Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 16 The Pearl Season Finale Mavis

From the beginning, I’d like to believe Greenleaf has always been about how those in the pulpit aren’t necessarily holier than thou and in the season 2 finale, with a few exceptions, everyone gets a glimpse of their own personal hell. Charity’s Life Renewed: Kevin, Lady Mae, Jabari, Charity Of what will likely be a…

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Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 16 The Pearl Season Finale Mavis

From the beginning, I’d like to believe Greenleaf has always been about how those in the pulpit aren’t necessarily holier than thou and in the season 2 finale, with a few exceptions, everyone gets a glimpse of their own personal hell.

Charity’s Life Renewed: Kevin, Lady Mae, Jabari, Charity

Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 16 The Pearl Season Finale Jabari and Charity

Of what will likely be a long recap/ review, this will be the shortest part. If only because these stories have little to nothing to do with what goes on below. For one, Kevin returns, to be greeted by Lady Mae, and he asks about his son. Which of course is comical since he has been shacked up with Aaron seeming to get his head together. Though, perhaps one thing noteworthy about that exchange is that it shows another example of seemingly one less person being fearful of Lady Mae. For Kevin gets a bit verbally aggressive with her. Not to an Isiah point, naturally, but it seems he has lost respect for her.

I would be remiss to note however, it isn’t like Lady Mae is trying to be all that friendly. She places a whole lot of blame on Kevin in terms of his situation and also we know the woman is homophobic. Won’t come straight out with it, but it’s true. So in season 3, expect Aaron helping Kevin to get custody rights.

But, as of now, Kevin is the furthest thing from Charity’s mind. She had a good show and following that, Jabari put it down. He wiped away her body insecurities, such as her C-section scar, and probably showed her that first is the worst and second is the blessed. Can I get an Amen?!

The Cotillion: Zora, Isiah, Sophia, Jacob, Tasha, Rochelle, Bishop James, Lady Mae

Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 16 The Pearl Season Finale Graces Family
How interesting is it Sophia’s boyfriend is the same shade as her grandpa?

To say the least, the Cotillion is where all the drama begins. First with Mae and James fighting, then Rochelle letting her intentions be known, as well as revealing to us she is Basie’s sister. Also, this whole thing is a plot to take down the Greenleafs. Making you wonder, with that first pastor, was Basie involved in that too? We know he isn’t too above gambling so who is to say he hasn’t used his sister for extortion?

Though, on the topic of Basie, considering he was the bastard child, imagine his relationship to Rochelle at the beginning stages. But, when it comes to their relationship? That is a something to get excited for season 3.

So, moving on, the main attraction at the Cotillion is Zora and Isiah. If only because Zora is forced to reveal to Isiah that Kerissa knows about the condoms. Of which leads to a fight for her not lying about it. Which leads to him smacking her and with Sophia seeing it? Oh, she moves as quickly as that big ole’ dress allows to snitch. Leading to Jacob learning what happened and decking Isiah. Laying the boy out and if it wasn’t for Darius, there might have been more than one punch involved.

Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 16 The Pearl Season Finale Kerissa and Jacob

But, what happens after also is of interest. The first being Kerissa noting her mother is alive, as we learn their son is alive and with her. Following that is the morning after in which we get the rare opportunity to see the vulnerable side of Kerissa. We see and hear her blame herself for what happened and has been accepted by Zora. Which, to drop another noteworthy nugget, leads to Jacob revealing Faith too had abusive relationships.

I’m telling you, though some information wasn’t major, it definitely brought about this idea everything wasn’t about where the story goes next or how to keep the ante going. However, with Jacob realizing Zora is gone and Isiah’s parents noting her is gone too, and Zora being about 17 or maybe 18, once more, we are given something to look forward to in season 3. Here is hoping there isn’t a baby paired with the assumption of wedding bells.

