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Home TV Series Good Trouble: Season 1, Episode 9 “Willful Blindness” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Good Trouble: Season 1, Episode 9 “Willful Blindness” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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On top of meeting Malika and Alice’s illustrious mothers, and Rebecca’s, someone says goodbye to Good Trouble.

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Episode Information: Episode 9 “Willful Blindness”

Director(s)Kelli Williams
Writer(s)Lauren Moon
Air Date3/5/2019
Introduced This Episode
Moe (Malika’s Mom)Karole Foreman
TreaLee Chen
KateDianne Doan


Life In The Closet: Trea, Alice, Joey, Sumi, Meera

Trea (Lee Chen) talking to Alice.

Trea (Lee Chen)

Despite having a possible good thing with Joey, the Sumi incident of her leaving Meera, for a night, to be with Alice, and so much more, she is still planning Sumi’s wedding. On top of that, she still has Sumi come to lunch with her family – though she honestly had no choice in that. Probably because Sumi’s family, her mom Trea especially, like Sumi far more than they do their own kid. Though considering her dad just makes sounds to note he is in the room, he isn’t of much help as Trea digs into her daughter’s insecurities.

But, for a moment, it seemed like things could get better. Meera and Alice form their own unique bond, but with it looming that Alice was cheated on and Sumi ended up with Meera, there is some awkwardness there. Bad goes to worse though when Alice decides to go on Joey’s AM radio show to try to win her back and flays Sumi and Meera. Thus causing a bit of drama between her and Meera.

It doesn’t end there though. With Alice getting so much flack for that radio show, despite how well things went with Joey, to the point Alice could have had a real comedy (radio) show opportunity, she declines. Which further pushes Joey to believe Alice isn’t over her ex and isn’t ready for them to be anything. Maybe not even friends.

Identity Issues: Callie, Bryan, Gael, Mariana, Rebecca, Diane, Judge Wilson, Kate

Gael is having a seriously hard time trying to not only create pieces, but market them. Especially since he doesn’t want to be in front of his work nor his being queer or a person of color for then it limits the lens of his work. Yet, he knows he has to stop limiting himself for otherwise, as Mariana says, others will just speak about his work for him. Something that is a bit of an issue for Gael’s work is personal. So, taking Mariana’s advice, since Gael is a bit uncomfortable using the gay community to support his work, he instead may look into the Latinx community.

Diane, Rebecca's mother.


Switching to Rebecca, with Callie pressing on about reporting Judge Handelman, Rebecca finds herself back at odds with her. Yet, then with meeting her mother Diane, realizing that all she has is due to her family name, she decides to step out. She reports Judge Handelman, lets Judge Wilson know what led to her being transferred to his office and takes a job in Denver rather than a fancy, big name, firm in DC her grandfather set up for her.

Why? Well, Callie. Though they disagree on many things, Callie does know how to create a convincing argument and her holding true to what she believes is the truth convinced Rebecca to come forward. However, while her point of view convinced Rebecca to report Judge Handelman, the same attitude causes another fight with Gael. So let’s just say her attitude/perspective isn’t always driving positive results in her life.

A New Kind Of Family: Moe, Dom, Malika, Mariana, Sandra

Malika's Mom (Karole Foreman) talking to Malika.

Malika’s Mom (Karole Foreman)

After avoiding her for a long time, Malika finally decides to meet with her mother. As you can imagine, the conversation is tough, but three big factors led to her meeting with her mom. Mariana noting how her relationship with Ana recovered, Sandra speaking on her loss of a child and how much she mourns that relationship, and lastly, there is Dom. For to have a relationship with him, clearly, it means reconciling with their mother.

But there comes a question of what is she willing to sacrifice? Is she willing to put aside how she feels about calling child protective services for the sake of a relationship? To dare say she was wrong to do so when she was right? How about Dom buying their mother alcohol, when she is supposedly sober, and going for the argument that it at least isn’t drugs?

All of this complicates the terms and conditions of reconciling, so Malika walks away and finds a new mother figure in Sandra. One who she puts before Callie’s needs, so Ben doesn’t get on her case.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is Rebecca gone-gone as in off the show?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Judge Wilson decides to block the personnel record of the person who shot Sandra’s son from the court case.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

[…] Sometimes you have to go out in the world to find your family.



