Violet begins to work her magic and all in one night, she gets so much accomplished. Leading you to wonder, between that thing in her back or a accomplice, did she do it all alone? Network Hulu Director(s) Alexis Ostrander Writer(s) R. Lee Fleming, Jr. Air Date 10.12.2018 Characters Introduced Henry Dylan Sprayberry Noreen Chachi…

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Violet begins to work her magic and all in one night, she gets so much accomplished. Leading you to wonder, between that thing in her back or a accomplice, did she do it all alone?

Director(s) Alexis Ostrander
Writer(s) R. Lee Fleming, Jr.
Air Date 10.12.2018
Characters Introduced
Henry Dylan Sprayberry
Noreen Chachi Gonzales
Gloria Shelley Robertson

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We Got To Talk About Violet: Candace, Alex, McKenna, Olivia, Violet, Noreen, Gloria

Straight up, Candace doesn’t like Violet, doesn’t trust her, and isn’t really all that into her being part of their group. I’m talking, when Alex starts to choke, like how Violet said she would, Candace doesn’t even trust Violet to give the girl the Heimlich. But, Olivia kind of needs Violet to stay in the group. With her in, it helps save her from seeming like the bully Noreen wants her to seem like.

Now, as for why Noreen has beef with Olivia? That’s anyone’s guess. All we know is Violet is good PR so she is even invited to Olivia’s birthday party. One which McKenna was quite excited about but with Violet disappearing during the party, she gets in two hours past curfew and gets grounded. Thus leading her to originally think she isn’t going to Olivia’s party. However, Violet already brought the dress and says she has a way to sneak McKenna out.

So begins McKenna’s journey to the dark side.


I think we can all just assume Noreen lost to Olivia in the school election and is pissed right? Maybe because Olivia used her family wealth to give herself the upper hand? Then again, with the comment Alex makes, seemingly while high on something, maybe there is more to Olivia than meets the eye? Perhaps she, and the rest of the girls, aren’t as sweet as they appear eh?

Take the way Candace is handling Violet, for example, though we know she crazy, what is sending off red flags for Candace? Is it just how creepy that game was, the $400 dress? Why would that lead you to believe a person can’t be trusted with helping someone who is choking?

Gloria (Shelley Robertson) talking to Candace about not feeling second to Olivia.
Gloria (Shelley Robertson): You are never in that girl’s shadow, Candace Preston.

Also, can we talk about Gloria’s pep talk? Has there been issues with Candace feeling she had to back down or take second position to let Olivia shine? If not been given a guilt trip over actively competing with Olivia? Lest we forget, she is the newest one to the group and it could very well be Olivia was one of the people spreading rumors. You never know. Yet, between being alone and within a group, maybe Candace bit the bullet?

Oh, and one last thing, how in the world did Violet end up being the one who pushed McKenna to do something bad? Are you seriously telling me between Olivia and Alex, neither one of them have ever gotten McKenna to break curfew or sneak out? Get outta here!

Go Shorty, It’s Your Birthday: Olivia, Violet, Isaac, Candace, Alex, Henry, McKenna, Deb

At first, Olivia’s party goes well. McKenna snuck out so she is there, Isaac got her this beautiful bracelet, but then it quickly turned to crap. It begins with Alex taking whatever pills she is into and deciding to reveal Olivia shoplifted with her a few years ago. To follow that up, Candace and Isaac sneak off to make out and Violet helps her discover that is happening.

The same flow happens with McKenna. Things start good with her and Henry dancing, then getting some alone time, which includes him confiding in her about how USC really is for him. However, no sooner does it seem she may get the kiss she dreamed of for years, drunk as a skunk Deb shows up and off McKenna goes.


Violet pretending to be concerned as Olivia's world burns.
Violet: Olivia, wait

Violet works quickly, doesn’t she? Barely been in town a week and wrecked McKenna’s relationship with her mom, she reveals to Olivia that Isaac and Candace have a thing, and may have poisoned Alex. I don’t know what that thing is within her back but apparently it is sending signals up her spinal cord and making her efficient as hell.

But, backing things up a bit, what is Isaac and Candace’s story? They gave each other glances in the first episode, have the audacity to make out during Olivia’s party, so why weren’t they together in the first place? What kept Isaac from breaking up with Olivia and sneaking around with Candace as a single man? I’m really starting to think Olivia must have the ability to wield some kind of power we have yet to see. Why does it seem people are either afraid of her or hate her?

Jumping back to Alex, I wanna assumed she might have been poisoned but considering how she seemed after dance or cheerleading practice, when she was giving the coach attitude, is that just how she is? Throw in some pills and it just amplifies the personality she naturally has? Leads you to wonder, is the character development being handled in a peeling the onion kind of way? Layer by layer we’ll get to know these girls more and learn some are rotten at their cores?

Worse. Birthday. Ever: Trey, Olivia, Violet

One friend exposes her for shoplifting, the other is making out with her man, this causes Olivia to decide to use her brand-new car and go driving. Mind you, the ever so thoughtful Violet gave the child, who barely ate, some rum to help calm her nerves before leading her to learn she is being cheated on. So on top of being angry, she is drunk.

Leading to one accident. However, it isn’t the one Violet predicted. That accident comes later when Trey’s car flips, for reasons unknown, after he picks her up. Leaving him looking fine but Olivia? Well, not only is she dead but she may have to have a closed casket for her funeral.


Olivia's arm.

All I want to know is whether Trey is involved. Simple request. Violet seems a little too quick to the game so it pushes the idea someone had to help. Granted, this could be like You where a Google search and social media told Violet all she needed to know. However, Trey showing up on that random road, stopping rather than passing Olivia by, that was curious to me. Especially since he just badmouthed Olivia earlier that day.

Also, how in the world that boy had a few scratches on him and Olivia lost an arm? Worse than that if Olivia’s full story came true. There had to be planning right? That is the only thing which would make sense. But, say this was an accident-accident, what caused it? The truck in Olivia’s vision left already. So what led Trey to flipping his car? Something that isn’t all that easy unless you are very reckless. Something I can’t believe Trey would be doing since he was just working on that car earlier. Though, then again, maybe he put some mechanism in there so that he would be protected and the passenger would be left all messed up.

You never know.


  1. Violet is definitely living up to expectations.
  2. Arguably, mostly due to Disney fame, Peyton List is the most famous person on this show. The fact she died in episode 2 puts everyone on notice and makes them eligible to kick the bucket.

On The Fence

  1. I need, within the next two episodes, a bit more on Deb and her drinking problem. Also, I need some Alex and Candace character development stat.
  2. Henry and McKenna are cute. Not to the point I’m mad he is going back to school on Sunday, assuming he doesn’t drop out because of his sister, but they are cute.

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