Jessica Jones: Season 1/ Episode 1 "AKA Ladies Night" [Series Premiere] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Like the majority of comic book adaptations in the modern age, Jessica Jones is dark, brooding, and somber. Making it so perhaps the one unique trait the show may have is the fact it has a female lead.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

While it is only just the beginning, it also seems like the end. Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is no longer a superhero, yet she has this new life as a private investigator. One which mostly seems to focus on helping people catch cheating spouses, but then comes this new case. One which involves what seems to be an old love interest named Kilgrave (David Tennant). Someone who has caused such horrors in Jessica’s life that he has left her with PTSD.

Now left with a flight or fight decision, Jessica has found herself either having to decide between her own safety or perhaps once more fighting for others. Especially after witnessing what Kilgrave does to poor little Hope (Erin Moriarty).


Like many, I’m sure, I know of Ritter for her comedic roles. Well, this is a complete 180 turn and she is very convincing as the borderline miserable Jones. To the point where it shows her diversity as an actress and the possibility of her deserving to be taken more seriously in the future.

Low Points

While Ritter presents an ok lead, there isn’t anyone, for me, which really grabs onto you and makes this a show worth either doing a Netflix marathon or even just watching at leisure. No comic relief is presented, and though Ritter’s performance of a superhero with PTSD, and other issues, fits, there is this lack of charisma which doesn’t grab hold of you. Thus leaving you with characters which are decent, yes, but without anyone who you want to root for, hope are in the next scene, or even downright hate to the point you hope they are arrested or dead by the time the season is over.

On The Fence

At this point, I feel the cases Jones takes, as well as her relationship to Luke Cage, are the only things which may keep me watching this season to the very end. Granted, Tennant hasn’t shown up yet, but I’m not strongly familiar with his work so his name being associated with the series does nothing for me.

Final Thoughts

Jessica Jones is not one of the big stars of the Marvel Universe, and with the casting of Ritter, it seems the choice was to make this about the character more so than the actor. But, with that said, being that there is a need to adjust to Ritter not playing some shrill character, and the opinion that she doesn’t have the charisma which often makes Marvel leads interesting, it seems like this season may very well be an uphill battle. Though, with the former Dr. Who actor David Tennant yet to appear as this season’s, or series’, villain, there remains one person who perhaps can give it the hook it needs to keep you from switching to a different offering from Netflix, or to a different website altogether.

Overall, though, I’d say to Stick Around. For while no character may stand out, and at times it seems the dullness of the show is weakly medicated with violence and sex, the story may just have potential. For between us fully getting to understand what led Jones to turning P.I., witnessing her relationships with Luke Cage (Mike Cotter) and Malcolm (Eka Darville), as well as seeing how she handles Kilgrave, it could just be we are just watching the foundation being built, and will be amazed once all is said and done.

Things To Note

I’m likely going to watch the whole series but I’m not covering the rest of the season. It just isn’t the type of show I feel can remain entertaining if you look at it under a microscope.

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