Gael’s Identity Issues

Being that Gael is bi, an artist, and let’s throw in that his parents aren’t the most accepting, him having apprehension with labels makes a whole lot of sense. Think of it this way, Gael is likely the type who doesn’t have an issue with the labels but the association that brings. So while he has no problems with being queer, he doesn’t seem to want that be one the first thing to describe him and, apparently, doesn’t interact with the community outside of Bryan and his sister.

Then, when it comes to being Latinx, you have to admit it is strange how Mariana bringing that up came up as a brand new idea in his head. Leading you to question if he was raised in a family that didn’t push and celebrate their culture and instead had their children mostly be “American.” But maybe I’m off?

Malika’s Issues With Her Mother

Malika feeling coerced to apologize to her mom to have a relationship with her brother.

The complicated relationship between Malika and Moe (name assumed because lack of subtitles) is just so much. For while we got a taste of what Malika is going through with Ana, with a brother who sticks up for her, this situation is vastly different. For one, the reconciliation is being asked for when Malika is an adult, and she and Dom weren’t taken as babies. Also, they didn’t end up in the same home raised by a loving family so that need and desire for forgiveness doesn’t exist. Making it so Malika gives us part of what we saw with Callie early on in The Fosters when someone isn’t given that love and connection which kids need for a foundation.

Yet, despite not having that on the level that Callie got, or Mariana, we’re reminded it doesn’t stop someone from still becoming a productive adult. Which is an important thing to note considering the various personalities on the show.

An Episode Focused On Non-Callie or Mariana Issues

While Callie is involved with the Rebecca situation and does have a fight with Gael, this episode pretty much was about Malika, Gael, Alice, and Rebecca. For me, I appreciate that since we spent over 100+ hour-long episodes with Callie and Mariana. Yes, they are at a different stage of their lives, but they are still following long-established patterns. Callie is still getting into relationships in which she isn’t as emotionally available as the other person needs and Mariana? Well… really thinking about it, even with Byte Club and all that drama, does Mariana really have a lot going on?

That thought aside, it was nice that this episode pushed the idea Good Trouble is more so an ensemble cast than Callie and Mariana featuring the people they live with.

Meet My Mother

To me, it is so important to meet characters’ families for it clues you into what is their truth. Are we just seeing their representative who they put out to seem cool, moody, or something similar? When it comes to their family, do they snap into a leadership role, a submissive one, or is it like Malika in which the idea of dealing with family just dredges up issues you know neither party really want to deal with? The combination of these things gave us a quality episode which found a way to address multiple characters issues without making things sappy.

On The Fence

The What If Scenarios

Sumi announcing she is engaged before answering to who.

A part of me wants to appreciate the “What If?” scenarios this show does, like Alice and Sumi coming out to her parents. Yet, with them not necessarily representing flash forwards but just giving the worst case scenario, if not what a character fears would happen, I sometimes question their value. For it does really feel like a nod to fans letting us know they see how dramatic they could take things, but they hold back. If only to make sure when a blow-up happens, like Malika with her mom, it doesn’t feel like just another scene but an important moment which represents a shift in a character or relationship. Though it could very well be also just something to throw social media into a frenzy as well. Which, if it is, shame on all those involved.

