Liar: Season 2 Episode 1 [Season Premiere] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

In “Liar’s” return, a new victim is introduced, and a new detective to handle who murdered Andrew – and she first sets her sights on Laura.

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Title Card - Liar Season 2 Episode 1

In “Liar’s” return, a new victim is introduced, and a new detective to handle who murdered Andrew – and she first sets her sights on Laura.

Directed By James Strong
Written By Harry Williams, Jack Williams
Aired (itv) 3/2/2020
Introduced This Episode
Carl Howard Charles
Winnie Amy Nuttal
Olly Taylor Bent-Green
Karen Katherine Kelly

Plot/ Recap

The Blame Game: Carl, Winnie

One of Andrew’s victims, Winnie, is having a bit of an issue beyond the PTSD which comes from being raped. It is in the form of her partner, Carl, who formerly blamed Winnie, blaming himself, and that complicating their relationship. One both seem very much to want, but Carl is so stuck in his head that it makes Winnie have to work hard to get anything to happen.

Though considering the blood Carl wipes off from a hook in his boat, maybe Carl’s issues deal less with Winnie and more with his own conscience.

Still Spiraling: Katy, Laura, Liam

After Liam leaving her and Laura finding out about who she was having an affair with, while Tom remains nowhere to be seen, Katy is very much in love with any alcohol she can find. Which for Liam is an issue since she is missing pick up with the kids, and while they aren’t necessarily affected, yet, he is worried. Hence him calling Laura, who still isn’t on the best terms with her sister, but that is still her blood. So after discovering she is okay, just a hot mess, she has fulfilled her former sister-in-law duties.

A Man On The Run: Andrew, Olly, Katy

In the episode, things are split between when Laura and Andrew met, three weeks before the discovery of his body, and after his corpse is found. During the three weeks before segment, we watch as Andrew plans his escape and uses a man named Olly to retrieve the things he can’t since he is wanted. But, while he gets most of the things, what he doesn’t get is Andrew’s car keys. This is something Katy picks up, and those keys become rather important after we jump ahead.

The Murder Investigation Begins: Karen, Laura, Rory, Vanessa, Ian

A woman named Karen Renton is tasked with heading the investigation into Andrew’s murder, and she hones in on Laura. She talks to her at her job, investigates Ian, who has a history of violence, and even brings Rory on to provide assistance. Something he isn’t necessarily comfortable with, since murder isn’t his thing, especially after the videos he was of Andrew raping women. However, Karen gives him no choice.

Also, in terms of Laura being put under a microscope, Vanessa, Rory’s former partner, gives him no choice but to push Laura to be seen as a possible perpetrator. Now, mind you, he would rather not have Laura be bombarded by Karen and treated as anything but one of Andrew’s victims. But, with the case not being his, Rory’s ability to protect Laura is limited, and so a warrant to search her home is given, and the worst thing happens.

Down You Go: Liam, Laura, Karen, Rory

What is the worst thing? Well, Andrew’s car keys being in a nightstand with her claiming she doesn’t know why. However, with Vanessa revealing what happened at the boatyard, and that key appearing, Karen latches onto the idea that she can make Laura sweat and say something revealing. This isn’t to say she thinks Laura is guilty, as she tells a concerned Rory, but it isn’t looking good for Laura right now. Hence her calling Liam, the only person she can really rely on, who formerly was a lawyer, to provide assistance.

Review/ Commentary

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So Many Potential Killers

Karen (Katherine Kelly) arriving on the scene.
Karen (Katherine Kelly)

With 19 victims, and then their friends and family, we are given a plethora of people capable of killing Andrews. Much less, considering Andrew’s throat was slit, it means someone wanted him to die horribly – making it clear his death was personal. But, with 19 victims and only knowing Laura, Vanessa, and now Winnie, that leaves about 16 more we need to get to know.

Helping Ease The Gap Between Seasons

It has been more than two years since the end of “Liar” season 1. With that, names have been forgotten, storylines and the only thing that wasn’t hard to remember was Andrew being a rapist. So feeling like we were eased back in, with a reminder of how nice Andrew once seemed, his run from the law, and who some of his victims were, helped immensely.

On The Fence

Katy’s Downward Spiral

As noted in the season 1 review, Katy’s whole situation doesn’t feel worth the screen time given. Granted, she is the reason Andrew and Laura met, went on a date, and Laura got raped, and her messing with Laura’s ex-husband is part of the reason Laura’s mental health isn’t at its best. Thus making her a necessary evil in more ways than one. But, her downfall doesn’t even inspire feelings of “THAT’S WHAT YOU GET!” She is just a sad woman, who unfortunately has kids, who is struggling and taking up valuable time.


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So Many Potential Killers - 89%
Helping Ease The Gap Between Seasons - 85%
Katy’s Downward Spiral - 75%


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