Good Trouble: Season 2, Episode 8 “Disruptions” [Summer Finale] – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Dennis with a mosaic of his son on his wall.

In an emotional, or dramatic, finale, if not both, Callie has had enough, Mariana makes things worse at work, and our favorite queer relationships might be in trouble.

In an emotional, or dramatic, finale, if not both, Callie has had enough, Mariana makes things worse at work, and our favorite queer relationships might be in trouble.

Director(s) Peter Paige
Writer(s) Joanna Johnson
Air Date 8/6/2019
Introduced This Episode
Kendra Azita Ghanizada
Sariya Presilah Nunez

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Things Have Just Become Too Complicated: Lindsay, Alice, Joey, Elijah, Gael

Just when Alice and Gael reach a personal peak, someone throws in a grenade. Lindsay does in the form of getting Alice on stage and kissing her beforehand. Even saying that she is doing what Joey did to her in kissing her girlfriend. Which may or may not be a lie. Following that, Gael loses the art commission he barely had for a day since it is revealed his positive review was paid for. This causes a fight between him and Elijah and leads us to believe things are over not too long after they began.

You Said Too Much While Saying Very Little: Amanda, Evan, Mariana, Kendra, Davia, Dennis, Jennifer, Jeff, Sariya, Teresa, Marcus, Callie

Mariana blows things up, once again, at Speckulate by telling Evan that Angela is the reason Amanda was gone and it wasn’t over alleged sexual harassment. If anything, it might have just been her trying to avoid things from getting that far. However, because of Mariana seeing that as a reason for Evan and Amanda to reconnect, now she sues for wrongful termination. Likely due to her knowing why she was fired.

This leads to Kendra, who is empowered by the board of directors, swooping in and seemingly ready for drastic changes. The first is firing Angela, second is demoting Mariana, and third is opening an investigation into who leaked the company salaries. So, needless to say, Mariana is in deep.

Kendra (Azita Ghanizada) introducing herself to Mariana.
Kendra (Azita Ghanizada)

She isn’t alone, of course. Callie is reminded how huge of a sacrifice it is to take on a class-action suit by Teresa which leads her to want to tell Marcus she is out. However, with Sariya from the ACLU wanting to assist with the case, even if it may set back Callie studying for the bar, Marcus has presented an opportunity she can’t pass up.

Leaving Dennis and Davia. Long story short, they don’t confess their feelings and get together. Jennifer pops up to get the divorce papers signed and to announce her and Nathan are getting married and having a kid. As you can imagine, this devastates Dennis to the point of going back into his shell. Then with Davia, well, let’s say Dennis lies and says he is going to reconcile with Jennifer to push her away and when you add that to Jeff popping up, it makes it clear these two got too much baggage to unpack before starting something new.

Needing A Change: Malika, Issac, Judge Wilson, Callie, Mariana, Gael, Jamie

Isaac has come to the point of wanting his and Malika’s families to meet. This includes Dom. Pushing the idea he really wants to get serious with her but, the problem is, the day he wants their families to meet is when Malika is tasked with a BLM protest – one against Judge Wilson. You know, the guy who barely stopped Malika from having charges pressed against her. So, as we’ve seen many times in The Fosters, and now carried into Good Trouble, there is just bad timing.

Judge Wilson as BLM protests his award.

Well, at least there is bad timing for Malika. Callie, on the other hand, Jamie opening up his home to her is perfect timing considering Mariana and Gael getting into a verbal altercation with her. One which includes Gael saying he wished he didn’t have to see her due to Jamie having his art in the laundry room. Add in Mariana not taking Callie’s side and making her seem like the bad guy, and that ends up being the final straw. For Callie is stressed out enough. She doesn’t need lack of support from Mariana, cattiness from her housemates, and with Malika not defending her in that group chat as fiercely as Callie would want, she’s done. Callie’s mail can be forwarded to Jamie’s address.



The Work Drama – Mariana and Callie

After Callie leaving Judge Wilson’s office, which caused quite a change in her life, there was the need to question if Mariana would get the same treatment? The Byte Club situation hasn’t necessarily run its course, but became a beating of a dead horse with no real progress for with Mariana’s promotion came so many strings. Be it the sacrifice of Raj, her becoming Evan’s emotional support, among so many things which pushed her back more than allowed her to leap forward. Not to say Kendra is making things better but managing Evan’s emotions and expectations have stalled Mariana compared to Callie.

Someone who, from Judge Wilson to Legal Aide, has had a far more compelling work-life for it went beyond a social topic or message, but also presented the work on parity. Heck, it presented Mariana with compelling drama that surpassed petty office politics and her having to make a tough decision that could affect the trajectory of her career. Which isn’t to say Mariana hasn’t experience that, but she has in a way which focused more on the people, their drama, than her and her work.

On The Fence

Davia & Dennis Remaining A Question Mark

I hope this isn’t one of those couples they hold off on until the series finale – or damn near close. Between the Jennifer appearance, Jeff’s, and you knowing both have communication issues, you can see them dragging this out.

The Queer Couples Are In Flux

Elijah in bed with Gael.

While Elijah has been on thin ice for quite some time, it was still nice to see Gael happy with a man. Yet, so it seems, he is still riled up about Callie, and while I won’t say they are end game, it seems Gael is going to struggle with love for a long time on this show. Something I hope doesn’t become the case for Alice too. This Joey x Lindsay pettiness is not something Alice can easily navigate. She is skittish, prone to saying the wrong thing, and Joey already has trust issues. That last thing they need is Alice revealing Lindsay came onto them and what that can cause.

Malika Is Likely To Be Arrested

Well, it seems all couples, but Jamie and Callie are in trouble. For with BLM calling for action on the same day Malika is supposed to meet Isaac’s family, you know she’s in trouble. Add in Judge Wilson to the mix? If Isaac meets Malika that day, it is going to be with him bailing her out.

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