As Violet takes a jab at Alex, so comes the need to get more information about Violet. Which seemingly will be McKenna’s task.

Director(s) Chad Lowe
Writer(s) Seth M. Sherwood
Air Date 10/12/2018

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Just Like Old Times: Trey, McKenna

Back when Jennie was alive, it seemed neither her nor Trey would use the front door. They’d just use Jennie’s window, which so happened to face Trey’s room. Which, when McKenna pushes herself to enter the room, she spots Trey who decides it is time for another attempt to chat. Leading to him revealing Olivia recounted what Violet said about how she was going to die before it happened. Thus pushing him to Candace’s side in thinking something is seriously wrong with Violet and he is going to help McKenna find out what.


McKenna wondering why Trey is trying to help her investigate Violet?
McKenna: Um… “we?”

What do butterflies symbolize? They were all over Jennie’s door and they fill Violet’s room in episode 2. That thought aside, I more and more believe that Jennie and Trey had something going on – the setup is too perfect. His window across from hers, mention of them sneaking in and out through the window, you cannot tell me they weren’t love birds. If not, at the very least, best friends. Which might be why McKenna has issues with Trey, on top of the pill thing. He would be the one who took her twin away from her.

Taking It All Away: Violet, Alex, Candace, Isaac

Taking out Olivia may have been done in one swoop but the other girls? Violet wants to dismantle them little by little. For starters, she might have taken Candace’s man, Isaac, and plans to run against her for Olivia’s former, class president, position. Then with Alex, she sliced open her bag and makes it so, while leaving dance practice, all her pills spill out and her coach sees. Leading to the possibility of her being expelled.


Candace learning Violet is going to run for student government class president.
Candace: You gotta be kidding me.

I love how they can be obvious with the fact Violet cut Alex’s bag but the reason Violet has this vendetta against these girls remains an utter mystery. I can see why she would have an issue with Olivia and definitely Candace, but why Alex? She doesn’t even talk behind Violet’s back.

Which pushes the idea, something had to have happened in the past. Before Jennie died, these girls must have been hell-raisers and one day did something to Violet. Well, if not her then maybe this Marc Regan person who Violet has a shrine to. But more on that next.

Getting To Know You: Henry, McKenna, Violet, Trey

The day really did seem to start off okay for McKenna. The night before she shared with Trey her seeing things and her fears, and she had a decent night’s sleep. Well, a slight nightmare, but not on the level of what she has been getting lately. Then, in the morning, Henry stops by and alongside asking of her to possibly become an “us” they kiss.

But, from there, it goes downhill. Two birds smash into Henry’s windshield and McKenna realizes she has to take it upon herself to investigate Violet. Leading to her going into her house and looking about. Only to find newspaper clippings and a shrine to a guy named Marc Regan. Someone Violet may have known at one time but it isn’t made clear if he is dead, like her parents, or if maybe he left her? All that is clear is that Violet has secrets.

Also, it is made clear that she has some kind of abilities, maybe due to that thing which is eating away at her, and they include reading how someone may die.


Violet possibly thinking McKenna is actually Jennie.
Violet: Jennie

We’re almost at the halfway mark and now I strongly feel the need for a serious info drop. Violet clearly has, at the very least, some type of clairvoyance which allows her to see into people’s futures. But, when she checked McKenna’s, she kept getting blocked. So, are we to believe who we think is McKenna is actually Jennie? If not Jennie is protecting McKenna from the other side?

Also, you already don’t trust this girl, right? Why in the hell would you sleep over? You are going to let yourself be that level of vulnerable with someone you think is capable of murder? While you are in their house where they could set up a multitude of things to make it look like you died on accident? I get these girls are 17 or 18, but if Candace can know what’s up, what is everyone else’s excuse for not being aware and proactive?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

The parasite looking thing on Violet's back.

  1. Is the thing in Violet’s back alive? Also, did she put it in there, was born with it, or something else?


  1. We got some information on Jennie.


  1. There is a serious need to learn Violet’s motive and learn more of her background. She already has our attention but it the interest in her, and the show, is starting to slip.

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