While we’ve seen Miyamura in the Hori household, it is further established why he melds so well by revealing how Yuriko and Kyousuke met.

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General Information

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Release Date (Crunchyroll) September 16, 2023
Director(s) Yasuo Ejima
Writer(s) Sawako Hirabayashi
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Yuriko Ai Kayano
Kyousuke Daisuke Ono
Takeru Daisuke Namikawa
Sota Yuka Terasaki
Miyamura Kōki Uchiyama
Kyoko Haruka Tomatsu

Plot Recap

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How It All Started – Yuriko, Kyousuke, Takeru

It all began when Kyousuke was a first-year student and Yuriko a third-year, and she spotted him trying to hide his bike behind the school. She warned him because it was a motorbike, and he listened, so he didn’t get chastised. Later on, when she was forced to carry multiple boxes by herself, Kyousuke went in on Takeru, which was shocking to Yuriko, yet in a way welcomed. Seemingly, no one else stepped up, yet this boy did, and it left an impression.

Yuriko (Ai Kayano)
“Yuriko (Ai Kayano),” HoriMiya, “The Hori House,” directed by Yasuo Ejima, 2023, (Crunchyroll)

One problem with that, however, is that Kyousuke made impressions on other girls, and they were jealous. A girl even threatened Yuriko, so Kyousuke sought to handle it until Yuriko told him not to touch a girl as he was, and she handled it by slapping the mess out of that girl.

After that, Kyousuke committed to Yuriko, and now they have two kids and a house together.

I Just Want Someone On My Side – Kyoko, Sota, Miyamura, Kyousuke

Unfortunately for Kyosuke, while he very much loves and has a good relationship with his wife, his daughter? Not so much. She has his temper, mixed with his wife’s dark side, and is quick to anger. Meanwhile, Sota is more like him and generally calm, cool, and collected, but can get just as riled up as Kyoko.

This is why Miyamura is such a wonderful part of the family. He is like Yuriko; he is calm, cool-headed, and hard to rouse unless someone is malicious or wrong. Heck, it might also be why Kyoko likes and loves Miyamura, never mind Sota. He is a female version of everyone’s favorite person in the household, and while being an only child makes it hard for him to be a peacemaker since he isn’t used to the chaos of the Hori household, he is learning the ropes, found his place, and loves spending most of his days over there.

Kyoko (Haruka Tomatsu)
“Kyoko (Haruka Tomatsu),” HoriMiya, “The Hori House,” directed by Yasuo Ejima, 2023, (Crunchyroll)

Even if he sometimes has to remind Kyoko that he may not always agree with her, but he still cares for her.



Experiencing The Hori Family Dynamic And How Miyamura Has Integrated In

While it remains a notable mystery how Miyamura’s family dynamic is, and if Kyoko melds well within it, there is no denying his place in her family. He is calm, Sota loves him, has become like a second son to Kyousuke, and is amenable. Yet, at the same time, I think everyone recognizes that, like Yuriko, you shouldn’t take his kindness for weakness, for he will snap at you if you push him too far. So, with that in mind, he has everyone’s respect and love and is someone they clamor for the attention and validation of.

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HoriMiya: Season 2/ Episode 12 "The Hori House" – Overview


It’s another slice-of-life episode that helps explain the dynamic between Kyoko and Miyamura in such a way that pushes you to excuse Kyoko’s more violent and aggressive nature, showing that a lack of niceties should be considered.

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  • Experiencing The Hori Family Dynamic And How Miyamura Has Integrated In


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