What starts off as a potentially cute love story, featuring a madman, devolves into you begging for one man to shut up.

Director(s) Jeremy Ungar
Written By Jeremy Ungar
Date Released 10/5/2018
Genre(s) Thriller
Good If You Like Psychopaths Who Talk Too Much
Noted Cast
James Jessie T. Usher
Jessica Bella Thorne
Bruno Will Brill

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It’s after 10 PM and James, a struggling actor, is just trying to make some money driving people around in his personal vehicle. The night starts off good with Jessica, this cute singer who, if James didn’t need the money, he would have joined at some party she is going to. However, he had to find another ride and unfortunately that ride is Bruno. Someone who seems alright at first, though a little weird, but by 43 minutes into the film, you realize he is bats*** crazy. Why? Possibly a breakup, being tired of people not living their lives to the fullest? Who knows? The only real question is whether Jessica and James may survive the night or be killed. Which Bruno is very much capable of, killing them that is.

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It Makes The Idea Of Becoming a Gig-Economy Driver Terrifying

Bruno (Will Brill) quoting The Dark Knight.
Bruno (Will Brill): Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Though a thriller, not a horror movie, the idea of driving for Lyft or Uber, for extra cash seems like a good idea – until you think of Bruno. Someone who seems cool, maybe a little bit too friendly, but is actually insane. And it is with that fear the movie gets a little bit interesting for you don’t know how James is going to figure out a way to handle this man.

Usher’s Richard II Monologue

Is it wrong to say some of the best dialog in the movie did not come from the person who wrote it? Usher’s monologue from Richard II, while not at the level you’d hire him immediately, if you were a casting director, or makes you want to follow his career, was a notable moment. Definitely one of the few positive things you’ll remember when all is said and done.

On The Fence

Bruno Was Doing So Well, But Then He Started To Talk Too Much

Bruno (Will Brill) watching Jessica and James dance.
Bruno (Will Brill)

At first, Bruno was a Sam Rockwell or Ryan Gosling kind of crazy. A little annoying, but still rather funny. However, as time went on, and he just couldn’t shut up, his jokes became dry and you ended up hoping between a cop, or someone grabbing that magnum he had, someone would shut him up. For he goes from one of the best parts of the movie to what makes you glad this is barely over an hour.

Bella Thorne’s Singing

Like Usher gets a chance to show off his acting skills, Thorne gets a chance to show off her singing and… well, it just wasn’t for me. Take note, part of her fame came from being on the Disney Channel back when every lead actress had to sing, dance, and act good enough for their quality of entertainment. So, it could very well be, with a gun pointed to her head, she just was going through the motions.

However, it didn’t take away from me being glad I wasn’t in a theater, so I could skip 10 seconds, by 10 seconds rather than suffer.

Overall: Mixed (Divisive) | Purchase Or Rent On (Amazon)

What will make or break this film for you is Bruno. With him waving a gun around, making him the driving force of the movie, how you take his humor and philosophy will determine if you’ll enjoy the film. Hence the mixed label for while I think you’ll like him at first, after about 10 or so minutes, you may wish that he would just shoot himself or James and Jessica could successfully get away.

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