“Interview With The Vampire” returns, and as we adjust to a new Claudia and are reacquainted with Louis’ dramatics, a new chapter in their lives may make the transition period worth it.

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Plot Recap

Who Is Pulling The Strings? – Daniel, Louis, Armand

In the present day, there remains a push and pull between Daniel and Armand, with Louis in the middle. Daniel wants the truth and unfiltered honesty out of Louis, and Armand seems worried, maybe even fearful, of what Daniel may dig up. Meanwhile, as Louis seems to uncover buried memories, he finds himself thankful for Daniel, yet he recognizes Armand is right in letting Daniel go too far.

But, with a desire to remember Claudia, the closest thing to a child he has ever had, Louis intends to continue digging into his past, his memories of Claudia, and what led him to meet Armand.

It’s Just Us Kid – Claudia, Louis, Emelia, Morgan, Daciana

At the tail end of World War II, Louis and Claudia travel to Western Europe in hopes that, in the old world, they may find vampires. Now, Claudia, filled with hope and desire, does find traces of what could be vampires but nothing alive. Just coffins, skulls, and superstitious people giving her hope as they wear garlic and put crosses near their doors.

Sadly, all she ends up finding, though, is the living, and while Louis enjoys the company of those like Emelia and Morgan, Claudia can’t join their conversations because Louis paints her to be a child. Thus, she is forced to interact with the kids. But, it is thanks to the kids Claudia is able to find what looks like a feral vampire, and, sometime later, after Emelia is accused of being bitten by a vampire and executed, with Louis doing nothing, despite Morgan’s pleas, Daciana is met.

Daciana is the mother of that feral vampire, one of the last ones she created that lived in some form. However, with it attacking Louis and Claudia blinding it, Daciana killed her child.

This leaves her to question what is next in life? Claudia and Louis may make promises of delicious blood in the Americas, people interested in her story, and a better life overall, but it seems she has lived long enough. So, rather than take Claudia and Louis on their offer, she throws herself into the fire, traumatizing Claudia in a way you’d think she would no longer be affected.

Yet, Louis can tell she is so, with the war over, the two head to Paris, and while acknowledging both of their struggles and issues,

Cast Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Claudia Delainey Hayles
Daniel Eric Bogosian
Louis Jacob Anderson
Armand Assad Zaman
Emelia Stephanie Hayes
Morgan Blake Ritson
Daciana Diana Gheorghian

New Character Description(s)


Emelia is what can be seen as an authority figure of a rural area in Romania, who often seems to be the one making sure people get some meat with their meal; she is one of the first friendly faces Claudia and Louis encounter when they are in Romania.


Morgan is a journalist from Eastern Europe, whom Louis quickly befriends and even reveals his true name to. However, with Morgan being a journalist, he picks apart Louis and Claudia’s story, thus making him someone with whom neither can maintain a conversation. This may also factor in him being abandoned, despite his pleas, as Emelia is killed.


Daciana is an old-world vampire who, after her kind being hunted and now in a poor state, decides she no longer wishes to live.

Background Information

Episode Title What Can The Damned Really Say To The Damned
Release Date May 12, 2024
Network AMC+
Director(s) Craig Zisk
Writer(s) Hannah Moscovitch
Previous Episode Season 1/ Episode 7
Series Page Interview With The Vampire
Character Guide Interview With The Vampire Cast & Character Guide



Armand vs. Daniel

The beef between Daniel and Armand is the main hook for the first episode back. Clearly, both want something from Louis, and their true intentions are not clear, and being that Louis is a bit naïve, he is blinded by their attention. But, with Daniel having limited time and Armand being Louis’ long-term partner, we can’t say for sure both are being nefarious.

However, that doesn’t mean Armand may not have enough of this one day and kill Daniel. Especially if Daniel ever uncovers something too damning to let go.

On The Fence

How Dramatic Louis Can Be

Louis is an emotional character, and sometimes, things go a bit too far to the point you can’t help but side-eye him. I’d even say, outside of when he is reassuring Claudia about their relationship, a lot of the times when Louis starts to get in his feelings, it may not have the actor’s intended effect.

But you do have to give returning shows a break and add that Louis’ actor has a new Claudia to play off of; this must also be taken into consideration.

The Adjustment To A New Claudia

Louis (Jacob Anderson) and Claudia (Delainey Hayles)
Louis (Jacob Anderson) and Claudia (Delainey Hayles)

Right now, Hayles is in transition from continuing what Bailey Bass presented as Claudia to making it her own, and unfortunately, she has been tasked with making this change during a major injunction. While Europe is a new chapter for Claudia as a character, with a whole season with Bass, Hayles is in the unenviable position of picking up where a fan favorite has left off.

To make matters worse, she is the third Claudia of modern times, so on top of the Bass comparisons, the OG Claudia of Kirsten Dunst remains someone to contend with. But, after one episode, it does seem we’ll settle in with this new Claudia while longing for the old one as Louis does the ghost of Lestat.

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Interview With the Vampire: Season 2 Episode 1 - Review


Like most season premieres, “Interview With The Vampire” doesn’t return in stellar fashion but does enough to remind you why you wanted the show to come back.

  • Armand vs. Daniel - 82%
  • How Dramatic Louis Can Be - 74%
  • The Adjustment To A New Claudia - 75%
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  • Armand vs. Daniel


  • The Adjustment To A New Claudia
  • How Dramatic Louis Can Be

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