Let The Right One In: Season 1/ Episode 9 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

The penultimate episodes of “Let The Right One In” will make you rush through the end credits to have some hint of what’s in the season finale.

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Isaiah saying he loves Eleanor

The penultimate episode of “Let The Right One In” will make you rush through the end credits to have some hint of what’s in the season finale.

Aired (Showtime) 12/2/2022
Episode Title Monster
Director(s) Hiromi Kamata
Writer(s) Laura Marks
Introduced This Episode
Debra Harper Dale Dickey


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That’s It, I Quit, I’m Moving On – Peter, Claire, Matthew

Peter choosing Chris over Claire, despite all her sacrifices for Peter’s benefit, triggers her thinking that it is time to exit this project. She still has a job out west, and this has gone further than she is comfortable with.

At least that’s her initial feeling until Matthew reveals someone besides the cops are looking for her. This leads her to set boundaries and expectations with Peter, so he knows if he betrays her again, that’s it for her.

In Too Deep – Naomi, Ben, Debra

Debra Harper (Dale Dickey) working with Naomi on her investigation
“Debra Harper (Dale Dickey) working with Naomi on her investigation,” Let The Right One In, “Monster,” directed by Hiromi Kamata, 2022, (Showtime)

Naomi gets called into her lieutenant’s office and thinks Claire made a complaint, so she is ready to take the fall and protect Ben. However, what Naomi ends up finding herself in is part of an Interpol investigation led by a woman named Debra Harper. Naomi testing Frank’s coin leads to a partial print that triggered Debra’s arrival, and with her having at least two kills with the same pattern of draining the victim and the victim being a sex offender, she thinks Naomi’s case might be connected to hers.

And she wouldn’t be wrong.

I Hear You Were Looking For Me – Claire, Peter, Mark, Eleanor, Matthew, Isaiah, Naomi

With Matthew handling the cop situation, Mark finds himself in an unfortunate position. Matthew is aware of Roland’s visit to investigate Mark, and Roland ending up mangled in the sewers is worth questioning. Pair that with Mark living next to Naomi and lying about it? It makes the only thing Matthew could potentially like or respect about Mark is that he was willing to be tortured rather than talk.

However, Matthew gets what he needs, and with that, one of Matthew’s guys is sent to extract Eleanor who, unfortunately, is in the same room as Isaiah; thus, his life is at risk. But, with Naomi pushing Eleanor to recognize her power, she turns the tables on her would-be captor and forces him to take her to where Mark is. There, she sees Mark after being tortured further, and she snaps. She rips one guy’s head off, feeds on another, and it isn’t until Matthew’s arrival, with Claire in the car, that there is a pause in the violence.

Now, why is Claire there with Matthew? Well, Matthew feels it might behoove Claire to take this meeting once Mark revealed why he came to speak to Claire. However, what she and Matthew may not have expected was how capable Mark and Eleanor are. For while Matthew is originally able to control the situation by taking advantage of the sun rising up, Eleanor has a bit of bloodlust at this point, and anyone threatening her dad is a target. But, again, Matthew knows enough about Peter to know that sunlight could give him an advantage, but since Mark was freed from his bindings by Eleanor before Matthew showed up, he can end the fight with a gun found after Eleanor’s massacre.

Thus leaving Mark to get Eleanor out safely and begin getting things together for their escape. This is a bit of bad timing for Naomi since she really wants to commit to her case and make sure Isaiah is taken care of, but with Mark using the cover of a family matter in Mexico, he makes it clear they are leaving and likely not coming back. And as he says this to Naomi, Eleanor is saying her goodbyes to Isaiah, with whom she exchanges the words “I love you.”

Claire greeting Mark at his door
“Claire greeting Mark at his door,” Let The Right One In, “Monster,” directed by Hiromi Kamata, 2022, (Showtime)

But, before they can take off into the night, Claire is at Mark’s door, and we’re left to wonder after all that was done the day before, why would she put herself at risk like this?

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. After Roland, Matthew, and now a few others dying, what’s left of Matthew’s drug distribution organization?
  2. Does Claire expect Mark to become the new Matthew?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Mark getting what he asked and prayed for, but not realizing the new sacrifices expected for what he wants

Collected Quote(s)

I may not be objective, but I’m not stupid.
— Naomi


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Eleanor Embracing Her Power

It is repeated multiple times in this episode that Eleanor is 22, and with her attacking her father’s captors, it seems she may start the process of catching up to her age. It is hard to say whether it will be like Claudia in “Interview With The Vampire,” where Eleanor tries to age herself up with makeup, changing how she dresses or anything physical. But, what seems clear is that with her killing people and being very capable and willing to justify it, she isn’t going to allow herself to be infantilized anymore.

Things Have Gotten Exciting For Claire

Claire has lost her safety net in Matthew, and with that, it is time to see who she really is and what she is capable of. There is a major difference between Matthew organizing and handling everything, and Claire being able to work behind the scenes, and her having to leave the mansion, meet people like Mark, and potentially get her hands dirty.

Now, this isn’t to say when it came to Chris and the chimps, she didn’t put in some work. However, having to talk to what’s left of Matthew’s people, maybe see if Mark is willing to help, and potentially having to keep Peter fed? It’s a brand new chapter for her.