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Season/ EpisodeSynopsisDirector, Writer, and Introduced ActorsTopics & Focused Characters
Season 2, Episode 8 “Disruptions” [Summer Finale]In an emotional, or dramatic, finale, if not both, Callie has had enough, Mariana makes things worse at work, and our favorite queer relationships might be in trouble.
Director(s)Peter Paige
Writer(s)Joanna Johnson
Air Date8/6/2019
Introduced This Episode
KendraAzita Ghanizada
SariyaPresilah Nunez
  • Things Have Just Become Too Complicated:Lindsay, Alice, Joey, Elijah, Gael
  • You Said Too Much While Saying Very Little:Amanda, Evan, Mariana, Kendra, Davia, Dennis, Jennifer, Jeff, Sariya, Teresa, Marcus, Callie
  • Needing A Change: Malika, Issac, Judge Wilson, Callie, Mariana, Gael, Jamie
Season 2, Episode 6 “Twenty-Fine”It’s Malika’s birthday and tensions between people who live at The Coterie and their partners nearly throw off the vibe she was aiming for.
Director(s)Chandra Wilson
Writer(s)Joanna Johnson, Ashly Perez
Air Date7/23/2019
  • Love Is In The Air: Malika, Isaac, Davia, Dennis
  • I Just Want You More Confident: Joey, Alice, Raj, Mariana, Gael, Elijah
  • Sisters Fight Sometimes: Mariana, Raj, Jamie, Callie
Season 2, Episode 7 “In The Middle”While nearly everyone is given a grand opportunity, so comes the question of what they are willing to sacrifice? Be it professional relationships or personal.
Director(s)Jay Chandrasekhar
Writer(s)Nicole Paulhus
Air Date7/30/2019
Introduced This Episode
AmandaAllison Paige
  • Does He Or Doesn’t He Alice?: Alice, Dennis, Jeff, Davia
  • Under Pressure: Mariana, Evan, Gael, Elijah
  • Who Needs A Comfort Zone?: Callie, Mariana, Davia, Teresa, Marcus, Malika, Isaac, Gael, Jamie
Season 2, Episode 5 “Happy Heckling”As Evan reveals his intentions, things blow up at Speckulate. Also, Callie is once again struggling with her dating and life choices.
Director(s)Erica Dunton
Writer(s)Adam Starks
Air Date7/16/2019
Introduced This Episode
LindsayRhea Butcher
  • An Up And Coming Talent: Alice, Joey, Lindsay
  • I’m Not Who You Think I Am: Elijah, Gael, Callie, Marcus, Jamie, Alice
  • Something Beyond Co-Workers: Mariana, Alex, Raj, Evan, Josh
Season 2, Episode 4 "Unfiltered"Despite Callie starting a new job, old habits die hard. Also, Davia’s mom, Bonnie, comes to town and reminds us of another reason Davia doesn’t want to go home.
Director(s)Laura Nisbet Peters
Writer(s)Resheida Brady
Air Date7/9/2019
Introduced This Episode
BonnieReagan Pasternak
GinaRachel Rosenbloom
MarcusJuan Antonio
TeresaLisandra Tena
  • Pay The Cost To Be A Boss: Gina, Raj, Mariana, Evan
  • Pulling A Callie: Callie, Joseph, Isaac, Malika, Marcus, Teresa
  • Mommie Dearest: Davia, Dennis, Bonnie
Season 2, Episode 3 “Doble Quince”Jazmin decides to have a Doble Quince, and despite it being her party, nearly everyone else’s minds are on other things.
Director(s)Bradley Bredeweg
Writer(s)Joanna Johnson, Ashly Perez
Air Date7/2/2019
  • A Lady Is Allowed Her Secrets: Malika, Dom, Isaac, Joseph
  • You Can’t Have A Relationship Without Honest Conversations: Joey, Alice, Raj, Mariana, Evan
  • Sometimes Progress Doesn’t Come Soon Enough: Gael, Elijah, Jazmin, Jamie, Callie
Season 2, Episode 1 “Percussions” [Season Premiere]The verdict of the Jamal Thompson case is delivered, Mariana deals with how her personal and professional life has changed, and Alice prepares her next chapter.
Director(s)Peter Paige
Writer(s)Joanna Johnson
Air Date6/18/2019
Introduced This Episode
JacobCarter Rush Adkins
  • The Struggle To Move Forward: Dennis, Jacob, Davia, Jeff
  • A Change Gon’ Come: Alice, Joey, Raj, Mariana, Evan
  • Was This The Battle Or Was It The War?:Sandra, Judge Wilson, Malika, Callie, Jamie, Gael
Season 2, Episode 2 "Torn"Drastic moves are made in order to go from surviving to being happy, thriving even, but they naturally come at a cost.
Director(s)Peter Paige
Writer(s)Joanna Johnson
Air Date6/25/2019
Introduced This Episode
NaomiDenise Dowse
ElijahDenim Richards
JosephRichard Brooks
  • Case Of The Ex: Davia, Jeff, Elijah, Gael, Callie
  • Moving Past The Pain: Joseph, Dom, Malika, Dennis, Davia
  • A Complicated Future: Callie, Mariana, Evan, Raj, Jamie, Judge Wilson, Naomi, Malika
Season 1, Episode 13 “Vitamin C”Callie facing the camera, after being unable to choose between Gael and Jamie.
Nearly everything comes to a head as Good Trouble ends its first season which thankfully will be followed up by season 2 in June.
Director(s)Joanna Johnson
Writer(s)Joanna Johnson
Air Date4/2/2019
Introduced This Episode
VivRiley Go
  • From Another’s Eyes: Viv, Davia, Malika, Dom, Sandra
  • The Truth Will Set You Free And Freedom Is A Dangerous Gift: Mariana, Angela, Josh, Evan, Callie, Sumi, Joey, Meera, Alice, Ben
  • Picking Up The Pieces: Raj, Mariana, Dom, Isaac, Malika, Callie, Jamie, Gael, Davia, Dennis, Alice, Trae, Malika, Jeff
Season 1, Episode 12 “Broken Arted”You may think the title of this episode, “Broken Arted” is about romance but what’ll break your heart is the loss of something, rather someone beyond love.
