All I can say is, be ready to cry. I’m talking lip trembling, snot producing, type of crying.

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All I can say is, be ready to cry. I’m talking lip trembling, snot producing, type of crying.

Directed By Jessica Yu
Written By Ian Brennan, Ryan Murphy
Aired (Netflix) 5/1/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Always Make A Back-Up – Ray, Avis, Dick

The editor of “Meg,” and also “The Wizard of Oz,” we learn made a back up of “Meg.” So, with a copy in hand and Avis now wholly owning Ace Studios, “Meg” is back on! Leading to Dick revealing the next shock, which is a wide release roll out to 675 theaters and, to add onto the spectacle, a 5 cent reduction on the ticket price. Which ultimately leads to “Meg” becoming a monstrous hit!

And The Academy Award Goes To – Camille, Hattie, Anna, Archie, Henry, Avis, Ray, Jack, Claire

However, as then to now, being a financial success is only sweetened by being a critical success and the accolades to further substantiate the work done. And being that Camille is just a girl from a small town, Hattie McDaniel’s mentorship gets her through the rise and the Oscar campaign. Something which, with personal knowledge of what goes on, and trauma from being unable to get into the room, she asks of Camille to do more than she did and fight to get in, if she has to. Which she does.

Camille winning for Best Actress.

Thus allowing her to watch Anna win for best-supporting actress, Archie for best original screenplay, Ray for best director, Avis and Henry for best film, and she wins best actress.

Oh, and as for Jack? Well, he loses best-supporting actor, but with Claire accepting his proposal, he leaves the theater feeling like a winner.

One Year Later… – Dick, Archie, Ernie, Ellen, Avis, Henry, Rock

The success of “Meg” is shown to be a changing factor in many lives. Avis finds her studio producing more and more diverse stories to meet demand, and despite the scandal of Archie proclaiming his love for Rock, he remains on contract and had his salary doubled. But, not everything and everyone is happy. Dick, who was hiding a cancer diagnosis, dies as Ace Studio continues to climb in prominence.

But, with him dying honest, with a partner, he, like Archie, usher in a new age. One that aspires Henry to turn over a new leaf. This includes no longer drinking and going to group therapy in order to deal with and accept his homosexuality. He even tells Rock, as he makes amends, he has a partner.

Though the big news is that, with Rock’s career in the toilet, he is working with Avis and Archie, Ray as well, on the first homosexual love story. A story we ultimately learn is Archie and Rock’s. Oh, and add onto the love train, Ellen and Ernie are together. Mind you, who knows for how long, since Ernie has cancer, but till death do they part, Ellen is ready to spend every joyous day with the love of her life.


The Winners’ Speeches

Anna crying after winning best supporting actress.

Despite Anna being such a small part of this series, seeing her win hit hard. Seeing her, Camille, and Archie wins, it just left me in tears. Part of the reason might have been the slightly corny cutaways to unnamed people of their race and/or orientation crossing their fingers and living in the moment vicariously. It could be, despite never getting into Archie or Camille too much, I finally let go not feeling how idealistic this revisionist take was and just lived in the moment.

I really can’t say why I did more than a single tear but was bawling, but I guess, even if on the conscious level what was going on didn’t hit me, subconsciously every triumph and obstacle hit like it supposed to and the relief was something in my soul letting itself be free.

These Are The Type Of Episodes Which Is Why We Usually Don’t Watch A Whole Season & Then Do A Review

There is a constant temptation to just watch a whole season and then do a review. It would be quicker, free up so much time, and I feel like less of this blog would sound overly critical. Yet, it is sticking with a show through its ebbs and flows, when it gets on your nerves to the high points, and chronicling each notch that makes you more emotionally invested.

In many ways, it is like a relationship. You can’t really appreciate the memories of the good times without chronicling the moments you wanted to quit. Yet, when your endurance is rewarded, it makes the moments that leave you emotionally spent so much more rewarding.

No Matter What Is Said Or Done By Henry, You Want Him To Be Happy

I don’t know if I’m a Jim Parsons fan since I couldn’t get into “Big Bang Theory,” but Henry is just one of those characters that are hard to place. To say you love to hate him doesn’t sound right, for you can’t really hate him. Can you be disappointed in him, find him cruel? Oh, absolutely. However, even with his antics, him trying to bring Rock down and very much deserving of a 1940s #MeToo movement, you still wanted him to have a moment.

When the best picture award was given and best director, I just wanted someone to thank Henry. Yes, his main contribution was saving Avis and Jack from a scandal, but considering his scrappy attitude came from how he felt he had to always be on the offensive, it made you want to see him be vulnerable. That, despite all he has said and done, his role in getting things done, his vision, is appreciated.

Henry trying to make amends with Rock.

And again, this isn’t to disregard he was a predator. However, the way Parsons played him reminds you of why it is unfortunate the social media age likely will rob present-day and future public figures of redemption. For they will forever answer for their crimes, whether they pay restitution, go to jail, or genuinely take steps to better themselves.

On The Fence

Ray Being Half Asian & In A Interracial Relationship Swept Under The Rug

So, about Ray being half Asian or it being the 40s and him being in an openly interracial relationship? That no longer was a big deal? When it comes to being Asian, that was just supposed to be buried and forgotten about and his relationship, well, there were bigger fish to fry? Be it Archie’s relationship, or the fact Dick and Henry got in one? Heck, considering Ray was with Camille longer than Ray with Claire, they couldn’t get engaged to really top off the night?

I’m just saying.

It’s The 40s, Why Did Avis Not Make A Big To-Do Of Her Daughter Sleeping With A Barely Divorced Man?

Though, as said countless times with this series, it focused on what it wanted to, and when it came to revising history, it pursued convenience and rushing progressive mindsets. For example, while Avis may have been fine with a homosexual for a producer, a writer, and a colored gal as one of her biggest stars, are we to believe her daughter sleeping with a barely divorced man, with no ring, wouldn’t be an issue? Never mind the idea that the last man who made her feel something is now having sex with her daughter? I mean, we’ll admit we sometimes lack imagination and care too much about the little things but, come on now.

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