Greenleaf: Season 2/ Episode 13 “Silence and Loneliness” – Overview/ Recap (with Spoilers)

Guilt and insecurities are the focus of this episode. Especially as people expose their soft under belly to those who can, or have, hurt them the most. More on that below. Preparations for Cotillion Continue: Zora, Isaiah, Sophia Unfortunately for Sophia, her dad can’t make it for the cotillion. Luckily, Grandpa James offers his services,…

Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 13 Silence and Loneliness - Grace overlooking the lake Faith died in

Guilt and insecurities are the focus of this episode. Especially as people expose their soft under belly to those who can, or have, hurt them the most.

More on that below.

Preparations for Cotillion Continue: Zora, Isaiah, Sophia

Unfortunately for Sophia, her dad can’t make it for the cotillion. Luckily, Grandpa James offers his services, even though he knows he perhaps wouldn’t be her first choice.

But while things may not be ideal, but are okay for Sophia, Zora is a whole other subject. Isaiah is showing his behind again and trying to pressure Zora to do things his way. To the point, with Zora not being fond of wearing a seatbelt, he stops short in his car and leaves a knot on her forehead. Something she maybe able to cover up with makeup now, but who knows if this is but a taste of what is to come.

It’s Not About Mac, It’s About Faith: Grace, Darius

Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 13 Silence and Loneliness - Grace telling Darius how Mac tried to molest her

Grace hasn’t been sleeping well and of course naturally it would seem to be about her killing Mac. You’d be wrong to think that though. Where her troubles seem to stem from is that Mac made a move on her before Faith, but she didn’t say anything. She kept it to herself, got away as soon as possible, and her inaction led to her sister’s suicide. That is what she feels bad about. As for Mac, it seems she has a “The bastard got what is coming to him” sort of outlook.

All of which she doesn’t reveal to Lady Mae, who she has grown closer with, even does an outreach event with [note]One in which she notes how she hopes things will be once she gets older[/note], but with Darius. Someone who, the way they talk, haven’t spoken in a little bit, but who else does Grace have to talk to? She is steal healing old wounds with family and even with Sophia, things aren’t what they used to be. Much less, Sophia is her kid.

Making it grand that Darius has the patience and love for Grace to stick it out. Understand between what Mac did, alongside Grace’s ex, there are some trust issues. So they just have to take their time a bit.

Out Like A Lion and Scurrying Like A Mouse: Basie Skanks, James, Lady Mae, Kerissa, Tasha, Jacob

Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 13 Silence and Loneliness - Basie Skanks gives his goodbye speech

Bishop Greenleaf (James) wants Basie out of his hair and whatever he knows about James’ past, locked up wherever the cops throwaway the key. Hence why, with Kerissa strongly adding her two cents, there is a threat and arrangement so that Basie would give up Triumph to Jacob. Something Jacob is upset about, since he only learns about the scenario once Basie agrees. However, what’s done is done and, to my surprise, Basie doesn’t lash out much at Jacob, nor Kerissa, about being ousted.

Heck, he doesn’t even really lash out at Tasha when it comes to her going to Kerissa’s home, much less bringing Bishop Greenleaf, to Triumph after Basie gets beat up. All he does is, in front of his congregation, admit a sin was done and introduced Jacob as their new pastor. Then, soon after, he runs for the hills with Tasha left behind simply because she refused to go.

Leaving us to question if this was the last episode we’d see Basie and what may happen to Tasha now? Much less, is Jacob ready to run his own megachurch? Never mind if the congregation, Basie’s congregation, may stick by his side.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 13 Silence and Loneliness - Lionel calls at the end of the episode

  1. Anyone else thought Zora might have been pregnant when she went into the bathroom? Much less think Isaiah may just be crazy enough to get into an accident, with Zora not having her seat belt on, just to be ultra petty?
  2. Who wants to bet Lionel is calling about Aaron and Kevin? Maybe he learned his son is gay?


Grace’s Guilt

Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 13 – Mr. World Premiere - Google Chrome 9_7_2017 10_02_22 AM

We have been reminded usually with one or two scenes a episode that something is off with Grace. Usually in the form of her not sleeping well. Something we finally understand the reason why for. It isn’t killing Mac, it is because her not saying something before makes her feel guilty about Faith. Which I’ll admit is a bit of a curve ball, but it makes sense.

After all, who knows how many came before Grace, but she could have said something when he tried to make a move on her. With that, Faith and all the girls she pushed to confess could have one less bruise on their memories. And maybe, just maybe, in Grace’s mind, rather than having Mac’s blood on her hands, he’d instead simply be in jail.

Lady Mae and Grace Being Cordial

Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 13 Silence and Loneliness - Lady Mae and Grace talking
Something you have to see to believe

Lady Mae and Grace walking side by side is a sight to see. Especially since for most of the series, they sat on opposing sides. But what really makes them being cordial something is now Lady Mae is opening up to Grace. Her showing vulnerability in the form of talking about her fears of what may happen to her when she gets older I could never imagine before. Not just in terms of her having this conversation with Grace, but anyone besides James to be honest. For as social as Lady Mae is, it’s clear she has no confidant. So for her to choose Grace for something like that is a real milestone in their relationship.


Where In The World is Kevin?

Taps on watch hello? It has been a good amount of episodes at this point and we have not even seen him for us, the audience, to know where he is. Now, knowing how this show is, I complain this episode and we see him the next. Which I fully expect to happen.

