Greenleaf: Season 2/ Episode 1 “A House Divided” [Season Premiere] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Let me be straight up – Thanks to Tyler Perry, when OWN started having scripted shows without his name on it, I did not for a second think they would be good. Granted, they were under the Oprah umbrella, and she was giving us the rare opportunity to see her act, but I was skeptical….

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Let me be straight up – Thanks to Tyler Perry, when OWN started having scripted shows without his name on it, I did not for a second think they would be good. Granted, they were under the Oprah umbrella, and she was giving us the rare opportunity to see her act, but I was skeptical. However, Greenleaf opened the doors to the type of brilliance I still, to this day, wish BET would reach for. Now, I covered the first and last episode of season one and with me buying a season pass. I feel the review is a little rough since I’m trying to remember what has happened and get into the swing of writing for this program. Also since I’m a bit overloading this weekend. But, believe me, I’m not trying to push quantity over quality.

Episode Focus: Judgement Day (Mac, James, and Bishop Skanks)

With Mac having the gospel on a multitude of people, he finds himself released and using his father, Henry, to plant the seeds needed to take James down. However, despite the relationship Lady Mae has with her father, she goes to him asking for him to say he worked alone. Which, after a very awkward and uncomfortable kiss, he grants her wish. Yet, even as the DA says they are dropping the case, so comes Bishop Skanks. Someone who never liked James and he reveals it is because he knows he killed his daddy. His daddy being the man who died in the basement of James’ old church back in 1983. Said man, Daryl James, died due to that church becoming a money pit and Mac handling the problem by asking his dad to burn the place down.


With Bishop Skanks not only opening a congregation across the street from James but also having Jacob head it? Oh, it should be interesting to see how far this all will go. After all, Skanks doesn’t appear to have concrete proof to take down Bishop Greenleaf yet his vendetta has already begun. One which, being that Skanks seems like the type who may play dirty, I can fully imagine him aligning with Mac just for his vengeance. Especially since, between James’ daughter and him stealing Mae from him, who else does Mac really have?

Though, this is assuming Skanks is even willing to get in bed with a sexual predator. Of which Grace seemingly is putting posters all over the place so people know about it. I should also note that when it comes to Triumph, a young man named Isaiah may become a love interest for Sophia.

Subplot 1: The Gay Members of the Congregation (Carlton, Charity, and Kevin)

The church isn’t getting the donations it used to and it isn’t necessarily because Triumph is now opening a 2nd location which maybe closer to them. Nope. According to Deacon Sykes, at least when it comes to the deacon board, it is because Carlton and his husband Reggie Terrence ‘T.C.’ Carson. Being that many of them are conservative and find homosexuality a sin, they don’t appreciate them being so open nor Charity singing at their wedding. To them, that is like the church singing off on something the board doesn’t believe in.

As for why the parishioners aren’t donating to the point there has been a 40% drop? The only reason that can be fathomed is the case against James. Speaking of gay members of the congregation, Kevin is still around. He isn’t back in the house yet, but he is trying to convince Charity to come to his pray the gay away group.


One of the things I honestly love about this show, and network, is it addresses some of the problems within the Black church going community. Something I haven’t been a part of in years, but whenever you are reminded of how small minded and petty folk can be, it reminds you why people rather pray at home. With that said, I wonder if this is going to become a big to do or not. Only because, with Carlton hooking up Charity with a music producer, who may become a love interest/ a method for the church to make money, he is invested in that church. One which not only needs money but needs to avoid a scandal and while Carlton left his last church due to issues, I don’t think he is looking to uproot himself and deal with some old biddies mess just because he is happily gay.

Subplot 2: Life Hasn’t Been Easy For The McCready Girls (Mavis and Lady Mae)

Picking up from the topic brought up in the Episode Focus, as was noted throughout season 1, there is no love lost between Henry and Lady Mae. More than likely it was because her light skin was disturbingly attractive to her father in inappropriate ways. But, let it be known, Mavis suffered too. Maybe not at the hands of her father, but certainly at her mother. Making it where, with her now not having her club to distract and consume her thoughts, she has nothing to think about but what her mother did to her and the fact Mae, like always, just ignored what was going on and said nothingWell, and this young thing Alonzo she calls herself the manager of. Though, it seems she might just be a sugar momma for now. One chasing him more than he chasing her.


I would love a flashback. For really, how Whitfield and Winfrey play these two women, how could you not want to see more of what they made into the type of roles which frustrate you to not see nominated for mainstream awards? I mean, granted, both are well honed in their craft, but for Whitfield, she has not only become the best with dealing with daughters, or young girls, who she thinks is the source of her unhappiness, but all with a sort of Diahann Carroll kind of grace. I mean, granted, she already has an Emmy, but despite not being the center of too much drama, and partly being the cause for it, you can’t deny this show would be noticeably worse off without her.

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There is a difference between getting past something and never admitting it happened.

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