Claudia (Delainey Hayles)
Claudia (Delainey Hayles)

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Plot Recap

While Invited, Remember You Are A Guest – Daniel, Armand, Louis

Sometimes, it isn’t clear why Daniel decides to play games. He knows Armand and Louis can read his mind, twist it, manipulate it, and physically break him. Yet, he tries to use the same tactics he would use against any subject to force the truth. However, rather than take Louis and Armand seriously, he laughs, mocks, and even calls some of Louis’ life akin to a telenovela.

Daniel (Eric Bogosian)
Daniel (Eric Bogosian)

For doing so, Armand and Louis bring up Daniel’s ex-wife, Alice. They recount his first failed attempt to propose and pick him apart, so, even if he is reeling from the dissolution of his relationship, maybe even finds himself questioning Louis’ memory of things, he doesn’t forget he is in the presence of vampires, elders, in many ways, and what he has been given is a privilege, not a right, and they don’t have to kill him to harm him.

Pigalle: The Theater Of Vampires – Louis, Claudia, Armand, Santiago

It takes five months for Louis and Claudia to learn there are other vampires in Paris, and what led to the introduction is Louis cruising. Armand saw him and invited him to the Theater of Vampires for a free show, and while Louis was a bit uncomfortable with how bold and uninhibited those like Santiago are, Claudia believes she has found her people.

Santiago and the crew are as prideful as Lestat but don’t have the attitude, and honestly, the only thing keeping this whole experience from being perfect is not only Lestat being a co-founder of the theater troupe but Louis’ inability to hide away his thoughts. Luckily, only Armand picks up on him hiding something and is accepting of it. But he warns Louis to be careful for the others, who aren’t as smitten and may not be as kind when piecing together who Louis and Claudia are and their secrets.

Cast Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Daniel Eric Bogosian
Louis Jacob Anderson
Claudia Delainey Hayles
Armand Assad Zaman
Santiago Ben Daniels


Santiago (Ben Daniels)
Santiago (Ben Daniels)

The lead actor of the Theater of Vampires, Santiago, relishes in the spotlight and holds everyone’s attention. It’s one of the reasons Armand was attracted to him at one time. However, with Louis nodding off during one of his performances, the two have been enemies ever since.



Changing Claudia’s Actress Allowed The Character To Age

While both Claudias in the show are baby-faced and barely in their 20s, Hayles has a different vibe. She presents the idea that the years have gone by and Claudia has truly matured and, admittedly, since she isn’t the original Claudia, the bane you may think would be there quickly is gone.

Why? Similar to “House of the Dragon” or “My Brilliant Friend,” which swapped actors, it feels like a whole new chapter is given an exclamation point by bringing in a new actor. In order for you to see growth, it isn’t just the makeup, costumes, or maybe the attitude that has to change, but the person.

And again, even though the age difference is probably slight, and the only notable difference is the voice and facial features, something about Hayles’ performance makes the time jump less of how the world has changed and more how Claudia has changed.

Armand and Louis’ Relationship

Armand (Assad Zaman) and Louis (Jacob Anderson)
Armand (Assad Zaman) and Louis (Jacob Anderson)

There is something cute and wonderful about Armand and Louis’ relationship, whether past or present. I would even say it helps you appreciate how submissive Louis is. With Lestat, it was a weakness that led to abuse. However, with Armand, it is treated as disarming, a show that Louis has maintained some form of child-like innocence, and while a grown man, he should be protected.

To me, it is one of the first times I think I’ve seen the depiction of a submissive man, especially in a homosexual context, where those features were treated as not only attractive but weren’t depicted in a negative way. I’d even add that Louis getting to be the sensitive, submissive man he is, gets the treatment needed to recognize features or personality traits don’t live in a gendered dichotomy.

Daniel Being Humbled

I get that Daniel is human, likely in his last years, and having some effect on a vampire likely makes him feel powerful. Is this being over a hundred years old affected by my questions and comments? I can even rouse him to anger, cry, or have his partner feel the need to protect him? For a journalist, that must be a massive ego boost – especially when you factor in Armand and Louis’s powers.

But, with that said, watching those two humble Daniel was hilarious. Mainly because I don’t think Daniel understands that they allow him to feel powerful so that he isn’t scared to ask the hard questions. However, while Armand and Louis, more so Louis, don’t mind challenging and soul stirring questions, neither tolerate disrespect. So Louis, of all people, digging into Daniel’s wound, I think, helped him to understand he took things too far and he needed to humble himself or risk violence.

Background Information

Episode Title Do You Know What It Means To Be Loved By Death
Release Date May 19, 2024
Network AMC+
Director(s) Levan Akin
Writer(s) Jonathan Ceniceroz, Shane Munson
Previous Episode Season 2/ Episode 1
Series Page Interview With The Vampire
Character Guide Interview With The Vampire Cast & Character Guide

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Interview With The Vampire: Season 2 Episode 2 - Review

Title: Interview With The Vampire: Season 2 Episode 2

Description: As Daniel crosses the line and gets humbled, Louis presents the beginning of his relationship with Armand.

Date Released: May 19, 2024

Episode number: 2

Part of season: 2

Part of series: Interview With The Vampire

Author: Amari Allah

Production company: AMC+

Director(s): Levan Akin

Actor(s): Eric Bogosian, Jacob Anderson, Delainey Hayles, Assad Zaman, Ben Daniels

Genre: Fantasy, Drama


The first episode’s rust seems to be handled, and while there may have been initial worries about a new actress as Claudia, those are now kicked to the curb as it seems things could be smooth sailing for season 2. Though, I have been wrong before.

  • Daniel Being Humbled - 83%
  • Armand and Louis’ Relationship - 83.5%
  • Changing Claudia’s Actress Allowed The Character To Age - 84%
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  • Changing Claudia’s Actress Allowed The Character To Age
  • Armand and Louis’ Relationship
  • Daniel Being Humbled


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