what she was willing to do, alongside his and Maze’s abilities, he says he won’t do it. Which you may think would infuriate her but then Lucifer shows us why Linda may not need to worry – he plans to go back to hell.

Which of course Chloe isn’t for since she has grown to love Lucifer as she did before and he recognizes her as his first love, but even if Lucifer isn’t much for kids, he won’t put his nephew in danger. Even he isn’t that selfish. But, as he makes a decision about his future, so does Eve. She decides she is ready to move on and wants to find herself – as a mortal, rather than return to the Silver City. Also, she leaves the door open for something with Maze down the line.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How come Maze didn’t feel compelled to bow when Lucifer was coercing all demons to bow down?
  2. Anyone else surprised that Chloe wasn’t used more to make Lucifer weak? Surely they had to be made aware, thanks to
  3. All things considered, Chloe shooting at that demon, with Eve and the baby behind her, that was pretty dumb, right?
    1. On top of noting, while Dromos is alive, that Chloe makes Lucifer vulnerable which, considering he wouldn’t be killed but sent to hell, makes that knowledge something really dumb for Chloe to share.

Low Point

Ella Got Her Faith Back Like It’s Nothing

Ella’s arc this season was all about her faith wavering and then renouncing it. So for her to find herself back at the altar so suddenly, it just seemed off. Not that you can’t imagine, in time of crisis, with her feeling alone a bit, going back the Christ. More so, the issue here is the journey away and back home just didn’t play up how big of a decision heading in both directions is. Making this whole saga feel like it doesn’t do justice to those who struggle with their faith.

On The Fence

The Ending – Lucifer Returns To Hell

Like Ella’s journey, Lucifer’s was a bit lackluster. Yes, it was filled with jokes, violent acts, sex, and all that we’ve come to know Lucifer for, but there is the need to expect more. Before this season, the show was already 57 episodes in. That is no small feat, and it does seem in shrinking to 10 episodes, rather than 13, 18, or 26, as it had previous seasons, the show wasn’t able to really build up Lucifer’s eventual return to hell. Which, all things considered, is a huge deal. Amenadiel couldn’t get him to return, among others, yet the threat of a demon uprising did.

Which, let’s face it, his return doesn’t mean the end to the trouble they can cause. He already tried to abdicate the throne, clearly his heart isn’t in it anymore, and with knowing about Charlie means there is always that option. So while you have to appreciate an ending with potential to set up another season, there comes the question if Lucifer might take advantage of the name dropping done this season or will it flail if given an additional ten episode order?

