Ivy, like so many before her, begins building up her villain status through Penguin as Bruce and Jim dig into their pasts for a better tomorrow in Gotham. The Sacrificial Lamb: Jim Gordon With the reveal that is was Frank who called upon Falcone to kill Jim’s father, the would-be family reunion comes to an…

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Ivy, like so many before her, begins building up her villain status through Penguin as Bruce and Jim dig into their pasts for a better tomorrow in Gotham.

The Sacrificial Lamb: Jim Gordon

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With the reveal that is was Frank who called upon Falcone to kill Jim’s father, the would-be family reunion comes to an end. However, not before the discovery that the Court of Owls plans to cleanse Gotham and seemingly it will be through using something created within Indian Hill. But being that only one Gordon can live after Jim starts pushing the subject of how his dad died, Frank sacrifices himself. Leaving Jim alone to avenge his father’s death and take down the court of owls.


Honestly, I haven’t much to say since, from the very beginning, and still even all these episodes later, Jim is just not that interesting of a character to me. No matter if they try to give him an anti-hero tinge, make him a pure and unfiltered good guy, or involve him in the show’s most interesting villains, Ben McKenzie just does nothing for me. So I’m just hoping, considering his involvement with the Court of Owls and Bruce on the path to being Batman, he is just a long term placeholder until he can be demoted to a supporting role. Perhaps something less than on Selina’s level in terms of how often we see him.

The True Origins of the Batman: Bruce

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The unidentified old man, who we have yet to know the name of, begins his training of Bruce by trying to get him past the pain of his parent’s death.


You know, I’m starting to remember why I dropped watching episode after episode of Gotham – Its heroes are boring as hell to watch. Though, when you think about it, what are the movies without their villains? But focusing on Bruce, while I eagerly await the rise of the Batman and to see the actor don some version of the suit, I honestly feel like the quality of Bruce Wayne is highly dependent on who his actor, David Mazouz, is playing against. For with some, like the actress who plays Catwoman, there is chemistry. Same goes for Alfred, but it does seem to me that Mazouz is the type of actor who needs time to get comfortable with you before he can be good in a scene with you. Otherwise, he seems like the weakest link and sort of like dead weight.

But I will say this, whoever is writing the mysterious old man’s lines? They pretty much made one of the quotable characters this show may have had in a while.

The Rise of Poison Ivy: Ivy [Maggie Geha], Penguin

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Despite bringing him back from the dead, perhaps in a literal fashion, Penguin wants no parts of Ivy. He doesn’t want to be her friend, he doesn’t entertain what can either be considered her being playful or flirting, and he is just ready to leave her behind and head back to Gotham. After all, he has a revenge planned. Yet, when he calls Gabe, he learns that he has no army to come back to. He is now that powerless umbrella holder again.

However, thanks to Ivy already learning a thing or two about chemistry, of the botanical kind, she is able to take down Gabe and his little crew. Thus leading to Penguin realizing this young woman is an asset, not a nuisance. Especially as she gives him the idea of turning the Indian Hill freaks into his army. Though, unbeknownst to him, Fish is one of those freaks.


Recently in The Huggington Post, now strangely just the Huffpost (reminds me of when Sci-Fi became SyFy), there was an article about how Kenan Thompson is what holds SNL together. To me, Robin Lord Taylor does the same work for this show. There isn’t one single character he hasn’t made look better or hasn’t risen off of the back of his work. I mean, look at Riddler and the state he is in, Butch, Barbara to a point, and so many others. They all became the villains they are due to working with, or against, The Penguin. So while it is unfortunate he is the shoulders everyone stands on to become next level, it does show, at this point, faith that said villain is worthy to move up in line. For, at this point, it seems Penguin is the gatekeeper to who will be the lead villain of the next story arc.

Leading to the rise of Ivy who is still very much bubbly and not wicked. Yet, lest we forget, there was a time Edward Nygma was just a forensics nerd. So it should be interesting how, between the writers and Taylor, Maggie Geha evolves with the character. Which, as of now, might be one of the few things to look forward to.

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