With money low and seemingly it all over, the ladies of GLOW try to salvage this thing. Meanwhile, Sam gets some life changing news. $9000: Ruth, Debbie, Sam, Cherry, Sebastian While Carmen hinted at there being no money in the last episode, it is fully revealed this one. For after a two week coke bender,…

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With money low and seemingly it all over, the ladies of GLOW try to salvage this thing. Meanwhile, Sam gets some life changing news.

$9000: Ruth, Debbie, Sam, Cherry, Sebastian

While Carmen hinted at there being no money in the last episode, it is fully revealed this one. For after a two week coke bender, Sebastian shows up for a network meeting. He shows up high as hell, not knowing nothing but ready to tell Sam he has been cut off. With that, they seemed screwed and out of respect for the ladies, Sam tells them to their face. No lies, no rumors, no real hope. If you find a job, minas well take it cause we are on hiatus.

Something which most of the girls are ready to fight. Especially Ruth and Debbie. After all, this isn’t just an outlet or a family to them, it means so much more. For Debbie, this has allowed her to reclaim her body after having her son and leaving her husband. As for the rest of the women, where else will they find a sisterhood like this?

But while there is an attempt to raise money by doing a car wash, not everyone is down for the good fight. Cherry tries but then she gets a call from Mallory, likely based on a recommendation from Glen, and gets an audition. One which is likely a better offer than what Sam has so who knows if she maybe sticking around.


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Though very important, I’m skipping over this and hanging onto my feelings for the next episode.

It was kind of touching to see what GLOW meant to these girls. Not that it wasn’t apparent before, but Debbie’s note was especially touching. For you never think about women’s wrestling in the way she put it. I mean, yeah, you can look at it as a bunch of empowered women showing they can do what men do. Heck, taking in consideration the late wrestler Chyna, maybe even beating some men at what has traditionally been their game. However, the idea that it helped them reclaim their bodies was a interesting thought.

The idea that training, re-learning what your body can do and pushing it further never crossed my mind. So for Debbie to say that, and it seem in character, was something. Especially since she not too long ago had a baby. So take into consideration her body has forever been changed, perhaps now feels foreign and she is getting re-accustomed to it in a very physical environment. One in which she is supposed to be sexy, comical, physical, all within the matter of minutes. Which may seem simple, but perhaps would be much more complicated if you were in her shoe’s.

Meet Birdie: Birdie, Ruth, Sebastian

Birdie (Elizabeth Perkins) talking about her son Sebastian.
Birdie (Elizabeth Perkins) talking about her son Sebastian.

Birdie (Elizabeth Perkins), Sebastian’s mother, is conservative, perhaps a republican, and just doesn’t understand her boy. Granted, she doesn’t fully understand her daughter who recently got divorced, but that is a whole other story. With Sebastian though, his wrestling obsession she just never got. However, in an attempt to extort money from Birdie’s friends during a charity even for “Just Say No,” he brings the women of GLOW. Many of them sort of flop in giving a convincing argument to donate. That is, until Ruth. For while her crack story is just as weird as everyone else’s, she brings some truth to it. Mostly in the form of apologizing to Debbie or at least acknowledging what she did wrong.

This touches Birdie. It is hard to explain why, but it does lead her to want to help Sebastian’s little venture. Not but giving him more money mind you, he has wasted more than enough. More so, she gives them a venue. Which, in the long run, is all they needed.


It’s easy to forget sometimes with this show that everyone is seemingly looking for acceptance and validation. Perhaps even understanding or to be understood. With Birdie, she is a mom trying to understand her kids. She gave them so much privilege, practically let them burn through her money, and this is how they turned out. This is what their interest are. I won’t say that she is necessarily hurt and thinks of herself as less of a mom, but you have to understand her confusion. Her boy, possibly the heir to all she built, invests his time into wrestling. Much less women’s wrestling.

Yet, there is something to be said about her actually spending some time to get to know these girls. To sort of mold her boy so he can be good at what he wishes to pursue. He wants a $9,000 venue. No. Instead, use a hall that the family doesn’t have to pay for and still is more than adequate. That small gesture perhaps means more than anything. For it required some thought and a time investment. Rather than her leaving him to his devices and hoping for the best.

As for the Ruth and Debbie friend thing, it was sweet. But perhaps the thing that got me the most is Debbie’s yearning to be close to Ruth but this feeling of being betrayed getting in the way. For while it isn’t like she did to Debbie what Melrose did to Cherry, with the whole miscarriage and sleeping with Sam thing. Her business wasn’t put out there. However, due to her jealousy, resentment, envy, or what have you, she took one of the few solid things Debbie had at that moment.

Which hurt because, as hinted, Debbie didn’t have that ideal upbringing. So Ruth pretty much put the first crack in Debbie bringing her dreams for Randy as something that could be real. For now there is this affair hanging over their heads.

Dad?: Justine, Sam

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With Sam under the impression Sebastian is broke which means no movie for him, then learning Back to the Future basically holds the central idea, he is done. All the blow in the world can’t make him happy. So with Justine coming into the room he is in, looking worried, he decides to take advantage of the situation. Thus leading to her, as he kissing her and seemingly goes to grab a breast, her revealing she is his daughter. Which isn’t taken well at all. It is taken in usual butthole Sam fashion.


I clocked this episode 5. Which sort of saddens me in a way. Also, it kind of worries me since I don’t too often make right predictions. But, with that said, being that this show loves showing Sam as this big jerk than flipping it and showing him as this insecure little man, I bet they’ll reconcile. I won’t say it will be a touching moment which brings tears to my eyes, but it might be cute.

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