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As a similar crime to Kato’s is found, and Melanie reveals an interesting tidbit, Schneider finally learns about the biker who Alexander was trying to protect.

Episode Focus: A Possible Serial Killer? (Schneider, Melanie, Alexander, and Dora)

With Schneider desperate for headway or information, she comes to learn of a similar murder, one of a Claudia De Wit, 5 years ago, same party, same day range. With this, she thinks she maybe able to connect the two murders and maybe gain some headway. Added bonus: Claudia’s murder remains unsolved so she could get credit for figuring out both. Alas, despite her thinking some evidence maybe in a former chimney, all she learns about is a suspected 4X4 murder weapon. That is, until she is watching a CCTV video in which this fuzzy picture maybe Kato on the back of a motorcycle.

Alongside that, we learn Melanie may have overheard the murder, but didn’t catch the killer. What she did do though is move the body. Something she solely tells Alexander[note]whose wife seems suspicious of their relationship[/note] and Kato overhears. Making it for when Dora, Schneider’s partner, takes a DNA swab, it seems that eyelash may pop up as hers. Making it so, despite claiming she didn’t murder Kato, all evidence may point to her.


With the inclusion of Claudia De Wit, who was last seen in in a hotel, within room 108, so comes the idea that pretty much anyone we already know may not be the killer. When it comes to the young folk, assuming the same person who killed Claudia killed Kato, they would have been teenagers. Also, lest we forget, the body was clean of any DNA but that eyelash. The job was professionally done and now with Melanie revealing what she did, the whole blindfold being used to not look the girl in the eyes could have been her.

But, looking at Melanie’s build, so comes the question of how she got that body out without there being a streak of blood all over the place? The tub showed up on a blacklight, but not the floor leading out to the front door. So, needless to say, and hopefully this doesn’t sound sexist, but someone had to have helped her get that body to those gravel pits. It surprisingly wasn’t Alex, it seems Leon was sleep, so who helped her? Charlie perhaps? He did meet Kato the night of the party, so he was in town.

Subplot 1: Ines’ Side Gig (Ines)

We learn Ines is a drug dealer.


With XTC being found in Kato’s bloodstream, so comes the question if Ines may have sold drugs to Kato or the person who killed her? For one of Kato’s theories are that only the people who are part of the reason she died can see her. So whether they could have prevented something, they saw something, or were all in on it, who knows? Despite being in episode 4, we still aren’t sure what the rules are for Kato’s presence or even if she will rest in peace when all is over.

Subplot 2: No Love Lost (Kato & Alexander)

With all Kato is doing, arguably Alexander dislikes her more in death than life. Though, as we learn more and more about the night of the party, you have to wonder not only where Alexander was but more about the breakup. Leon made it seem like she just wanted to be friends, and the breakup wasn’t dramatic. However, Charlie makes it seem like it was. Especially since she kissed him and then pushed him off like she quickly regretted it. Pushing you to wonder if maybe we aren’t being told something?


I strongly want to believe Kato was pregnant, told Leon, he asked for an abortion, she got mad and dumped him, kissed Charlie to perhaps piss off Leon but he didn’t see. So, afterwards, she flirted the night away until she got on the bike of the wrong guy. Yet, if she was pregnant, it would have been said during the autopsy. So, there goes that theory. However, one thing I’m waiting for them to investigate is the local biker population. Schneider was curious about why Alexander didn’t include notes about them before but now she has reason to suspect one of them know something. So it is time to perhaps crash the local economy.

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