We finally get some clue about what Violet’s, whatever it is, can do as Candace’s life gets thoroughly ruined.

Director(s) Jeffrey W. Byrd
Writer(s) Michael Reisz
Air Date 10/12/2018
Characters Introduced
Marc Alex Lange

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The Life & Death of Marc Regan: Henry, Violet, Marc

Well, we learn Marc is dead and it was from jumping off a bridge – a suicide. Which, of course, leads to the question if Violet did it or not. However, considering how Henry used to be Marc’s tennis rival, perhaps he had something to do with Marc’s downfall? Might have even created the motive for Violet to do what she has done.


McKenna explaining who Marc Regan is.
McKenna: Marc Regan. It’s this guy that Violet dated.

I’m seriously wondering if I’m making these characters more interesting than they are by believing there is more to them than meets the eye. For example, there is the possibility there is a dark side to Henry and that he maybe sabotaged Marc in order to get into USC and onto their team. However, nothing has been said or shown which would validate that idea and, considering this show doesn’t do subtlety, if Henry was that kind of guy, we would have seen something.

So what led to Marc jumping? Was it to get away from Violet? Heck, could it be the thing in Violet’s back is the soul of Marc and it is starting to feed off of her because she hasn’t given him someone else to feed off of? Well, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.

Systematic Destruction: Candace, Violet, McKenna, Isaac, Alex

While Violet is capable of doing great and almost magical things, it’s the practical stuff which works best. For example, she and Candace are supposed to have speeches for their class president election. Candace is due to go first and so she is practicing. Violet sees the technician left the camera’s remote and so she riles up Candace. She throws her off her game by mentioning Olivia and Isaac and then gets Candace to admit she was messing around with her best friend’s boyfriend – on live inter-school TV.

With that, Alex goes off and Candace, in return, brings up her pill popping. She isn’t the only one though. Using the tidbit Isaac gave her, Violet goes digging and learns that the whole, someone dying, thing has to do with McKenna. But the icing on the cake for her is, when she wins the class president election, getting Candace to flip out in front of the entire school while playing the victim.


Violet feigning innocence, as usual.
Violet: What? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

While I appreciate the dry, almost Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka style of humor Violet has, you really going to tell me no one is starting to pick up on how weird she is? Then again, when it comes to Candace, maybe she never did shake the perception everyone had of her in elementary school of being stuck up. Add in her being seen as the chocolate Olivia, trying to claim everything that once was hers, and maybe they’re happy she is getting taken down a notch. Perhaps going crazy. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in the back wasn’t saying, “See, I told you she was a crazy b****.”

Because, really, time and place Candace. You know this girl is a possible killer, can’t be trusted, yet you fell for two traps. One in that studio and then during an assembly. I thought you were smarter than this.

You Know Too Much: Isaac, Violet, Henry, McKenna

After winning the presidency, it seems Violet wanted to do a victory lap by also sleeping with Isaac. However, while freshening up, she leaves him alone long enough to discover she is stalking McKenna – who is making out with Henry. Upon her coming out, Violet gets confronted but also starts making out with Isaac. Also, she is almost naked so his mind gets woozy. Seemingly he forgets what he is mad about and then he touches Violet’s weird thing on her back and apparently dies. Be it sucking his life force quickly, or poisoning him, he ends up with dark veins creeping up his face and seeming like he is either dead or knocked out.


Isaac after touching Violet's parasite.

With every answer comes more questions, and a bit of a WTF? Touching that thing kills you for what reason? Especially taking note it was just skin contact. So what kind of toxins or abilities does that thing have? Also, just out of curiosity, how does Violet clean it? Does it even like water? Never mind soap?

But perhaps the real question to ask is, what she going to do with the body? For unless that thing is Marc, acting as a parasite, but now able to enter Isaac’s body, she has a, let’s say, 120 boy whose body she has to get rid of. While not waking up grandma, who we will assume is still alive.


  1. We got more information on Marc as well as saw what Violet’s parasite can do.
  2. Isaac might be dead.
  3. With Candace’s life destroyed, and her increasingly acting reckless, I expect her and Violet to get into some fisticuffs.


  1. While fathoming there could be more to the cast than it seems was good for the first few episodes, now this show really is relying on Violet to make them interesting. Because she doesn’t seem to just be a predator hunting easy prey, but getting revenge, that has been a driving force in making Olivia, Alex, Candace, and especially McKenna interesting. However, outside of Alex mentioning some shoplifting, maybe giving pills to Jennie which killed her, we haven’t learned of one thing to make most of the girls interesting. More so, it is whatever theories you come up with which make them seem less dull.

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