Heed Not Temptation: Rochelle, Mavis, Lady Mae, Bishop James

As can be seen within the OWN conversations I have with Ms. Sarah, this has been a transformative season for Mae. With her father and brother dying, it has sort of softened her. The lioness lost a few claws and it shows in how Tasha and Kevin haven’t gotten their heads ripped off. However, on a lighter side, it has also opened the doors for her and Grace to heal their relationship. Yet, one could argue it was merely out of pure desperation.

For, as noted earlier in the season, it isn’t like the affluent woman Lady Mae is, has a slew of friends we see her confide in. Like the majority of people on this show, if you aren’t their significant other, it seems them opening up to you is going to be in very limited doses. Yet, with Mavis away, until the end of the episode, Mac dead, and Mae probably running off anyone who would be friends with her, real friends and not just someone looking to network, all that remains is Grace.

Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 16 The Pearl Season Finale Lady Mae

Someone who she told there was something wrong in her marriage, but from what it seems the issues of the past have infected the present. For while getting old seemed like a fear, which I feel was given an exclamation point with Mae looking like a Disney villain for the Cotillion, Mavis really puts the blade to her sister’s throat. If only because, as Mae tries to reconcile with the only blood relation she hasn’t given birth to, the one who truly knows her story, he hand gets smacked away.

Then, to make matters worse, when Mae brings up James’ affair, Mavis goes for the jugular. She notes how she and James had sex multiple times and she had to kick him out because her loving was so good. Mavis notes the only reason James married Mae was because she was light skinned, pretty, and it was a good business decision. It wasn’t love, just aesthetics.

All of which, to keep face, Mae says is a lie but after her drive home, she comes to realize that maybe the truth. Leading to her kicking James out of the house and guess whose doorstep he ends up on? Not his son’s, but Rochelle. Even after he recognized the game she was playing at the cotillion and seemingly, out of respect for what was left of his marriage, politely declined Rochelle’s approach. But I guess with his marriage already strained, James decided minas well end it with a bang – of the John Witherspoon variety.


Expect The Unexpected

Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 16 The Pearl Season Finale Bishop James and Lady Mae

I don’t know how, but somehow the writers of this finale found a way to make an hour episode feel like it was two hours. All the while not making anything feel rushed or packed in like dynamite. Then, on top of that, as much as you may have felt taken back by some decisions, it wasn’t like we haven’t been building to them.

I mean, let’s break it down. Kevin finally returning? Then it seeming it was because Aaron wanted him to try to peacefully work with Charity rather than pursue legal action? I guess he may finally become more interesting than an old sponge on the sink. Then Zora running away with her abusive boyfriend? Maybe kidnapped for what we know? I mean, mad at her parents or not, I can’t imagine her leaving her phone behind. I truly figure Isiah wanted to talk outside, she got in the car, and that Negro took off. For while, yes, she did leave her room a mess, it was never implied Zora is the tidiest of girls.

Then, taking things to the next level, we have all that went down between James, Mavis, and Mae. Oh, when Mavis with her sword tongue dealt a thousand blows to Mae. After Mae sort of limping into battle all season, I think that left her on a death kneel. For arguably, she knew the truth. Colorism back in Mae’s younger days, it was probably a well-known thing and with the way Mavis talks, who knows, maybe Mae stole James or stole him back? Since the question isn’t answered of how Mavis and James began their fling? All we know is about the sex. We aren’t told about whether there was any pursuit of friendship or a relationship. Much less, if like Lionel, maybe James was, perhaps is, a dirty dog.

Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 16 The Pearl Season Finale Bishop James

Which I only say for him falling for Rochelle’s trap had me doing a double take. Now, granted, there isn’t any guarantee he may physically do anything. However, all Tasha really needs is some photos of him going to Rochelle’s house and her saying something. Be it James raping her or even having consensual sex if she wants to be nice about it. Pretty much, even with her reputation of taking down preachers, for reasons I would love to know, a rape accusation is a rape accusation and if a lawsuit followed, that would be the end of the Greenleaf/ Cavalry empire. For with Jacob gone, Grace leaving the pulpit, and Charity off singing, there isn’t anyone to take care of Cavalry. Then, in terms of Mae? PSH! She may relish in watching James’ so-called gift to the world burn. Even if it represents decades of her life.