Director(s)Peter Paige
Writer(s)Megan Lynn, Wade Solomon
Air Date3/26/2019
Introduced This Episode
NathanBrandon Barash
  • True Intentions: Raj, Evan, Angela, Mariana, Josh, Malika, Casey
  • A Complicated Relationship: Gael, Bryan, Callie, Jamie, Jasmin, Sumi, Alice, Meera, Joey
  • Goodbye Big Brother?: Mariana, Dennis, Davia, Jeff, Nathan, Jenn
Season 1, Episode 11 “Less Than”Good Trouble dives into varying topics dealing with race from pay gaps, representation, privilege, and also how to be an ally this episode.
Director(s)Bradley Bredeweg
Writer(s)Kimberly Ndombe
Air Date3/19/2019
  • She’s Still In Love: Alice, Sumi, Meera, Joey
  • In The Minority: Malika, Isaac, Sandra, Mariana, Casey, Evan, Davia, Josh, Angela
  • The Work Drama Continues: Kate, Judge Wilson, Callie, Jamie, Tate
Season 1, Episode 10 “Re-Birthday”What begins as a fun night out, with 0 focus on work, leads to a lot of people addressing current relationships, boundaries, and self-respect.
Director(s)Aprill Winney
Writer(s)Claudia Forestieri, Dan Richter
Air Date3/12/2019
Introduced This Episode
BrandonDavid Lambert
  • Communication Issues: Isaac, Malika, Brandon, Dennis, Jamie, Callie, Gael, Bryan
  • Boundary Issues: Sumi, Mariana, Raj, Alice
  • It’s My Party & I’ll Cry If I Want To: Davia, Dennis, Jeff
Season 1, Episode 9 “Willful Blindness”On top of meeting Malika and Alice’s illustrious mothers, and Rebecca’s, someone says goodbye to Good Trouble.
Director(s)Kelli Williams
Writer(s)Lauren Moon
Air Date3/5/2019
Introduced This Episode
Moe (Malika’s Mom)Karole Foreman
TreaLee Chen
KateDianne Doan
  • Life In The Closet: Trea, Alice, Joey, Sumi, Meera
  • Identity Issues: Callie, Bryan, Gael, Mariana, Rebecca, Diane, Judge Wilson, Kate
  • A New Kind Of Family: Moe, Dom, Malika, Mariana, Sandra
Season 1, Episode 8 “Byte Club”Rebecca’s past is revealed as she flirts with a future that includes Jesus and Mariana’s Byte Club begins and finds a vital ally of the male staff.
Director(s)Peter Paige
Writer(s)Nicole Paulhus
Air Date2/26/2019
Introduced This Episode
TateZachary Gordon
AngelaHeather Mazur
JoshCharlie Bodin
JesusNoah Centineo
  • When or Where Did I Go Wrong?: Callie, Judge Wilson, Tate
  • Always Be Ready: Dennis, Jesus, Rebecca
  • No Woman Left Behind: Mariana, Casey, Callie, Raj, Rebecca, Angela, Josh, Alex, Ben
Season 1, Episode 7 "Swipe Right"“Swipe Right” is purely about establishing the beginning, possible end, of nearly every characters current or future relationship.
Director(s)Troian Bellisario
Writer(s)Ally Musika
Air Date2/19/2019
Introduced This Episode
PaulJoe Burke
IsaacSarunas J. Jackson
JoeyDaisy Eagan
EliSteven Krueger
LaraAlisa Allapach
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Paul, Isaac, Joey, Eli, Lara, Mariana, Malika, Davia, Alice, Sumi
  • I Can’t Give All, So I Have To Give Nothing: Callie, Gael
Season 1, Episode 6 "Imposter"While the truth helps Callie flourish, Mariana is getting sick and tired of being sick and tired. Also, Jazmin returns and clues us into how difficult her life is.
Director(s)Geoff Haley
Writer(s)Megan Lynn, Wade Solomon
Air Date2/12/2019
Introduced This Episode
JenniferAnnie Little
  • The Truth Will Set You Free: Judge Wilson, Jamie, Callie, Dennis, Davia, Ben, Jennifer
  • What It’s Like To Be Me: Jazmin, Gael, Callie, Jamie
  • Fight Club: Alex, Raj, Mariana, Casey, Evan
Season 1, Episode 5 "Parental Guidance Suggested"Stef and Lena come to The Coterie and reveal what is going on in their lives, and shine a light on Dennis.
Director(s)Bradley Bredeweg
Writer(s)Joanna Johnson
Air Date2/5/2019
Introduced This Episode
DennisJosh Pence
StefTeri Polo
LenaSherri Saum
  • Moms Are Coming!: Callie, Gael, Mariana, Malika, Bryan, Davia, Stef, Lena
  • Introducing Dennis: Stef, Dennis
  • The Truth Sets You Free/ Someone Who Understands: Lena, Malika, Callie, Mariana, Gael, Bryan, Ben, Davia
Season 1, Episode 4 “Playing The Game”Mariana and Alice are given the opportunity to stand up for themselves, as Davia and Callie are tasked with a needed shift in an important relationship.
Director(s)Michael Medico
Writer(s)Cristian Martinez
Air Date1/29/2019
Introduced This Episode
LibbyJessica Tuck
JeffChris Sheffield
  • The Boy Back Home: Davia, Jeff, Mariana
  • You Got To Stand Up For Yourself: Mariana, Raj, Casey, Alice, Malika, Sumi, Alex
  • We All Have Our Secrets: Libby, Judge Wilson, Rebecca, Ben, Callie, Malika
Season 1, Episode 3 “Allies”Both Mariana and Callie continue to struggle with office politics as Malika’s activism puts her at odds with her family.
Director(s)Laura Nisbet Peters
Writer(s)Kris Q. Rehl
Air Date1/22/2019
Introduced This Episode
JamieBeau Mirchoff
SandraNicki Micheaux
EvanT.J. Linnard
RajDhruv Uday Singh
SamMax Cutler
JazminHailie Sahar
  • You Make Time For The Things, And People, You Think Are Important: Malika, Sandra, Dom
  • Slowing Down The Train Won’t Mean It Won’t Get To Its Destination: Mariana, Alex, Raj, Sam, Evan, Casey
  • Step Your Game Up: Jamie, Callie, Rebecca, Ben, Judge Wilson, Gael, Bryan, Davia

