While “Revival” reminds you of the importance and beauty of the church, at the same time it makes you want to shout Mac’s line “And you call yourself a Christian!” Episode Focus: A Revival of Memories Buried (Lady Mae and Charity) From what it seems, many years ago, maybe decades, Lady Mae may have had…

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While “Revival” reminds you of the importance and beauty of the church, at the same time it makes you want to shout Mac’s line “And you call yourself a Christian!”

Episode Focus: A Revival of Memories Buried (Lady Mae and Charity)

From what it seems, many years ago, maybe decades, Lady Mae may have had an affair. It isn’t clear to what extent her relationship with Pastor Lionel Jeffries (Tim Reid) progressed, but it does seem he put the offer on the table to run away together. Something which makes it hard for Lady Mae to be around him for even though those old feelings aren’t strong enough to lead her into temptation, they still exist. But, both remain on their best behavior during Pastor Jeffries time at Cavalry. Well, at least toward each other.

As for Charity? It is becoming more and more clear she is ready to move on from Kevin and onto Jabari, maybe on top of as well. Which becomes especially clear with her not into the idea of having sex with Kevin and flat out saying it is over.


As much as Lady Mae’s self-righteousness matches someone who committed a grave sin they want kept in the closet, I don’t want to see her taken down that way, or at all. If anything, I would love instead of your usual drama this would just bring her closer to her family, like how Sophia’s baptism led her to hold hands with Grace and show why she made the right decision. For while I love Tim Reid, well I loved him as Ray in Sister, Sister [note]Let’s be real, I can’t name anything else he has been in.[/note], I’d hate for him to come on this show solely for the purpose of starting some BS. Especially as James’ MS is starting to flare up again. I mean, I get that this storyline would help Lady Mae be more than someone’s wife or mother, but surely they can do better than this.

As for Charity? Honestly, who was expecting her and Kevin to get back together? Even if Kevin was bi, which he may just be, Charity may have love for the gay community but is not looking for a man on the spectrum. Which I wonder if that can be considered hypocritical or not? Either way, I hope this leads to Kevin exploring his gay side, assuming he isn’t written off the show, and maybe us seeing Charity get down a little bit. Which hopefully can inspire some reason to actually want to see these two from episode to episode.

Subplot 1: And You Call Yourself A Christian (Mac, Grace, and James)

Grace is straight up harassing Mac and anyone that gets near him. For as soon as they even look like they may see something nice or good in him, she lets it be well known he is a child molester. Which bothers Mac for it keeps him from moving on, trying to start over, and because Grace is unable to let him try to become a new person, he questions her Christianity. He outright says “And You Call Yourself a Christian.”

Though, lest we forget, this show is more so about Holier than Thou Christians than those who truly live by the good book. Hence why Lady Mae and James take up Pastor Jeffries offer to have his son come to town to cause some issues for Triumph. Most of which could delay their groundbreaking for months and drain them of their money. However, James don’t care and neither does Lady Mae. They see competition and they sure as heck don’t want it moving across the street. So even if they have to play dirty, they will pretend god is on their side providing someone like Aaron (William H. Bryant Jr.) to fight with them.


You know, this episode really speaks to the hypocrisy of the Christian church. We can watch people get baptized and have such a beautiful reflection on the act, hear the type of songs and sermons which touch your spirit, and then within an hour see them make the type of moves mobsters would. I mean, in the first season almost all eyes were on Uncle Mac and Bishop James’ spending when it came to critiquing the church, but it seems more and more focused on the whole Greenleaf family this time around. And all of it doesn’t necessarily have to do with money either. It is about what they are willing to do to maintain their power and prestige, even if it means throwing people out of the flock and even trying to impede their growth. Keeping them from moving to greener pastures for you got gasoline and a match to burn down wherever they set foot. Not even to really save someone else or anything like that, but because there is this hate in a person’s heart they can’t hand over to Jesus because it has become the main thing driving them to want to live.

I mean, just look at Grace. Outside of the cute moments she has with Sophia, doesn’t it seem her life revolves around taking down Mac or exposing what she doesn’t like about Cavalry to, of all people, the man who has been most critical of it? I mean, while I’m sure she feels she possesses some sense of justice, it does become hard at times to know when the hand of god has stopped pushing you to do its bidding and you are acting on your own.

Then with this Triumph blockade, I get James is afraid. I get he fears a new scandal befalling his church and messing with his finances. However, it is hard to know sometimes whether Lady Mae is the devil on his shoulder or she is just trying to keep up with him. Actually, you know what, I think James is the victim in all this since the man can easily be manipulated if you know which string to pull. Lady Mae, on the other hand, she just sensitive. Like many of Whitfield’s characters, she had to work hard to get into the position she is in so any threats to it she will not stand for. Doesn’t matter if it is her child or a stranger trying to block her “blessing” she will put away them wings and halo and bring out the horns and tail. Hence why she and Grace don’t get along for they are willing to use similar methods to get what they want and it is hard to look at the worse of you in the mirror. [Note]We learn Grace used to be in a band called “Mystiq” with her friend Rebecca (Sharon Conley)[/Note]

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