The Lack of Perfection

Though never a big topic before, I have to admit how much I love that the beauty of the actors isn’t drowned out in more makeup than required for the camera. From pimples, back acne, and other imperfections, none of that is covered up. It gives you a better sense of, despite these people having money, there remains something sort of grounded about them.

However, the real lack of perfection you have to admire is the duality of their lives. Takes Charity for example. On the stage, she is confident and joyous but look at her personal life. Her child’s father abandoned her and this new man in her life, Jabari, would only be the second man she is ever with. Yet, with the scar left by delivering her son, so comes this fear. One she hasn’t mentioned before, if not just recently, but I’m sure many women fear after having C-Sections. The sign that you aren’t some young, virginal looking body but are a woman. One who has scars, blemishes, odd birthmarks, stretch marks, and etc. So even if that was just touched on for a hot minute, I’m glad it was done.

Touching Moments

Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 16 The Pearl Season Finale Zora Lady Mae and Sophia

Though the moment got drowned out, you have had to have loved Mae sitting with her granddaughters talking about how pearls are formed. Especially since we rarely see Mae interact with either of the girls. Primarily, her scenes are shared with their parents.

But I must also mention how strange, yet sweet, it was that Kerissa called Grace over Zora disappearing. If only because their relationship has been strained from the get-go and Kerissa damn near blames Grace for everything wrong in her and Jacob’s life. So for her to reach out like that, it felt like more than her spreading the news, maybe trying to get Sophia involved, but a sort of Lady Mae situation. Going to perhaps the only person she knew had some understanding, and she was trying to ease into maybe having a closer relationship with.

On The Fence


Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 16 The Pearl Season Finale Tasha and Rochelle

Now that the shock has worn away, in terms of Rochelle and Tasha, now I find myself side eyeing their plan. If only because, as noted, it seems almost like Basie maybe pimping out his sister as part of his revenge plot. Not to say she doesn’t want to get back at the Greenleaf family, but considering her money and affluence, I can only fathom they are getting tired of waiting so now they are doing things the dirty way. Even if it means a Pyrrhic war in which, yeah, the Greenleafs are taken down but everything the Skanks family built up to compete, well that is gone as well.

Season 3 has been confirmed since August and Rick Fox will be a series regular in season 3.

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  1. Man so Rochelle is Skanky’s sister!?!?!?!? I REALLY did not see that coming lol Also Tasha and Rochelle, knowing each other and working together makes sense also. Man what are they planning on doing to he Greenleaf family!?!?!?!?!?

    1. Ruining their reputation. Showing them for liars, cheats, and more. I’m just trying to figure out where the line is. Assuming there is one.

    2. I honestly think Basie could have been a female. I think it’s key that Bishop kept mentioning that he only recalled his father having 2 girls. Which is probably why he went so hard on the church being inclusive before leaving.

  2. I agree. The only difference is that Sophia isn’t going to runaway. I like that Faith was brought up again and we found out that she was also involved in abusive relationships. The self destruction was real. Just like with Grace trying to help Faith, we may see Sophia stepping up and trying to help Zora. I just would like to see how J and K are going to handle this situation, and to see if they are finally able to come together has parents, and not just as husband and wife. All of the games, cheating, lying, and pride NEEDS to fall to the wayside so that they two of them can get their daughter back and bring her out of this self destruction state that she is in. (Sorry for the late reply)

    1. I don’t know why, but I can fully imagine this maybe driving them apart more than together. Especially after Zora’s comment that got her smacked, I think Kerissa may switch from what they did wrong as parents to talking about how what Jacob did to her set the tone for what Zora accepts in her life.

      Though, we could also add in depression among other things. Mental illness clearly is in the family gene pool. So between Zora self medicating and this situation, you think maybe that’s a factor?