Season 1/ Episode 1 “DTLA”

Good Trouble is charged with messages of equality mixed in with the relationship (platonic and otherwise) drama fans of its predecessor are used to.

CreatorJoanna Johnson, Bradley Bredweg, Peter Paige
Director(s)Jon M. Chu
Writer(s)Joanna Johnson, Bradley Bredweg, Peter Paige
Air Date1/1/2019
Genre(s)Drama, Young Adult
Good If You LikeProgressive TV Programming

Racial & Cultural Diversity

Your Usual 20 Something Drama with Random Sex Partners, Job Anxiety, and Unnecessarily Complicated Relationships

Isn’t For You If YouDon’t Like Your TV Programs Being Political
Introduced This Episode
MarianaCierra Ramirez
CallieMaia Mitchell
Judge WilsonRoger Bart
CaseyChloé Wepper
RebeccaMolly McCook
BenKen Kirby
AliceSherry Cola
MalikaZuri Adele
GaelTommy Martinez
DaviaEmma Hunton

Season 1, Episode 2 “The Coterie”

We got a conversation on bi-sexuality, the backstory of multiple characters and work drama – aka what will probably be the usual from Good Trouble.

Director(s)Peter Paige
Writer(s)Joanna Johnson
Air Date1/15/2019
Introduced This Episode
JudeHayden Byerly
BryanMichael Galante
Dom (Malika’s Brother)J. Mallory McCree
SumiKara Wang
AlexDustin Ingram
  • Let’s Talk About Sex(uality): Jude, Callie, Gael, Bryan, Sumi, Alice
  • The Outsider: Mariana, Alex, Davia
  • I’m Trying Here: Malika, Dom, Callie, Rebecca, Mariana, Ben
Gael’s Identity Issues - 80%
Malika’s Issues With Her Mother - 85%
An Episode Focused On Non-Callie or Mariana Issues - 86%
Meet My Mother - 81%
The What If Scenarios - 75%


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