Jabari and Charity

I’ve always struggled to get into Charity’s character and storyline. Probably because, amongst all the drama everyone has, even the kids, she seemed rooted in some form of normalcy. Making her issues with Jabari, between wondering if he is gay or into her, part of the continued struggle to really take note of her.

On The Fence

Is Basie Gone?

Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 13 Silence and Loneliness - The great Basie Skanks

There has been this vibe since the show returned that they are looking to return to the core characters. To focus on just the Greenleaf family, especially those who are Greenleaf by blood, and they have been pruning off others who steal that shine. Mac was an imposing figure who, as the “villain” of the show, everything tied to him and anything not about him sort of seemed dull in comparison. A vibe Basie Skanks inherited with his smooth and vibrant method of speaking and performing. Yet, not the chicken has come to roost and it seems he has high tailed it. Thus meaning the most entertaining man on the show has left.

Something I worry, as I constantly do with this show, how will they fill the gaping hole he has left? For it isn’t like when Mac was sort of written off. Mac’s storyline pretty much was either death or jail. With Basie though, he never did get his revenge and his charisma was infectious. To the point, it reminds me that I really need to look up the actor who plays him to see what else he has going on.

This Isiah Storyline

Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 13 Silence and Loneliness - Zora looking at Isiah like he lost his mind

Zora is sort of turning into the teen Charity to me. In terms of her having a storyline which is kind of hard to get into. Not because of the subject matter, since I think it is important to display what a unhealthy teen relationship is. However, be it the writing or actors, once all is said and done this storyline just sort of rolls off on you. For, like with Charity, it seems more like the type of story to remind you this person exist on the show rather than exhibit how much investment there is in the character.

To put it a different way. It is like, there are plans for the character in the long term, but in the short term? Well Zora, alongside Charity, are just given something so they don’t fade to the back. Which Sophia is kind of doing right now since, I guess, only one teen on the show can be focused on at a time.

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  1. Great review as always!

    Man I always felt like there was something more going on between Grace and Mac, just the pure hatred and disdain that she had for Mac, I always felt like there was more. Not saying she wouldn’t be justified in her hatred of him regardless, but her fight against Mac ALWAYS seemed like it was for Faith, along with it being PERSONAL. So, I was not shocked when she confessed that to Darius.

    1. I just want, at Sophia’s cotillion, for those two to have a cute moment. To dance or something. I’m very back and forth, but I liked how he handled her vulnerable moment. But what about Lady Mae? Her confided her fears of what may happen when she gets old to Grace made it seem Mac’s death was the best thing for their relationship.

      1. Lady Mae and Grace? Like you said in your review, I had to see it to believe. Hugs, I love you’s, meaningful conversations, I will definitely say that Mac’s death CLEARLY brought their relationship back around. I’m guessing Mac was like an emotional and physical barrier between Grace and Mae, because all of the abuse going around, Mae not wanting to think that her brother would do something like that, dealing or not dealing with the fact that Mae herself was abused, along with the fact that Grace in Mae’s eyes was causing all of these problems, Mac’s death allowed for Mae to finally realize that yes, her daughter was abused by her brother, yes her brother was a predator and an abuser himself, and that finally yes, she herself was abused. So Mac’s death was a release of all of that, and allowed for Mae and Grace to finally come together.

        1. I feel loved?

          I wonder what that’ll mean for when Darius eventually, officially, is Grace’s boyfriend. As in he is introduced to the family.

          Were you surprised how basie just left without much noise? No feelings of being betrayed, just a “well, I lost.”

          1. About Basie leaving, no. After his beat down, he felt like his life was very much in danger, more than he probably ever felt like it was before, and also do you really think that we have seen the last of Basie!?!??! Please he is coming back, DEFINITELY! If we don’t see him in these next 3 episodes we will see him in season 3.

            1. How do you think he’ll return, what will he do after his return?

              Much less, do you get this vibe the show is trying to trim things down to the essential characters. Perhaps to refocus things before the season finale and the next line of drama in season 3?

              1. How do you think he’ll return, what will he do after his return?

                I feel like Basie will return in the same way, that we were first introduced to him. Happy, smiling, and ready to preach to the people of his church. Either something happens where all of his depths are paid off, or expunged, or Jacob royally screws up his job as preacher of triumph and Basie comes back running ready to take his church back. Either way, we have not seen the last of Basie.

                Much less, do you get this vibe the show is trying to trim things down to the essential characters. Perhaps to refocus things before the season finale and the next line of drama in season 3?

                If said it before that the writes (at least I hope) have an idea and a plan for where they want the show. Trust the writers, produces, and even Oprah herself knew that if they went forward with the idea of Grace and Mac literally fighting each other, and Grace more or less fighting for her life, to then stab Mac in the neck, the only plausible outcome for the show was for Mac to die. So, I take that as 1 the writers taking into account that they know their characters, and 2 they know what they want. I mean I think that it took a lot of balls for the writers to kill Mac off. He was such an evil man, but he did bring a lot to the show. Other shows probably would have copped out, and had Mac live, but GL decided that he had to go, and I respect that. So, yes I think the writers know what they want going into season 3. Besides, did you really think that the writers killing off Mac, meant that the show would NEVER HAVE DRAMA AGAIN?!?!?! lol Overall, I’m excited to see how the rest of season 2 of GL play out.

              2. Me too… Though I can’t even fathom what may come up next. Especially looking at next week’s preview? Oooo… they are trying to make sure none of the momenta is lost with what Aaron and Lionel are drudging up.

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