Mark Is Running Out Of Time

Mark noting to Naomi that he is leaving New York for Mexico
“Mark noting to Naomi that he is leaving New York for Mexico,” Let The Right One In, “Monster,” directed by Hiromi Kamata, 2022, (Showtime)

With Mark’s case becoming international via INTERPOL, an international crime-fighting organization with 194 countries taking part, Mark is seriously in danger now. Note: INTERPOL is a coordinator, like the UN, more so than an entity capable of enforcing international or local laws. But, Mark being on their radar, and Naomi wanting to atone for killing someone who was an exploited addict? That means his ass is grass.

Add in her potentially feeling used and the fact she trusted him around her son? Oh, vengeance is going to be so real.

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Isaiah saying he loves Eleanor
Let The Right One In: Season 1/ Episode 9 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
With Matthew dead, Naomi's investigation pointing her towards Mark, and Eleanor embracing her strength and how deadly she can be? What the finale will hold and tease for a second season is something worth getting excited about.
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Mark Is Running Out Of Time
Things Have Gotten Exciting For Claire
Eleanor Embracing Her Power

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  1. Nice breakdown as usual. Really liked that. For me this was one heck of an episode, from start to finish. I will say this season has been great.

    – Direction. The director of this ep was Hiromi Kamata(I’m glad you list the names of the directors and writers in your review). This director knows her stuff. Her attention of details to the lightening and piecing the scenes together was incredible. She got the characters right and created some good action sequences. I would love to see her back in season 2 as one of the main directors. That beat at the end of the episode ending the camera on Mark and Ellie was some good editing. Wow.

    – Story. Man the scenes with Isiah and Ellie so good. So so good. The talk, the conversation, the quiet moments. So good. Ellie being upset with her dad. Looking for dad. Ellie taking charge. The conversation with the bad guy. All so well shot and just well done. I generally felt like I was watching a movie. Isaiah talking to his mom and praying and wanting it to count. His devotion and connection to Eleanor. Just so many moments. The torture of Mark body and mind. Trying to save Ellie and save her soul, all the while being torture. Probably thinking how did it come to this. How will Eleanor survive if he dies now? Claire, feeling betrayed by her brother and sadden by Matthew death, making her realize she’s just been so weak the entire and going full on villain now. The actions scenes just marvelous. I wanted more but very happy with it not being over done. The ending so sad. What does the future for the Ellie and Isaiah? What will become of Isaiah, Ellie and Mark? The investigation with Naomi and now Interpol. What is Naomi thinking? Does she suspect Mark or someone else? Wow.

    The title of the episode is called Monster. I am certain it’s easy to say Eleanor became the “Monster” but I feel maybe not. I feel in some ways, Mark with all good intentions, is still not ashamed and maybe scared of Eleanor. Ellie said again that Mark couldn’t look at her(just like in the first episode) and she’s right. Mark, in ep 8, loudly blame Ellie for the death of her mom/his wife. This is of course why Eleanor was upset and refuse to answer her phone. Mark can’t accept it, he keeps blaming himself, but I still think he blames Eleanor. She seems to sense that too.

    The other Monster is Claire. Did you notice her attitude changed? Did you noticed she was wearing all black? LOL that was not lost on me. I think Monster is gonna be Claire. I am actually scared for Eleanor and Mark now. I sense Claire with nothing but revenge on her mind tbh.

    Monsters could also refer to Matthews and his henchmen. They were some slimey bastards. And I’m not sad Mat was killed, he was torturing Mark and even threaten his family and in episode 8, Isaiah, so yeah bye bye Mat. However, I would not be surprise if Claire gets Peter to make her an undead Matthew and his army. Yikes

    That’s it. It was great episode. If this was the season finale, I would had said bravo! It felt very season finaley but gladly we have another episode.

    1. – Story and Direction: For me, that is one of the big draws here; while there is a lot of action and Ellie and Isaiah are minors, there is an effort made to sit in an emotion rather than race through every feeling. We get to see them process, try to be strong and not break, even with knowing they can be vulnerable with one another. It really shows you that, as much as they love each other, they don’t want to be a burden on one another.

      As for Claire being a monster, I can see it. But, I think she is a monster because she has run out of options to avoid becoming a monster. Matthew created a level of separation so she didn’t have to kidnap people, either for Peter to feed or for experiments. Also, he is the one who gave her space away from the drug dealing too. Heck, throw in Arthur, he likely paid for her education with the method and money she long damned. So Claire’s whole life has been about someone protecting her innocence, similar to how Mark has for Ellie. Which is a interesting parallel to me.

      As for Matthew, a part of me wants to give him grace. He is a veteran who sounded messed up when he got out, and Arthur helped him immensely. So, from what it seems, as much as he could be a monster, he is a monster like Mark. He is serving a master who needs him to do what he does, because he is capable of it.

      1. I could give Matthew forgiven BUT let’s not forget the conversation in the car between him and Claire. Matthew went to Naomi Apt to take her out and Claire knew about it. Man, I can’t forgive that. And Claire even cosign it too. Which further makes her a Monster in my eyes. She’s more like her father than she’s willing to admit.

        – The story and writing and the pace is what set this series apart from many others. It could go pure action and be nothing more and that might satisfy some for a while. But I’m with you I like a good story that’s well balanced. That is why this series resonate with me.
        If we didn’t have Eleanor and Isaiah being part of this crazy world it would just be another show , perhaps. Its almost Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet.

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