Julia: Season 1/ Episode 5 “Crepes Suzette” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Julia ending her show

As Julia sees how far-reaching her influence is, Alice tries to deal with her receiving little to no credit, never mind the benefits of the deal she made for Julia.

As Julia sees how far-reaching her influence is, Alice tries to deal with her receiving little to no credit, never mind the benefits of the deal she made for Julia.

Aired (HBO) 4/14/2022
Directed By Jenee LaMarque
Written By Emily Bensinger
Introduced This Episode
James Christian Clemenson
Claire Heather Burns
Virginia Adriane Lenox

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


With Alice securing Julia to a whole new audience, she is a bit peeved that she did the work but can’t enjoy the spoils. Russ is the one who gets to go to San Francisco with Julia, while Alice is stuck behind in Boston dealing with her mother, Virginia, having no sympathy for the unfairness that weighs on her. But, with everyone asking for Alice and thinking she runs things, Russ doesn’t really get to enjoy what Alice started.

Now, as for Julia? Things are quite a gas for her but humbling for Paul. Her rising star makes it so Paul finds himself just spending time with his sister Claire and catching up, as Julia is taken around town by her friend and fellow cook, James, who takes her out to eat and to a local gay club where Julia meets an impersonator.

At first, she seems uneasy about the idea, but as she feels all the love in the room, she becomes quite a bit of a ham. This, of course, fuels James throughout the night for he rarely has this much fun, but in time it seems Julia is due back home before she turns into a pumpkin. Which saddens James since he seems to live a lonely life, but it’s times like these which give him something to look forward to.

Things To Note

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I don’t want to hear about how hard it is. I want to hear what you’re going to do about it.
— Virginia



James & The Lonely Life

What makes James an interesting character is that you can see some parallels between him and Julia. Both are tall, distinct, and full of personality, but they live a very different life. Julia has Paul and doesn’t need to do as much as James. From what it seems, while James has his community, there is a part of him that appears to need to be the life of the party and to keep it going, for he knows the silence that comes when everyone goes home will be deafening.

Alice and Virginia’s Relationship

It’s interesting to watch a mother/daughter duo, especially two Black women, who have a relationship that isn’t volatile but also isn’t without love. There is a balance that feels rarely afforded, and to watch Alice open up to her mom and wish for more than Virginia might be willing to give, for she has no time for Alice’s moaning and groaning, it’s an interesting dynamic. One I hope we get to see more of.

The Realization Of One’s Value

What you have to appreciate seeing, especially when Julia went to the drag show, is how Julia is loved for being herself, not for what she can make for others or how she can directly support them. Her existence is the gift. Her willingness to make mistakes, even on camera, and make the best of it is inspirational. Her being this tall woman, not hiding the least bit and rarely making herself small, is notable. Especially since she never uses her size to diminish the stature of others. It is why Julia Child remains a legend who, in films, documentaries, and now on television once more, is revisited over and over.

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