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Season/ EpisodeSynopsisEpisode InformationTopics & Focused Characters
Season 4, Episode 8 “Super Bad Boyfriend”As Lucifer comes to a crossroad, Amenadiel faces what the future may hold for his son, and we finally get an episodic story worth noting.
Director(s)Claudia Yarmy
Writer(s)Jason Ning
Air Date5/15/2019
Introduced This Episode
CalebDenny Love
  • Let The Downward Spiral Begin: Dan, Ella, Lucifer, Maze, Eve
  • The Black Experience: Caleb, Amenadiel
  • Who Am I Really?: Lucifer, Chloe, Eve, Linda
Season 4, Episode 9 “Save Lucifer”As someone learns what Dan did, Lucifer shows signs things are getting worse for him. Also, Maze begins to fall hard, and Dan finally goes to therapy.
Director(s)Lisa Demaine
Writer(s)Joe Henderson
Air Date5/8/2019
  • Admittance of Guilt: Dan, Ella
  • And I’m Telling You, I’m Not Going: Maze, Eve, Lucifer, Father Kinley
  • Fear & Self Loathing In LA: Chloe, Lucifer
Season 4, Episode 10 "Who's Da New King of Hell" [Season Finale]Season 4 of Lucifer ends on a rather strange note. If only because it seems more like a possible series finale than a season finale.
Director(s)Eagle Egilsson
Writer(s)Ildy Modrovich
Air Date5/8/2019
  • Abdicating The Throne: Lucifer, Father Kinley
  • There Will Be A King: Lucifer, Linda, Amenadiel, Father Kinley
  • Accepting What Is & What Must Be: Lucifer, Chloe, Eve, Maze, Amenadiel, Linda
Season 4, Episode 5 “Expire Erect”Just as it seems things may settle to how they were, plus Eve, a bomb gets thrown in which simply can’t be ignored.
Director(s)Viet Bguyen
Writer(s)Mike Costa
Air Date5/8/2019
  • Libido Killer: Eve, Linda, Lucifer
  • Clearing Some Things Up: Amenadiel, Eve, Lucifer, Chloe
  • You Dropped A Bomb On Me: Lucifer, Chloe, Eve
Season 4, Episode 6 “Orgy Pants To Work”Well, if you were wondering what Lucifer may do without the shackles of network TV, visiting a nudist sanctuary is the answer.
Director(s)Louis Shaw Milito
Writer(s)Aiyana White
Air Date5/8/2019
Introduced This Episode
RemielVinessa Vidotto
  • Get A Life: Maze, Eve, Lucifer
  • It’s Never Good To See Family: Remiel, Amenadiel
  • Choosing Me: Chloe, Linda, Maze, Lucifer, Eve
Season 4, Episode 7 “Devil Is As Devil Does”As Lucifer reverts back to the devil he once was, Amenadiel is forced to face Remy to protect his child. Also, Dan decides to get petty, and Maze develops a crush.
Director(s)Richard Speight, Jr
Writer(s)Jen Graham Imada
Air Date5/8/2019
  • Punishing Criminals Is The New Kink: Eve, Lucifer, Chloe
  • Not My Baby: Amenadiel, Remy, Linda, Maze
  • The Point Of No Return: Eve, Chloe, Linda, Lucifer, Father Kinley, Maze
Season 4, Episode 3 “O, Ye of Little Faith, Father”It might be the beginning of the end for Lucifer and Chloe, especially if she can’t accept who he is wholly and not just the devilish figure she came to like, maybe love.
Director(s)Jessika Borsiczky
Writer(s)Jason Ning
Air Date5/8/2019
  • Losing Faith In The System: Maze, Dan, Ella
  • Oh Ye Of Little Faith: Lucifer, Father Kinley, Linda, Amenadiel, Chloe
  • Take Me As I Am: Chloe, Lucifer
Season 4, Episode 4 “All About Eve”Eve reveals what has brought her out of heaven as Linda has a slew of scares due to the baby and it’s committed godparents.
Director(s)Sherwin Shilati
Writer(s)Chris Rafferty
Air Date5/8/2019
Introduced This Episode
EveInbar Lavi
  • It Takes A Village: Linda, Amenadiel, Maze
  • You Knew?: Maze, Linda, Chloe
  • The Banana Of My Eye: Eve, Chloe, Lucifer
Season 4, Episode 2 “Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno”Can Chloe be trusted anymore as she finds herself in bed with the Catholic Church?
Director(s)Sam Hill
Writer(s)Ildy Modrovich
Air Date5/8/2019
Introduced This Episode
Father KinleyGraham McTavish
  • The History of Lucifer: Father Kinley, Chloe
  • Looking For Purpose: Amenadiel, Linda
  • What Does Your Faith Tell You?: Father Kinley, Chloe, Lucifer
Season 4, Episode 1 “Everything’s Okay” [Season Premiere]Lucifer returns, and outside of some cheeky action, it’s largely the same – and this is perhaps the rare occasion using such a phrase is a good thing.
Director(s)Sherwin Shilati
Writer(s)Joe Henderson
Air Date5/8/2019
  • A Month Gone By: Chloe, Dan, Amenadiel, Linda, Lucifer, Maze
  • Keeping Up Appearances: Chloe, Lucifer, Maze, Trixie, Ella
  • Chloe Has A Secret: Chloe

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