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Candace ends up one step closer to death and, once more, Mrs. Regan entertains guest asking about her son, Marc, as well as Violet.

Director(s) Jeffrey W. Byrd
Writer(s) Seth M. Sherwood
Air Date 10/12/2018
Characters Introduced
Lena Harley Graham
Mrs. Regan Timi Prulhiere

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The State of Isaac: Isaac

Isaac isn’t dead, but he is in a coma. One which, even after a toxicology test, they can’t figure out what happened to him. It is just assumed he OD’d.


Isaac staged to seem like he OD'd.

Are we at the point where it is now time to ask the rules of magic? That is, does Violet perhaps have an unlimited supply, maybe that thing supplies her magic, and also there is the need to question who taught her what she knows? If she a Chucky type of magic user, meaning she just used the internet? Also, does she have to read someone’s future death for them to die? Could there be others out there, like Isaac, in some hospital bed just out of it?

Another Visit To Mrs. Regan’s: Trey, Henry, Lena, Mrs. Regan, McKenna

After Trey reveals to Henry what is going on, he agrees to help with the Violet investigation by using his connect to Marc to speak with Mrs. Regan. Leading to a far more welcoming response than Trey got when he was lone. However, when McKenna gets sick of the pleasantries and mentions Violet, as Trey was asked to leave briskly, so are Henry and McKenna.

However, then Lena, Mrs. Regan’s daughter reveals to them news clippings. A whole bunch dedicated to those Violet likely killed playing Light as a Feather over the years. Also, she drops the bomb that Marc, if anything, was pushed to his death – it wasn’t a suicide.


What are the chances Violet is keeping tabs on Mrs. Regan and what she says to anyone? For it seems she is used to people questioning Violet’s crazy and looking into what happened to her son over it. However, if that is the case, why isn’t Lena as worried? With all her obituary clippings, this means she has done her own investigation or has been part of one.

But, taking note of how Violet seemingly has a habit of using whatever powers she has, there is a further need to question her motivation. Her wanting revenge on the girls made sense. Be justice for Marc, or maybe them doing something to Violet in the past they simply don’t remember. However, if this is just her picking targets based on their social media profiles, then that immediately takes away the need to find McKenna and the rest interesting at all. They are simply unlucky and nothing more.

You’re Running Out Of Time: Alex, Violet, Candace, McKenna, Gloria

Violet wants a new game of Light as a Feather to start and so, using what she knows about Alex, she tasks her to get the gang back together. Problem is, because of Violet’s actions, everyone is not on the best terms. McKenna discovers Alex still has a stimulant pill left and with what they did to her sister, and Alex just being busted with them, she needs time to cool off. Then there is Candace.

Thanks to Violet, Candace is in a therapy program at the Daybridge Center. Seemingly, Gloria allowed them to drug her baby and take her there. Mind you, just so they wouldn’t put Candace on a psychiatric hold which would go on her permanent record. However, with them wanting to do some kind of water therapy, and drowning is how Candace dies, she does not want to go into their pool but might be forced to.


Violet feeling uncomfortable after Alex brings up Marc.

They do see that Candace is Black right? They couldn’t have gotten something to protect her hair? Instead, they just going to throw her in there? Homegirl may have only gotten her hair hit with a hot comb but do you know how much of a pain it is to deal with those? Sorry, I just had a Black moment.

Refocusing on the topic, why did Alex come for Violet and bring up Marc? Granted, Violet wouldn’t likely do anything in front of Gloria, but you already on her radar. You think, just to get the game going again, she wouldn’t just snitch on you? What does she have to lose really?

Which perhaps is why she wanted to do the game again. Maybe there is a time limit between her doing the magic and the deaths which has to be done. For while that thing in her back might be satisfied with the life-force it took from Isaac, before that it seemingly was draining her. She even looked a bit paler back then. So maybe she has to re-up or else she is dead?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Has Lena done much investigating on her own, or does she just have those news clippings and that’s it?
  2. So, what happened to grandma and what exactly did happen to Violet’s parents?


  1. With learning Violet just picks a group, tries to integrate, and uses them for the game, it almost brings a sort of Truth or Dare vibe to the show. Like, it doesn’t matter who did what, all that matters is the game keeps going and Violet isn’t the last one alive for that means she’ll end up dead.

Which is mostly being labeled a criticism because it really makes it so there is nothing to get excited about when it comes to McKenna and her friends. They really are everyday people and while that’s fine for Alex and Candace, since they have some kind of personality, it destroys all the hope I had for McKenna. Now the only thing which could make her interesting is learning it is actually Jennie and she swapped lives with her sister.

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