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TV Show Poster - The Boys

The Boys: Season 1 – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Like many shows which use violence as a selling point, The Boys’ use of gore and shock wears off fast. Thankfully, however, there is a sense of emotional depth to compensate.
Title Card - The Boys Season 1

Amazon Prime’s The Boys: Cast, Characters & Descriptions (with Spoilers)

A character guide for Amazon Prime’s The Boys featuring cast members names, character descriptions, and noteworthy information.

The Boys: Season 1, Episode 1 “The Name Of The Game” [Series Premiere] –...

The Boys gives us Greco-Roman style god-like heroes, and reminds us of the dark side the MCU and DCU don't show.
Title Card - Shaft (2019)

Shaft (2019) – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

Shaft (2019) somehow balances being modern, funny, old school, and a bad mother****er without losing a beat or pushing you to check your watch.
Title card for Ride.

Ride – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

What starts off as a potentially cute love story, featuring a madman, devolves into you begging for one man to shut up. Director(s) Jeremy Ungar Written By Jeremy Ungar Date Released 10/5/2018 Genre(s) Thriller Good If You Like Psychopaths Who Talk Too Much Noted Cast James Jessie...