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In The Dark: Season 1, Episode 4 “The Graduate” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari

Could what Murphy felt have been Tyson, but instead of him being dead just knocked out?

Director(s)Patricia Cardoso
Writer(s)Yael Zinkow
Air Date4/25/2019
Introduced This Episode
JulesSaycon Sengbloh
JamieBenz Antoine

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Too Close To Witnesses: Dean, Darnell, Tyson, Jules

While Jules digs into Dean for him getting a bit too involved about the Tyson case, seemingly because it could interfere with a new one, we learn the true reason: Jules is dating Darnell. Now, how that happen? Hard to say. Jules does not she grew up in a rough area so it could very well be she and Darnell have been together a while and might be the reason he isn’t in prison with the absent Nia. However, with someone dead, a rival dealer, and Tyson being a witness, we’re one step closer to understanding why Tyson isn’t around anymore.

Who Is Jamie?: Jamie, Murphy, Jess, Max

Jamie (Benz Antoine) revealing he is Tyson's father.

Jamie (Benz Antoine)

With getting Jamie’s name from Keira, and the assumption of Jamie being a girl, Murphy is ready to tango with a child to get some answers. However, before that, there is the issue of getting to Wisconsin. Jess outright says no, but Max is game. What he doesn’t realize though is how difficult it is to travel with Murphy, but he learns over the 4-hour drive.

All of which leads to Murphy discovering Jamie is Tyson’s dad, not some girl he is messing around with. Add in that Jamie says he spoke to Tyson a few days ago, and so comes the question if he is alive but in hiding? Also, where is he hiding?

Murphy Getting Used To You Takes Time: Jess, Joy, Max, Murphy

As we’ve seen, Murphy isn’t comfortable with people doing things for her. While blind, she likes her independence and doesn’t like being pitied or the type of compassion which makes her feel like an invalid. Max learns this the hard way as he wavers from checking on Murphy in the bathroom, and finds her leaving a stall from under it since the lock broke to him nearly letting her get hit by a car. Yet, with it taking Jess 8 years for Murphy to let her do things, Max definitely will need patience.

The same Joy is trying to learn when it comes to Murphy being an adult and especially meeting people she hasn’t vetted yet. Since while it isn’t clear whether she deep dived into Jess, at this point, what is becoming apparent is that her tolerance for Murphy’s antics isn’t that expansive. But, with Murphy being a grown woman, she has to let her live her life in hopes it won’t get her killed. Also, that her stubbornness, and what she believes is cunning, will be the saving grace in whatever she gets herself into.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So will we see Nia ever again?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments


Balancing Independence & Knowing You Need Help

Though you could easily write off Murphy’s attitude as being a brat, there is a need to remember how much of her life is controlled. Her parents made a job for her in which there are no expectations, and she needs it since she isn’t sure what else she could do. She is monitored at home by her co-worker/ de-facto best friend, who lets parts of Murphy’s personal life slip out. All things considered, Murphy is always watched no matter where she is.

That is, outside of meeting and dating Max who is an outsider. Which is both thrilling and scary in a way. For, from what it seems, having sex with strangers was Murphy rebelling against all those who watched her, and now with a guy being her boyfriend, she has to learn to trust someone. A person who will know her on a more intimate level than Jess and the rest and that’s scary. For she already has created some form of dependency with each one, and they’re friends and family. Imagine trying to craft how to be vulnerable with another person when you inherently already are. It’s probably frustrating, especially if you value crafting some sense of independence as Murphy does.

Tyson Might Be Alive

With the way Darnell talked to Nia, you’d be led to believe he chose the game over family. Something which would be messed up but understandable in terms of choosing his life over another person. However, with Jamie giving his two cents, it seems Tyson is simply on the run and trying to protect everyone he knows by not telling them anything. Making the mystery aspect of this show deeper as it balances Tyson going from saint to boy with a secret which could be damning.

On The Fence

Jules & Darnell

Jules (Saycon Sengbloh) interrogating someone.

Jules (Saycon Sengbloh)

How to make one character who was barely an afterthought, Jules, and make her more prominent? Well, you put her with a criminal, that’s what! One who also has been wading by the waste side since he isn’t a willing contributor to Murphy’s goal. But the issue here is, can combining these two not seem desperate? Can they make them cute, messy, or at least a couple to invest in as you watch their mutual downfall? We got to stick around to see what happens.

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Season/ EpisodeSynopsisEpisode InformationTopics & Focused Characters
Season 1, Episode 3 “The Big Break”Murphy is facing one of the toughest challenges of her life – being someone’s girlfriend. As Darnell tries to keep Nia happy.
Director(s)Norman Buckley
Writer(s)Lindsay Golder
Air Date4/18/2019
Introduced This Episode
KeiraBrittany Teo
ChloeCalle Walton
  • Childhood Trauma: Felix, Murphy
  • Dating Is Hard: Max, Murphy, Vanessa, Chloe, Dean, Jess
  • The Tyson Investigation Continues:Darnell, Rhonda, Max, Dean, Murphy, Keira
Season 1, Episode 2 “Mommy Issues”Murphy accidentally may have acquired a boyfriend as she pushes to get Tyson’s mom to file a police report.
Director(s)Brian Dannelly
Writer(s)Amy Turner
Air Date4/11/2019
Introduced This Episode
DarnellKeston John
VanessaHumberly González
MaxCasey Deidrick
NiaNicki Micheaux
Rhonda (Tyson’s Mom)Leslie Silva
  • A Phase: Vanessa, Jess
  • A New Guy: Murphy, Jess, Max, Darnell
  • The Investigation Continues: Nia, Darnell, Murphy, Dean, Tyson’s Mom, Tyson
Season 1, Episode 1 “Pilot”I won’t say In The Dark seems like it’ll last past 1 season but, if it does, it has the potential to be a cult classic.
Creator(s)Corinne Kingsbury
Director(s)Michael Showalter
Writer(s)Corinne Kingsbury
Air Date4/4/2019
Genre(s)Drama, Mystery
Good If You LikeUnderrepresented People Who Aren’t Sweet And Kind

Lots of Sarcasm

Murder Mysteries

Isn’t For You If YouSob Stories Which Explain Why Someone Is Such An Ass
Introduced This Episode
MurphyPerry Mattfeld
JoyKathleen York
HankDerek Webster
TysonThamela Mpumlwana
DeanRich Sommer
JessBrooke Markham
FelixMorgan Krantz
Balancing Independence & Knowing You Need Help - 85%
Tyson Might Be Alive - 86%
Jules & Darnell - 70%


With the possibility of Tyson alive brings new life to Murphy’s investigation and when paired to watching her adjust to Max in her life, both eclipse the questionable decision of Jules and Darnell together.

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