      1. Yes, I do see mental illness playing a part with Zora. It all is just a continuing cycle when it comes to the Greenleaf women. And here you were worried that they weren’t going to have anything for season 3 lol

        How do you feel about the Bishop and everything that he has going on? He better NOT do what I think that he is about to do!

        1. Honestly, I think with Grace not running after him, Jacob long being pushed away, and Charity on the road, he realized he didn’t have anyone. There was no one to take his side, hear him out, so he went to Rochelle.

          I don’t expect him to sleep with her but definitely treat her like a confidant. In fact, I firmly believe between Jacob and James, their humanity may lead to the ladies of Skanks giving the Greenleafs another look.

          1. True. That makes sense. I like the little scene they gave Charity, and her telling J about her scar. Like she has been with the same man for the last 10 or so years, now she is giving herself to another man, in reality a woman would feel insecure and worried about what a man would think if he saw her scar, and I LOVE how J responded to her! It was so SMOOTH! lol He definitely won charity over in that moment.

            1. I’m still trying to warm up to Charity. I mean, I don’t dislike her but she doesn’t inspire feelings of wonder what will happen next in her story. She is just kind of there…

  3. Greenleaf was INSANE! They DID that! ?? I have to say also, that this may be your best written review of a Greenleaf episode EVER! Like everything you wrote I agreed with, and I could feel the excitement that you have while reading your review as well! Season 3 is going to be INSANE!

    1. Oh the spring can not come soon enough! Assuming it premiere the same time as this year. But I do wonder what comes between the gap of Queen Sugar ending and Greenleaf?

      1. Idk, but I definitely have PLENTY of shows that I can binge watch as we wait, for GL and QS to come back, no doubt lol This family is a HOT mess! Nobody is perfect, everyone has their faults, and their demons.

        Even though Kerissa has worked my nerves these past two seasons, I really felt for her and Jacob towards the end of the episode. They JUST now realize that their daughter is in an abusive relationship, their eyes are finally opened to the fact they didn’t do what they were supposed to do as parents, (There minds being on other things, (money,status, first lady etc) and now they discover that Zora had run away, (or like you said possibly kidnapped) I mean shit, I got a little teary eyed, I couldn’t imagine what they must have been going through. The actress who plays Kerissa I think acted that seen nicely as well. You saw all of the concern and fear on her face.The fact that something could happen to Zora, and Kerissa and Jacob know that they as parents, they more or less failed Zora, the guilt and regret is going way on them heavily.

        1. But I also like the fact Jacob mentioned Faith having the same problem. It makes it almost seem like, for a lack of a better term, a family curse. Because abuse seems to hit every generation of Greenleaf women no matter what precautions and how well they are raised.

          I guess the idea here is how, not to say universal, but how much parents really can do their best yet find themselves with a child on the receiving end of one of their worse fears. This is no matter the socio-economic status or what have you.

          But, I just hope that she isn’t dumb enough to marry the boy. Also, I badly need us to meet Isiah’s parents and Kerissa’s mom. I need to see what stock those two come from.

          1. I agree, kind of like with our second favorite sister show QS, with Darla. Abuse is abuse, and addiction is addiction. Those things don’t see race, class, or economic background. We have seen Zora’s troubles dating back to the first season, hell in the first episode she was snorting pills, and even had Sophia try it. She was skipping out on the youth lock in, all of that. So, for the people who have been paying attention, this isn’t a new thing for Zora, or just senseless, useless writing that the writers decided to throw out there all of sudden. There have been signs since the BEGINNING. I think Zora is the story that we hear about all the time. Despite growing in a two parent household, parents have jobs that allow for them to live a certain lifestyle, the supervision, and the discipline of the kids in turn is less and less. There are so many ways that this situation can turn out to be, I just hope that it does not come to Zora getting killed.

            1. You know, considering she is going down a similar path like Faith’s, it could be a possibility. For I see the Zora and Sophia dynamic to perhaps be like Faith and Grace. What you think?

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